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SonicGDK 1.30.000

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Xaklse, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. No grinding rails, no animation support.
    The skydome is a skeletal mesh?
    That save system should be compatible; if you can't add the nodes then you're doing something very wrong.
  2. Azu


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    I got the save system to work. Dunno what I did, but I just kept doing a full compile. They skydome is a skeletal mesh. How, I saw a spot for AminSet so I use that in it's options.
    "No grinding rails, no animation support." So, was it something your testing out, or was to be use for like those 3D chase scene/bosses
  3. You have to make sure that the mesh plays the animation sequence you want, by passing an "animation tree" or by configuring the "anim node sequence".
    The rails options are used for 3D runways, where quickstep move can be performed.

    New tutorial, questions/suggestions about the "editor layout" section are appreciated.
  4. Biofrost


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    Env artist on Days Gone for ps4
    Great job with this, I was just getting down to creating a Sonic inspired environment for my Portfolio now ill be able to run around in it! As for the tutorials I think it would be unnecessary to create one going over placing meshes. That kind of stuff is already well documented at UDN and epics forums.
  5. P3DR0


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    So… Xak is working on some awesome tutorials for you guys and he is the one who is going to teach how to make this bitch give her best just for you. So I might as well help on doing its makeup, because doesn't matter how great it is it has to be pretty as well, ain't I right?
    I ain't an UDK jedi like Xaklse is, but for the past few months I adquired enough knowledge to be able to teach you guys a thing or two and at least I can't let Xaklse have all the trouble of teaching you how to use UDK and GDK so I'll be teaching you guys some artistic stuff on UDK while Xaklse will be helping you guys with the technical part. I'll leave you guys with a few possibilities. Here are a few things I can think of, the same way as you did with Xak, pick a number:

    1 – Working with Particles (Basic)
    Basic introduction to Cascade and we will create a few generic particles like smoke to illustrate a scene. As well some tips to make your work less expensive.
    - Requires basic knowledge of UDK and Photoshop (Not really necessary but it's the one that I'll be using in the tutorial).

    2 – Working with Particles (Advanced)
    Using Photoshop and After Effects we'll be creating more advanced textures to use in our particles, these textures generally have movement in it like fire and are a bit more expensive and they may also contain more than one layer in it.
    - Requires Photoshop and After Effects. Basic knowledge of Cascade and UDK are also required.

    3 – Creating Textures
    We will go through the creation from scratch of a texture. We'll make its normal map, alpha map (if it's necessary), and we'll blend it all in UDK and see our final result. Since Sonic games generally are in fictional places we won't be seeing how to create realistic textures but we'll see how to use photo manipulation to fake some natural elements like scratches or fine detail texture.
    - Requires a pen-tablet (optional, but recommended) as well with Photoshop (Not really necessary but it's the one that I'll be using in the tutorial).

    4 – Vertex Painting
    Vertex Painting a.k.a Mesh Painting, is a way to paint your meshes to create fully toggleable variation or destruction in your materials. This method allows the user to create variation in the meshes without having to edit the textures.
    - Requires some advanced knowledge on texture editing and basic knowledge of the material editor on UDK.

    5 – Creating a small scene
    This tutorial will explain how to create a small scene. We'll learn how to use the terrain editor, put our textures in, use meshes, particles. This tutorial is for those guys who knows how to model, knows how to paint, know how to do almost everything, but don't know where to start from on building a level.
    - Requires basic knowledge of UDK.

    6 – Using SpeedTree
    SpeedTree is a powerful third-party software that comes with UDK. We'll create a tree using it and export it to UDK. We'll manipulate it in order for it to be less expensive and we'll mimic wind in its leaves so it looks a little bit more realistic.
    - Requires UDK (because the software comes with it, duh).

    7 – Introduction to Post Process Effects
    Introduction on how to add and toggle bloom, depth of field, motion blur, etcetera. Post Process Effects are the key to add cool stuff like Cell-Shading, damage indicators (screen turning red, for example) or suppose you want to make an noir scene, where everything is black and white.
    - Requires Basic Knowledge of UDK.

    8 – Working with decals
    Decals are textures that bend according to the location where they are placed. While you can do it on a wall, you can also do it on a rock and it'll adjust according to the mesh. Decals are generally used to make bullet-holes or blood but with a little bit of creativity you can create awesome things with it.
    - Requires basic knowledge of UDK.

    9 – Lighting
    How to make the light and shadows in your game look good and less expensive.
    - Requires basic knowledge in UDK.

    10 – Introduction to Materials
    We'll be creating a few materials and explaining a few nodes in it.
    - Requires Basic Knowledge in UDK

    These ten options are the ones that I could think of, suggestions are welcomed. My PM inbox is also open for questions quick questions that I'll try to answer whenever is possible.
    I won't tell you guys when the tutorials will be aired because in my life, right now, there is no room for prediction so it can be tomorrow, next week or even next month. I'll try to do it as fast as possible but I want to give you quality tutorials and make sure that in the end there won't be a question in the air.
    That's it, pick your round and let's do this.
  6. Azu


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    1,2,4. That's what I would love.

    Also, if anyone knows how to do an trigger-able endless level/section, that would awesome.
    Mines is kind of meh.

  7. Andrew75


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    It looks like you teleport Sonic when he reaches the end of a level section, correct?
    Why not also relative offset the background together with Sonic.
    For example, If sonic teleports backward 20 units than also move the background 20 units back as well.

    ( you'll eventually run out of background though lol )
    To fix that, you can design the floating cubes so that they can tile for a repeat,
    Have them set up to tile as (maybe 3), so when they reach a certain distance behind Sonic, you can teleport them to the front of the current background blocks.
    Also to hide the pop in, have a black Vail of fog way off into the distance.

    But crap man! there must be a better way to do this.

    Some other ideas:
    you can probably also lock the background onto sonic, so when he teleports than the background does as well,
    However you'll lose the illusion of progression threw the level that you have now.

    Or keep sonic stationary and just move the ground under him, (and teleport the ground) lol
  8. iLike80sRock


    Is there a way to make the Drill dig through ground, or is it strictly a water wisp at this point?
  9. Azu


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    That would be a lot of work for the last suggestion. I plan on doing a boss like that(eventually). Especially with things like rings flying back when getting hit or object falling back. I just though about doing a HUGE ring so that it appears to be a straight line. I still wonder about level streaming and how fast it loads.
  10. You're absolutely right, but writing about placing static meshes will take a pair of paragraphs, plus I have to link the matter to the "Sonic Physics mode".

    Nice start for a level! The problem you have with the spline should be easy to fix, hope the paths section of the online tutorial will help you.

    It's strictly for underwater sections.

    Level streaming is reasonably fast, but it isn't a viable option for what you want, the streamed in parts can't be moved to where the character pawn is at any time.


    New section (Basic Stuff) of the tutorial is up, questions/suggestions about it are appreciated.
  11. Retroman


    The model change thing doesn't work. I type in '2' for Modern Sonic and it gives me the default one.
  12. Azu


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    You need the Sonic Colors Package files, and you'll need to replace them manually using he Pawn Sonic actor.
  13. Visual models don't change, "only" the physics and abilities.


    New 1.10.007 version is up!
    Source Code (requires UDK May 2012): BF / DF / FF / MU / Or / PL / RS / TB / Up

    What's new?
    • Upgraded to UDK of May 2012.
    • Fixed a bug related to boosting and Light Dash.
    • Blinking damage can be disabled easily through code.
    • Improved the calculation of QuickStep duration and the first rail detection of 3D runways.
    • Revamped Kismet Toggle function of SGDKSimpleDestroyable objects.
    • Fixed a bug related to input with 2.5D mode.
    • Initial boost energy counter is now configurable.
    • Fixed the underwater wavy distortion of the screen.
  14. Azu


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    Would it be possible to add to the rings a option to boost the gauge by? And setting minimal speed at the which the "Keep Player Running" is set at? If I can change it in the code, please point me to where I can find it.
  15. You mean the "Mach Energy" field of rings?

    "Keep Player Running" only holds forward input, it can't modify top running speed.

    The ForceVolume may be handy for your needs.
  16. Azu


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    I mean how much energy the rings refill the boost or mach dash energy by.
  17. 0.5 by default, you need 200 rings to reach 100 from 0.
  18. Azu


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    Okay. If I wanted to changed that, I'd look in the source files?
  19. You can, but I suggest you to directly change the value through the editor by selecting all rings; that way you can quickly test the setting.
  20. Azu


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    So, how do I set up bones for UDK? Do I use dummies or can I just use the bone tool?
    So, I looked at Rooftop run's chase section with Dario's editor. It appears to be either they are doing some type of level streaming ahead or time, or is loading the terrain in for a set number of times.

    Around 4:10. Direct link to point in video blow.

    I doubt this is moving the mesh, terrain, and other objects around sonic. I seriously think this is some type of level/terrain streaming. Perhaps they are loading a large chunk of terrain far enough away so that you don't notice it.

    1.) Is there a way to change the music of the "MusicInfo" in-game?
    2.) I'm trying to do a camera where it's in front of Sonic, but facing Sonic. Like how the camera is at around 4:15 in that video.
    3.) I know can spawn actors, but what about meshes? Such as your SGDKStatic Mesh?