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SonicGDK 1.30.000

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Xaklse, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Chimpo


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    Seems a lot better than before but it's a bit hard to control the character but that just might be because of keyboard. Will try again with a pad.
  2. Hodgy


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    I LOVE IT!

    This is how 3d sonic should work :)
  3. Elratauru


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    Hell, this is sweet. Im loving the fact that is using UDK mostly because I have a powerful computer and the graphical possibilities of the Unreal Engine 3 are awesome.

    I'd really like to see a Sonic model with details like the 2006 Renders... but Classic of course...or a full eyecandy Green hill zone =P

    About the physics, yeah...they are way least on a gamepad.
  4. Ell678


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    I had a shot, and I loved it. As previously mentioned, the Unreal 3 Engine can sport some very pretty graphics, so it would be great to see something become of this. I would consider making the speed cap higher, or maybe even remove it all together.
  5. Solaris Paradox

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    Intriguing. I want to try this out on my personal computer, but I'm stuck on my family computer at the moment and won't be able to use my own until my brother gets out of bed in an hour or so. Still, I'm really looking forward to taking this for a spin.

    Didn't know about the UDK until now, either. Hm. Something to tinker with in my spare time, I suppose.

    EDIT 2: Okay, so I've taken it for a spin. Pretty easy to control... except for the camera, which is kind of unfortunate since controlling the camera is pretty much the core element of everything. I think it has more to do with me just not being used to keyboard-and-mouse control than anything, though.

    I do like what I see, but I have to admit that I never liked having to manually align myself with (and maintain my alignment during) loops, nor the follow-the-character-through-the-loop cam, but I guess this is just personal preference... I find it supremely disorienting, though. I prefer the kind of loops used in the official 3D games, and if those kind of loops could be made to work sans boost pads then I'd probably be on cloud nine—of course, another option is to just keep the majority of the loops in the 2.5D sections and focus the 3D portions of levels on more creative sorts of momentum use, and I guess that would be up to whoever's using the engine. I can see some good Sonic gameplay coming from this engine if it's in the right hands.

    I'll probably never get around to learning how to make stuff with it myself, though.
  6. Sounds like a gamepad would suit you... and that you would love some of these cameras.
  7. Solaris Paradox

    Solaris Paradox

    On my butt in front of the computer. Where else?
    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    Those cameras look pretty sweet, and yes, I am most in my element with a gamepad, being a console gamer.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like my PS3 controller's compatible with your engine at this point.
  8. Azookara


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    Question: I haven't downloaded it yet (it's gonna be a long load as it's loading right now on my family computer), but how well does rolling and the Spin dash work? Do they function as they are correctly supposed to? Also, is the speedcap bit fixed and momentum is fully gainable?

    I'm looking very forward to playing this. I'll post impressions when I get the chance.
  9. I assume that it works for other PC games... I'll see what can I do about it.

    Everything works and no speed caps -rolling sucks visually though.
  10. pyrotix


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    Can't test it because I'm using a pirated XP SP1 copy and it requires SP2 haha.

    So some more videos would be nice!
  11. Dude


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    Can you set the cameras to pan to/from eachother instead of cutting each time? Having a camera cut during gameplay is only rarely a good decision. But aside from that it looks like you have several useful cam types.
  12. Andrew75


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    Hey there, I like what I see,
    but I have a question, why the change in game engine ?
  13. That's my intention; I'll record a video soon.

    Yup, it's not a trivial matter though.

    From UnrealEngine 2.5 to 3.X? This is the "official" answer (ADR is Ashura: Dark Reign, UT2004 is Unreal Tournament 2004 game):
  14. Solaris Paradox

    Solaris Paradox

    On my butt in front of the computer. Where else?
    I'm working on working up the willpower to work on learning how to make my own Sonic fangames. Not quite there yet.
    Actually, no. The only things I can get it to work on are things like KEGA Fusion which let me manually assign buttons to functions. I can use it on some other things, but I'll get oddball control schemes like the Select button being the equivalent of the A button, or something to that effect.
  15. I found a fix for you (and me), you have to emulate an XBox360 controller with this:
    x360ce project homepage // Thread of the project // PS3 gamepad Settings?

    This is really useful for other games, like Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing.

    Place the program files into the folder SonicGDK\Binaries\Win32, configure the .ini file and that's all.
  16. Video about last public release is ready for watching:
    <div align='center'></div>

    Does anyone of you think that having almost a comment for each line of code is confusing or annoying?


  17. dsrb


    I'm no coder, but it may be better to comment on the same line; the above style seems to lengthen the document quite a bit. Also, some of the code is fairly obvious without comments.

    Anyway, on the basis of the video and screenshots this looks good (aesthetically and functionally). Oh, and I'll probably have that music stuck in my head now!* I also saw some recent ADR screenshots, which looked good.

    * See the recent topic in the Lounge, although it's about music that one hates, which doesn't apply to that song—yet! :v:
  18. DigitalDuck


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    For the first minute of that, I had the volume muted, and what I could see on the screen told my brain to play the Space Harrier theme.
  19. ICEknight


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    My god that was so awesome...
  20. Pardon me for asking, why isn't this guy approved?