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Sonic XG has returned !

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by DarkMK, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. Felik


    Honestly, I think this is the best that could come out of this situation. I'd rather have something playable than the project just die and only leave a bunch of screenshots and videos as its legacy.
    I also hope that after playing this demo Sonic Legends team will include XG level(s) in their game in some capacity
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    This was not how Sonic XG was supposed to happen.
  3. ScarlyNight


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    Nothing from XG stage-wise is making the cut and that's mainly due to the fact that the current iteration of XG is for the most part being worked on by people within the Legends team so it'd essentially be the equivalent of double dipping on our part and as a result I personally don't really think it's appropriate.

    Since this appears to be the go-to thread now instead of the one Taxman started, I do want to get a few things off my chest regarding the project that would probably be of some importance.

    Most notably:

    We're internally aware about the leaks that have happened and why they happened, as well as the sudden surgance of all the mods to "XG Classic" (which was done by a friend of the team with slight contributions from a few of us) and outside of that one we have had no involvement with stuff like Community's Cut or whatever other off-shoot of "Classic" exists on GameJolt or Archive nowadays. They are strictly the endeavours of the people working on those projects and are not related nor do they represent our iteration of XG on practically every front.

    The build "Classic" itself is based on was an unfinished build from that era of the project, so some Zones didn't get all that far into development and cut off prematurely, meaning creative liberties had to have been made to make them somewhat operable.

    While I'm at it I might also mention this as well regarding coherency within XG currently:

    There's a big push for current XG to dive into a bigger pool of influence, especially outside of Sonic. While not directly using them as a base, a number of things that are currently present are also influenced by the previous merger attempts during the game's romp through the Retro Engine. This is something in particular we are currently seeking to match and eventually surpass. This holds true on every front, from plot, to zone order and everything in-between.

    The best example I can give currently would be within the user interface (because it's ONE of the things we consider final at this point). In this example, we have taken the previous main menu that was shown in the older thread and applied it with proper dark-memphis aesthetics so it would better fit XG's general style. This makes it more in line with the title cards to boot!


    Pretty spiffy, huh? Obviously the rest of the UI elements follow suit in this regard, with some being brand new additions that still stay true to this aesthetic style of XG. Retro Sonic Nexus in particular seemed to had gone into a different direction, predominantly using more lighter greys for its title card for example, but we're sticking to what people know best and provide more of a "best of both worlds" scenario where applicable.

    This is basically the long version of me saying "It's still being worked on, we just have other stuff to work on as well". Joe is basically MIA as far as I know and while Euan does pop in from time to time, it's mostly in-between his job, so it's mostly down to the rest of us to finish the job. Thankfully, a good majority of us are REALLY passionate about XG and for about half of us it's part of the reason why we are standing where we are today so to just let it rot again would blow massively. I may be complete nuts for saying this but I'd take this game into my damn grave if I have to.

    Hope this answers some stuff and I REALLY hope I can get to be more transparent about the project once we've got few more pieces moving, but I suppose that's for whenever the time is more appropriate..
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    OK, stop the shitposting please.
  5. Disko



    I still look at this leak as quite embarrassing for myself.
    Yes this was my project, and it wasn't supposed to be released at all. It was something I did as a time killer since it was close to end of June and I just wanted to do smth.

    And even back then, I looked at it and wasn't all that proud. Some close by friends I know well wanted to beta-test it, so I gave it to them, and then this shit happened.
    I have talked about this situation on YouTube, and seeing as this is now on here, I wanted to clarify what the hell this monstrosity is.

    The guy that leaked it in the video is a whole another dialoge worth of explanation why he is who he is, and why he's also had a lot of behind the scenes controversy.

    I did this thing as I mentioned above, just for a time killer, and to mess around with some of the source codes that we're leaked or whatever it is.
  6. ScarlyNight


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    Something I should probably stress is the fact that these "XG Kids" as we've been dubbing them only appear to be aiming for nothing more than attention and acceptance by posing they had some form of involvement to XG or take pride in the responsibility they took of leaking builds of the game (Not just from the 10's era, one mfa from our era of the project managed to get into their hands by someone who is no longer involved on the project).

    The most hilarious part of all of this is that they occasionally post fake gameplay footage or screenshots meant to fool them into believing it is actual XG development material they're getting and they've been taking the bait each and every time for the past three years.

    Safe to say this type of stuff isn't happening anymore as we moved the game to Game Maker Studio 2, making it less likely for builds to get into their hands and spread it out.

    My advice, which I've been saying for years: Just ignore. Do not give them your attention or time of day.
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    Could we please lock this thread? The game is dead and those "updates" stress my "WANT A NEW FANGAME" muscles :D