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Sonic X-treme STI Engines, Saturn, PC, Win95-PC+NV1, +V37 Level Editor

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Andrew75, Feb 24, 2015.

  1. Glaber


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    If I recall, there was a release of X-Treme's music at one point.

    If need be I can zip up what I have downloaded and send it your way.
  2. Lilly


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    Pretty sure the OST is already on Chris Senn's forums somewhere. They were great as-is, although I doubt they were in a finished state. I think Falk might've mentioned it before.

    Your work here is much appreciated! I didn't think we would see it in a functional, running state this soon, let alone running on a modern Windows OS. That's leaps and bounds above my expectations, Jolly.

    I had a feeling optimizations weren't done yet. It makes sense you're trying to get functionality over compatibility at the moment, and the use of quads in the game probably doesn't make things any easier.
  3. Spanner


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    Any reason why Google Chrome is blocking this? Downloaded it from MEGA.
  4. null1024


    This is actually way past cool. Completely unplayable, but way cool.
    although it also gets like 20fps on my Macbook Air's integrated video, the trailer did look like it was smoother than that

    Chrome blocks any EXE file (even in zips) downloaded from MEGA, period. It'll do that for quite a few filesharing sites, actually.
    It'll even block MEGA's official sync client.

    solution for uploaders: put it in a 7z, Chrome doesn't look inside those
    solution for downloaders: it'll still leave the .crdownload file, rename it to or whatever and extract
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    If Chrome blocks a download, go into the downloads window (Ctrl+J), and you can allow it from there. I dunno why you can't do it from the download bar.
  6. Andrew75


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    Yeah I have the same music, If Jolly wants to integrate some music than I can just shoot it over real quick.

    Open the .def file in your text editor and tweak some parameters and see if you can get it to more playable for yourself. Unless you mean because of the frame rate.
    If that's the case than your out of luck unless you use a better GFX card or until Jolly gets some better compatibility going.
    Have fun !
  7. Ayu Tsukimiya

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    God, playing this feels unreal. Not just because it's Xtreme, but also because it's such an early build. It's extremely (hue) rare to find a release of a game in it's infancy.

    Days like this make me happy to be a Sonic fan.
  8. 360


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    Getting a smooth ~60fps frame rate over here. Then again I have a pretty powerful laptop. AMD A6-4400M Dual Core ~2.7Ghz with a Radeon HD 7520G. Nothing spectacular or anything but most modern games including some graphically intensive first person shooters run like a dream. My advice would be to make sure you're running this on hardware that has a dedicated GPU. My Radeon GPU is handling this just fine. Zero stutter or slow down.

    As for this release it's beyond amazing. Never thought I'd see the day when a build of Sonic Xtreme would be running on my computer. Looking forward to what's next.
  9. winterhell


    Its interesting you mention your problem with the Intel GPU is the speed. I'd expect it to not render certain features before anything else.
    Here on GeForce GTX 650 I have 1-2% GPU load and I'm pretty sure most of it is due to the actual overlay I'm using.
    A Riva TNT 2 should be fast enough (and have enough memory), given that the CPU transforms the vertices, or alternatively GeForce 3 if the shaders are written against that old version. (Edit) Oh wait, there isn't even a fisheye.

    Anyway, cheers on the work.


    No problems with performance here.

    Of course, I'm running an OCed i7-4770k, which is about the 2nd or 3rd most powerful haswell chip on the market right now, but y'know. ;)

    I can't say I'm surprised to see this game getting shelved, even if this IS an early build (and a port of it, for that matter), but at least I'm able to 'play it' gosh durn it.

    I look forward to the coming lengthy saga of improved stages and more completed releases. It's amazing that even after all these decades, we're 'still' uncovering all these crazy finds and secrets within the fandom.
  11. Andrew75


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    Nice CPU , what are your speeds ? Oh shit! suppper off topic, but ehh.
  12. Great release. :D

    This is probably a bit out there in regard to requests, but will Saturn builds become available?
  13. Andrew75


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    Of course, and that's What Jolly may be working on next !

    Anyone try tweaking with the .def and .pcx files yet ? Share your thoughts and experiences.

    Some other collision issues can be Kind of sort of fixed like the Waterfall and badnik collision push issue by replacing the Cubes with actors. When setting up a new actor in the def file just copy the ring actor code and paste it just below and give it a new name like Badnik and than load the badnik's texture on the new actor.
    (Actors currently have no collision, so they don't get in Sonic's way when running around the levels. I was going to replace them before the release, but ehh the rings were the only real game breaker.
    you'd also have to replace the pixels that represent the cubes in the .pcx map file with the newly created Actors threw the .pcx map file.

    // This is the BADNIK Actor!
    NEW_ACTOR_TYPE "Badnik_001" //Add your custom actor name.
    Value 001,"SLICER" //Texture Name
    Value 002,40960 //Scale Range:0 -> 65535
    Value 007,1 //MainActordCount Range: 0 -> 15

    ***************BONUS TUTORIAL TIME! *************
    In photoshop Load the Level_01.pcx

    Now go to Image---> Mode ---> Color Table than save out the pallet as an .act file.
    Next bring up the Swatches if already not set as a tab. by going to Window ---> Swatches.
    Next load the .act file and replace current color swatches.
    Find the rings pixel inside the .pcx file. (The rings color is # is 606098, this is so you know which one it is)
    In the swatches pallet its the 10th row over from the left and 8th color row down.
    The next color after the ring will be your next actor if you chose to set one up inside the .def file. ( and so on )


    Circled is the rings actor Index color as seen placed in the map.

    Now there is just 1 issue with replacing the badniks with actors in this map, The Badnik is produced by 4 pixels within the .pcx map 2 wide and 2 high.
    you may have to tinker with the scale a bit to get something close, or divide up the actor texture into 4 segments and load the new textures in the .def file than apply to 4 actors.
    Anyhow this is just to help some of you get started in any modding projects you may have planned.
    Wish I had time to wright up full on and detailed tutorials on my adventures with the .def files. there are a lot of things that can be done!

    Useful info from an older post

    So yeah I've been looking threw a lot of the .def files in both Jolly's Leak and HXC's leak, I Found some comfortable parameters within both leaks. The HXC leak parameters however did not work out of box, since that engine used different coding attributes. I had to multiply or divide the parameters by even numbers. So with a marriage Between both types of parameters the results are very close to what was shown in the E3 video footage.
    Things that were tweaked include :bounce effect, air drag, run friction, jump up and down gravities, and a few more.) ( Sure its not 100% authentic but , at least its more comfortable to play than lets say jumping half way up a level with single bounce, or floating down to the ground slowly for 30 seconds. or having the camera right up in Sonic's face. ( for you guys who want something untouched, I think that it may be best to release 2 level packs separately so you can have something to play and something in original state.)

    Now, onto the rings and objects news. Many of the levels are using Actual cubes with odd cube collisions for rings and other props like badniks. These can be passed threw from the back to the front, but they have a force that pushes sonic making levels virtually not at all very fun to play threw)
    What Jolly has asked and that I've already started was to take Actors (like the rings actor) as found in older .defs and get them moved over to the newer .defs that lack the Actor section.
    Thank God that the engine can still load up the actors ( although some broken)

    First we need to tell the .def to load textures, than the pallet, than after the Cube section definition area, we need to add the new ring definition code.
    Inside the Actor's parameters we can tell It do the following:
    Bubble, FollowEdge, Follower, PingPong, Static, or leave it blank and the actor will have no collision.
    Some of these seem broken at the moment, Follower and static seem to be reversed actions, and bubble does not work,
    The real follower has an interesting action ,( I can not reveal that at the moment, You all will have to wait for future videos)

    I've also made a small chart that tells us which color to use for the .pcx layout image maps when drawing Cubes and Actors. The engine uses the index of the color to lay out the objects and not the color itself.
    (color is only important for the artist's to use it as a visual when designing layouts. What I mean is for example we could change the color of the index chart in Photoshop and the engine wouldn't give a shit another words)
    C starts the cube actors and A starts the Actors pallet index color.

    Please note since this image has been screen captured , its color attributes are not the same as a real indexed color and can not be used when editing a real .pcx map file. ( yes I learned the hard way)
  14. AnimatedAF


    Runs pretty smoothly on my laptop surprisingly considering I have a merger 1.5ghz CPU, I guess it being AMD rather than Intel helps? Either way I appear to be getting roughly 30fps with no drops.

    Amazing work on this, cannot wait to see and play some of the later builds!
  15. Spinksy


    Oh wow!!!

    Now downloading onto the work computer lol, will be trying this at home later!

    THANK YOU to ALL involved!! :-)
  16. Nova


    I'm at work, so I can't try this out but this is really, really fantastic to see.

    That this community is still doing things like this and getting so involved with it all is just so great and through all the 'Sonicfags hurrr' shit we get from time to time, I'm still proud to be here.

    Great job to all involved.
  17. Beltway


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    You guys have made a milestone in Sonic history today! Massive props to all involved bringing this ancient built to playability in today's age!

    I'm gonna see if I can get my PC to run this later this week.
  18. Energy


    So how much of the def files from the original level leak needs to be pulled out to get them run?
    Think that'll be my first exeperiement ( bye bye paths :( ) .
  19. Nice! Thanks for making history Jollyroger & Andrew.

    Can't wait to try it out!


    EDIT: Just had a blast. A voyage of discovery, lots of nostalgic 90's emotions flooding in. Love the art. For some reason I'm happy that it's unfinished - gives it a mystical feel similar to playing Hidden Palace for the first time all those years ago. Brilliant.
  20. Andrew75


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    With some tweaking you should be able to get some of the .def files from the Package X leak to work. but all block types are not supported by build 037 like x shapped blocks and blocks that scale relative to sides.
    However some of that can be worked around if you know how to translate between .def files.

    Someone on Assembler already Changed sprites.
    And another guy loaded some levels from Package X. Pretty fun stuff if you can figure it out.