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Sonic X Shadow Generations announced, releases Autumn 2024

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by charcoal, Jan 29, 2024.

  1. Shaddy the guy

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    I think all they were saying is that the trilogy release is more bang for your buck. Given that we don't even know if we'll get Prime 2 and 3 remasters, I'd have to agree.
  2. Still a lot cheaper than Nintendo hiding Zelda Skyward Sword content behind a £20 Amiibo. But lets call out SEGA

    To be honest I thought Sonic Jam was more generous for all the games you got and the ton of extra content put into the title. But I think Prime Trilogy was good value and It be silly to make out otherwise
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  3. Zephyr


    I'm glad you're finally getting it.
  4. CharlaChale


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    What's everyone's opinions on Kirk Thornton's Shadow voice?
  5. jubbalub


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    I don't think he's had a real opportunity to prove himself. He's only been voicing Shadow since 2010, and since then he's sort of fallen to the wayside. I'm very interested to see his portrayal of Shadow in a more fleshed-out experience where he can make the character his own.
  6. Zephyr


    I'm not too familiar with his voice for Shadow, so I looked up some clips, and came across this compilation of stuff from the Sonic Boom cartoon. Based on that, at least, I'm not a fan. Sounds like Eggman doing a Shadow impression.

    I think Ian Hanlin from Sonic Prime does a pretty good Shadow voice, and I wouldn't mind him taking over in the games.
  7. CharlaChale


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    I know your point is about Shadow losing relevance almost immediately after getting the role, but I just find that wording funny as that's longer than every other Shadow VA combined.
  8. Beamer the Meep

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    I think Kirk Thorton can do an amazing job if they let him. He's the voice of Saix/Isa in Kingdom Hearts and does a fantastic job in my opinion. The problem here is coming down to voice direction and how Sega mandates Shadow to be. Throton could give Shadow more range if they allowed him to.

  9. Chaos Rush

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    I mean, Kirk Thornton seems to have two different Shadow voices that he switches depending on direction. In Boom & Twitter Takeovers he sounds like a cartoon parody of Shadow, while in Forces he sounds a lot more normal/serious. Thing is it’s not a voice slowly changed over time thing like Jason Griffith’s Sonic, since Kirk went from “campy Shadow” in Boom, then to “serious Shadow” in Forces, and then back to “campy Shadow” in Twitter Takeovers. I’m not a fan of his “campy Shadow” voice but I don’t mind the “serious Shadow” voice he did in Forces.
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  10. Iggy for Short

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    ...huh. I pulled up some footage, and yeah, he was more decent in Episode Shadow than I remembered. Though I think Prime might be my personal favorite of the Shadows. I liked that cast in general, but Shadow (and Rouge, come to think of it) in particular felt like a noticeable step up, and the writing didn't hurt, either. (The things Boom made come out of Kirk's mouth... Sheesh.)

    Considering the Knuckles we got from the movies, I wonder what cinematic Shadow will be like.
  11. Yea, not just Shadow, everyone's voices seem to fluctuate depending on the game.

    I guess it's especially jarring for Shadow if you grew up on his mostly grim sounding voice that Jason Griffith gave him as that's the actor everyone associates with Shadow the most.

    It's not a coincidence that Forces is generally considered Thorton's best outing with him, and that's when he sounds closest to Griffith's version.

    I'm very mixed on that tbh; it's like the opposite problem I have with how the cast sounded in Frontiers, where suddenly goes from having more over the top performances, to sounding super serious and deep out of nowhere. When they lean more into the comedic side of Shadow and the voice acting reflects that, it really takes me out of the experience, especially when they constantly flip flop between the two.

    It makes things feel a lot less organic imo, and more like a switch that's flipped, where the cast sound completely different depending on the game even though it's the same actors portraying them.
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    This words it like Sonic Generations is the little bonus game and I find that really funny
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    If we're "unlocking new powers," I feel like that implies at least something half the size of Generations, no? That'd be silly to have us unlock abilities over the course of like, 3 levels.
  14. CharlaChale


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    The Bumblekast people said Shadow Gens will be "at least as long as Sonic Generations" though they prefaced that with "I can't disclose information about Sonic games before they release" so uhm I dunno.
  15. They were just joking, someone on Twitter have just misunderstand it.

    That situation made Ian Fynn tweet about that subject.
  16. CharlaChale


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    Ohhhhh, thank you.
    I suppose I'm not the greatest at identifying tone, then.

    But, yeah, with how the game is being described, I imagine it's of a good length. I feel like 3 levels or something is really underselling it, but low expectations never hurt anyone.
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    IIRC Kyle doesn't work for Sega, so what he says is just like, his opinion.
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    Well they're obviously going to talk a little more about the unique content. It's still going to be significantly shorter than the main game. Exact same thing happened with Bowser's Fury.
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  19. Kyro


    A few of the quote tweets on that gave me a headache, people are so weird about ian flynn sometimes man
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