Sonic X: Scenes used in the US Opening

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  1. Kushami


    Hey gang,

    I'm working on something Sonic X related and I need some help.

    First, correct me if I'm wrong, but the US version uses the exact same opening and ending sequence for every single episode, right? Scenes don't change in the opening, and the ending credits always list the same exact people, right?

    Secondly, one thing I discovered is that when they edited the intro, 4Kids broke the interlacing in a lot of the scenes by using an AVID to speed them up while they were still interlaced.


    The only way to fix this would be to find these scenes in the actual episodes and re-edit them into the intro.

    Is anyone here savvy enough to know where all the scenes come from? I know a bunch come from episode 1, and some come from the JP intro.

    I need a shot by shot breakdown to restore this, pretty much, but I do not have time to go through them all myself and I'm not as familiar with Sonic X as I am with other shows I'm working on. The other part of this project requires a lot of work on its own, and this would save me a lot of time.

    Here's the full US intro if people need reference:

    P.S. Please don't ask me about a subtitled set right yet. Just know I'm still pitching it enough to be annoying about it, but I have no movement on it so far. Sales for the DVD set were good though.

    Thank you!
  2. Felik


    Didn't they also use a lot of stuff from the pilot? I'm not sure a version of it exists in good quality.
  3. Sir_mihael


    Really glad to hear this! Despite my feelings towards the 4Kids Sonic X (and being a broke tightarse), I'm glad there's at least a shown demand for it.

    Also makes me wonder how many episodes 4Kids had access to before making the intro? I'd like to think it's narrowed down to the first 10 or so at least depending on how they were dubbing it or working through it.
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    Not sure if this is true for the US one, it's been so long since I subjected myself to the horrors of the 4Kids dub. This is true for the Japanese version though.
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    The thing about the intro, as far as I'm concerned, is that 4Kids also got footage that exists nowhere BUT thier intro.

    I once saw this on YouTube (it used 4Kids music and took place in Sonic's world where that shot of Knuckles driving that weird car comes from, there were also other animal people around) but would have no idea where to find it.

    As for the pilot with all those character bios, I have that if you need it, but nowhere to upload it.
  6. Kushami


    I have good quality versions of both of the pilots (English and Japanese), so that hopefully shouldn't be a problem.
  7. JaxTH


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  8. Windii


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    Here's a list of every single cut from this intro and its source. I mean it. Every single cut. Unfortunately I can't provide you with exact timeframes of where these cuts appear in their respective sources because my memory on them's kinda fuzzy, but I guarantee you that you will be able to find them all. Let's just say SauceNAO was incredibly helpful on this one.
    1. Second Pilot
    2. Episode 4
    3. Episode 1
    4. Second Pilot
    5. Episode 4
    6. Episode 4
    7. Episode 10
    8. Episode 9
    9. Episode 4
    10. First Pilot
    11. First Pilot
    12. First Pilot
    13. First Pilot
    14. Episode 2
    15. Episode 4
    16. Episode 4
    17. Episode 5
    18. Episode 7
    19. Episode 7
    20. First Pilot
    21. Episode 1
    22. Episode 1
    23. Episode 1
    24. Episode 1
    25. Second Pilot
    26. Episode 5
    27. Episode 2
    28. Episode 15
    29. Episode 5
    30. Episode 6
    31. Episode 6
    32. First Pilot
    33. First Pilot
    34. Episode 8
    35. Episode 5
    36. Episode 9
    37. Episode 4
    38. First Pilot
    39. Episode 5
    40. Episode 9
    41. Episode 9
    42. Episode 5
    43. Episode 5
    44. Second Pilot
    45. First Pilot
    46. First Pilot
    47. Episode 3
    48. Episode 1
    49. Episode 5
    50. Episode 5
    51. Episode 13
    52. Episode 13
    53. Episode 1
    54. Episode 1
    55. Episode 1
    56. Episode 1
    57. Episode 1
    58. Second Pilot
    59. Second Pilot
    60. Second Pilot
    61. First Pilot
    62. Episode 8
    63. First Pilot
    64. Episode 13
    65. Episode 13
    66. Episode 13
    67. Episode 13
    68. Episode 13
    69. First Pilot
    70. First Pilot
    71. Episode 9
    72. Episode 3
    73. Episode 4
    74. Episode 4
    75. Episode 6
    76. Episode 13
    77. Episode 4
    78. Episode 13
    79. Episode 3
    Oof. Yeah, that's a lot of cuts in one minute. As you can see, it seems that episode 15 was about as far as they got and had nothing else on hand to use. Also, that's a pretty high quality rip of the dub intro. Did you get that from the Discotek DVDs?

    Now, for your reconstruction project, I suppose you might want to have "raw" (for the lack of a better word) footage to work with that wasn't tampered with compression or encoding of some sort. Luckily I have uploaded the entire set of Japanese DVD isos here if you're interested. Pilots are included on volumes 1 and 6. Unless you have already obtained that entire set, then never mind.
  9. AstroSeed-P


    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I thought the shots used from the pilot are actually not directly from that, but actually from the ones used in the Japanese OP.

    Nvm, I thought the pilot was in a different aspect ratio from the OP. Though, maybe you'd get higher quality shots taking them from the OP instead of the pilot.
  10. Windii


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    Unlikely. Especially considering that the first OP actually speeds up certain cuts, which you can clearly see on the DVDs because they bump up to 60 FPS when a speedup occurs.
  11. Kushami


    All this help appreciated. Thank you !