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Sonic X makes me sick >.<

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by LOst, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. Sniff paint? Knuckles had to have inhaled the entire paint factory to be as dumb as he is.

    Also, what I mean by excellent classic cartoons would be the Chuck Jones cartoons. Those he did for Warner Bros (Bugs bunny, etc) and the Chuck Jones Tom and Jerry series. The Hanna-Barbara Tom and Jerry, as well as the Flintstones/Jetsons cartoons are also good examples. Even Pop-eye (I didn't like this one personally, but it is good work considering the time.) Most of these cartoons may not hold up today, but given what animators had available to them at the time, they are excellent works. Could anyone at 4Kids have made an entire cartoon using just 1930s - 60s film and audio technologies?
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    Some people have deemed Tom and Jerry too violent, some parents refuse to let their kids watch the cartoons :P
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    Sat-AM Sonic > Sonic X. Anyone agree? Sure, the colors and animations were a little bland, but that felt like a Sonic show. Maybe we should petition for Sat-AM to be brought back?</finish SonicX rant>

    Or how about a show about Ristar?</no>
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    To be able to enjoy a thing such as SonicX, you must have a tiny chidish side. I do have that "tiny childish side". But that doesn't prevent me from considering SonicX (season 1) pretty insipid. I only watch it when I want to see some childish things.

    By the way, I wonder of anyone of you have ever tried to watch season 2, which is much more "exciting" and interesting. Even if I'm sure that it won't change anything. :P

    EDIT: Forgot one thing. Someone can't be ignorant when he's able to solve a mystery such as "the eclipse mystery". Or else, people around him are even more ignorant (episode 41, "Eggman for president"). I hope you guess who I'm talking about. ;)
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