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Sonic X makes me sick >.<

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by LOst, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. Molotok


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    Not to mention the famous "get hit by the boss and still get that one ring back" maneuver. :P
  2. Squints


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    I know that's saved my ass more than once.

    I don't really mind Sonic X, but I stopped watching it at the beginning of the summer because I got a Saturday morning job. I still can't watch the show even though I quit my job, because I quit my job in order to get to swim team practices on Saturday morning, now that the season's started.
  3. Demi


    I'd watch Sonic X if they got rid of Chris and his whole family including that fag Sam Speed. No humans (apart from Eggman) should be main characters.
  4. FMSonic


    I hate how they make Shadow look better than Sonic. In one of the new episodes, Sonic had to defeat this monster. They gave all these powerups: a ring, some wierd ass shoes that make him fly, and Tails produced this wierd ring tunnel that Sonic traveled through to make him faster.

    He got his ass kicked.

    Then Shadow comes out of nowhere, defeats the monster in a single hit, saves chris from a burning airplane, steals the chaos emeralds, and teleports back to Dr. Eggman and gives the emeralds to him.
  5. Trigahd


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    There's one thing that pisses me off with Sonic X. Why does Sonic only have 3 spines? Seriously, why does he have 3? Isn't he supposed to have 6 or something. They even did this with Shadow. WTF? I just don't know anymore.

    Sonic X is an okay show, but it isn't something I'd want to get up every morning just to see what happens next. The fact that 4Kids also editted some good parts of Sonic X and replaced everything really adds to the fact I don't want to watch it. The show really isn't something someone should lose sleep over, but, who am I to talk about sleep?
  6. Rika Chou

    Rika Chou

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    You guys..

    The fact that it is dubbed by "4kids" should tell you something.

    The show is made for kids. Most, if not all, of us are over the target age range. What do you expect?
  7. Molotok


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    For Americans (more Americans anyway) to realize that not all cartoons are for kids? This is what happens when you take cartoons from a nation more lenient in terms of content than the nation you are translating and dubbing it in.
  8. They shouldn't focus Sonic deeply on the younger audience.
  9. ICEknight


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    You must be kidding! :(
  10. Infiniti


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    I never liked much of Sonic x myself. I think the only good things to come out of it were:
    Japanese intro (season 1)
    US Intro
    and Amy <SHOT!>

    They really should have used a bunch of retards for the Voice Acting (4kids version)...oh wait, I forgot....they did! XD
  11. LOst


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    I agree except US intro.
  12. Aquaslash


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    I only watch it for the Superform moments, the rest is just crap and it totally sucks that my favotire VAs got replaced by such utter crap. I swear, that show doesn't even feel like a sonic show
  13. Qjimbo


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    Being "4kids" doesn't give it an excuse to be crap, I've found many cartoons aimed at kids pretty entertaining, like the old Hanna Barbera stuff. I watched a Sonic X episode a while ago and found some parts mildly funny, but I agree that the character dynamic was pretty awful. Like LOst said at the start, this isn't sending out great messages to children about what a hero really is etc.
  14. I liked much of the Japanese Sonic X. There were some parts, such as a rich family being the host and Chris being a total douche, that I did not like. I thought the Japanese voice acting was outstanding and the French acting was pretty good. The English voice acting made me want to seriously hurt every single employee at 4Kids. The music in the Japanese/French version of Sonic X was also great. It was a style of electronica that I had never heard before. I can't possibly understand WHY 4Kids had to completely replace the entire soundtrack, both music and SFX.

    Then 4Kids turns around and makes trivial edits such as wine glasses. WHY? It's ok to show animated violence; threats of death; and naked, furry, anthromorphic animals but not simple got-drunk-and-passed-out humor? Most kids wouldn't even make the connection between the alcohol and them sleeping. US children are really that dumb and oblivious.

    I personally believe it was all an issue of money. They hired the cheapest voice actors and sound artists that they could find and then didn't even purchase the sound track (..?). Then they stick it on kid's TV and fill it with so many commercials that it makes most of the rest of US TV seem commercial free. What are they trying to do? Set kid's expectations so low that they won't think the stuff coming out of hollywood blows too?

    ....I need to find someone in my area that has seen SonicX on US TV and liked it. I would then like to sit them down to subtitled Japanese versions.


    QJimbo, of course the Hanna-Barbara/Chuck Jones/etc cartoons were good. Those were made in the 60s and earlier. That was back when a standard of quality existed.
  15. voice


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    Borrowing a quote from GW: "For God's sakes, 4kids took out Rouge's cleavage"

    Lost in Translation
  16. Kama


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    While I'm not into Sonic X, I'd watch it over any of the steaming horse shit that is AoStH. That show sucks, just like a Pup named Scooby Doo. It ranks as one of Sonics most embarrasing moments.
  17. ICEknight


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    That's been linked to so many times at this board it will never be funny again!
  18. LOst


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    Okay, Knuckles just got fooled by Dr Eggman again. How stupid is this?
  19. Molotok


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    Agree on the censorship issue, of course.

    Disagree on Hanna-Barbera. It depends on what you consider "quality." :P I suppose if you compared Scooby Doo (the original from 1969) to earlier Hanna-Barbera cartoons then yes, there is some quality there.

    It depends in the decade that a cartoon is made. Sure, they'll look like crap compared to today's animations (depending on the series :P ) but they probably had better storylines (again, depending on the series).

    Lupin III (or what little you could see on American television, which was the "red jacket" series also known as the second series, which was during the mid-1970s) is an example (to a point). Crappy-looking from some's point of view when compared to today's animation but good story-wise (You could say that about a number of Japanese cartoons but usually the more recent ones have good animation as well as good stories. Example: Paranoia Agent. :P )
  20. Molotok


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    Yeah, how stupid is Knuckles? Did he sniff paint? :P
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