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Sonic X - 10 years old.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Lanzer, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Hukos


    Jesus christ, already? Good fucking lord, I remember the show airing when I was younger. I also remember it being... not... very good (Then again, I feel that way about anime in general).

    Satam and AoSTH will always be superior to me (Neither show made me cringe as much as SX did). But hey, at least Sonic X isn't Sonic Underground :v:
  2. Even if I am relatively young, I still feel quite, yes, as everyone as said, old about this, and I'm in my late teens. I remember being kind of excited about a new Sonic show after I hazily remember of watching an old Sonic show when I was younger. SatAM or Underground, I believe. I forgot, it was long ago.

    But after that I (either sadly or fortunately, depending on different opinions) really never watched it as I kind of stopped watching television at this point. (Or didn't get up early enough so I just flipped the channel to Cartoon Network or Nick or something.)
  3. Samurai Echidna

    Samurai Echidna

    The ones from Japan that had no posability what so ever, like those little gashapon or candy toys? Yeah, I remember that. I also remember those Sonic X figures from Japan that looked like Lego or Kubrick figures, except they weren't. I owned the Shadow one, might still have it. Would have loved to own the rest of them.
  4. gold lightning

    gold lightning

    All this talk about Sonic X being 10 years old made me think of another show that I used to watch on the same channel at around the same time. Static Shock. Damn, that shit's 13 years old now. O.o

    But about Sonic X: I never could get into the english dub. I eventually did watch the fansubbed version but that didn't fix what was, IMO, a pretty mediocre anime.
  5. NioZero


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    I heard about this series in the Club Nintendo Magazine (some months later since SEGA stopped making consoles)

    personally, it was an entertaining series, had its humor, and generally saw all chapters, both in Spanish and Japanese...

    at some point I've downloaded some of their chapters...

    I hope hulu become available someday in latin-america... In Netflix is only Satam and Underground
  6. TimmiT


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    Again, just use this:
    If you use Firefox:
  7. Nova


    I think I may have to watch this subbed, finally. I remember rushing back from school when I was 13 to catch the first episode and being, well, really fucking disappointed. The series was pretty terrible but I made an effort and watched every episode I could - though I recently heard the Japanese audio was vastly superior, including the soundtrack. So yeah, here's to you Sonic X. Time to give you another shot, I suppose.
  8. I remember being seeing commericals for Sonic X, then being crushed that it was only on American tv, and I didn't have the channel. Later on I eventually got FoxKids or whatever and saw a few episodes, but never really took after it.

    I wanna watch it again...

    Which episode would you guys recommend?
  9. TimmiT


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    The first episode is pretty good IMO, just start there. Also watch the subbed version instead of the crappy 4Kids dub.
  10. Lanzer


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    Umm...I'd Say for Season 1:
    ~Episode 1
    ~Episode 2 (Shit!)
    ~Episode 5 (Sonic vs. Knuckles)
    ~Episodes 12+13 (2 parter)
    ~Episode 17 (knuckles filler)
    ~Episode 19 (King Boom Boo)
    ~Episode 20 (sonic's yacht trip)
    ~Episode 25+26 (Season 1 finale)
    ~Episodes 27-32 (Sonic Adventure Arc)
    ~Episodes 33-39 (Sonic Adventure 2 Arc)
    ~Episode 40 (Chaotix Debut)
    ~Episodes 42-46 (Loose Sonic Battle Arc)
    ~Episode 48 (godzilla refference)
    ~Episode 49-52 (Season 2 finale)
  11. Yuski


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    Sonic X, even with it flaws, was one of the best thing related to the franchise made in the past decade. And it's scary on how the time passes, I was just 18 years old when watched the first episode in RealPlayer format... and rewatched it about 7 times. It's safe to me say, Sonic X was the anime I watched most times, almosted watched each episode about 3 or 4 times and in various languages. 4kids version, I didn't really had problems with the cuts or voices, but the real problem for me was the totally changed soundtrack. That makes Sonic X unwatchable for me when it debuted on Brazil.

    But even watching the anime various times, on the first series (01-52 I count) just less than the half of it was really enjoyable. I liked Sonic Adventure 1 arc, better than 2. The 20th episode was hilarious, Super Sonic 1st appearance was epic, and I totally gonna crazy when finally saw Chaotix in animation - since Vector and Espio are my favorite characters. Also, final episode of it was funny and emotional. The bad part are some fillers in the beggining like episode 4, 6, 7, 18 and the Battle adaption. But the worst for me was the Murasia mini-arc! That was terrible in script and animation.

    For Metarex Arc, I see the reverse situation, most of the episodes are great, they still have some flaws but yet far better development than Series 1. Some people don't like it because consider too dark, but I think it's the series that represented best Sonic in animation.

    But I a bit disappointed... I expected to Japan release new DVDs or even BluRays of the series to celebrate 10 years, but apparently no.

    And... I think it's time for a new Sonic series.
  12. Facemelt


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    Agreed. What they need is to completely reboot Sonic in anime format. Make an anime that is quite dark and edgy, but at the same time, has elements of humour and lightheartedness. Something that focuses as much on character development as it does on story, with little to no human characters involved (except Robotnik/Eggman).

    They could really go to town on this now.
  13. NioZero


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    interesting... pity that I don't like watching netflix on the computer because I have only one and I prefer to use my smart-tv to watch movies... but thanks, I will try it someday...
  14. TheInvisibleSun


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    Why must it be 'dark and edgy' to work? I'd much rather have it the other way around, with general fun lightheartedness (not overly saccharine, mind you), humor and action, with few powerful, dark moments sprinkled in the right places. A Sonic anime does not need to be 'dark and edgy' to succeed imo.

    It would also be great if they actually followed the game's story progression somewhat for once (or at least use them as a basis, since alone they are pretty bare-bones story wise), starting from the first game.
  15. Aesculapius Piranha

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    Well I guess with my highschool reunion next year that makes sense. I remember when these were first posted on CulT as they came out...

    Weird how in my head I still see it as that "new" Sonic series. Time to reassess that.