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Sonic X - 10 years old.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Lanzer, Apr 6, 2013.

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    I think you'll find that the year of Sonic was 1995, which saw the releases of Chaotix, Drift 2, Skypatrol, Tails Adventure, Labyrinth and Sonic Compilation (that Sonic 1, 2 and Mean Bean Machine 3-in-1 cart). Meanwhile, 2003 brought Pinball Party and DX; Battle and Heroes didn't technically leave Japan until 2004. Well, January 5 isn't SO far away from 2003, but you hopefully understand what I mean.

    Speaking of the "actual" year of Sonic, however, I never really liked Sonic X. Well, I could never watch it, anyway (even though my (divorced) parents only live fifteen-twenty minutes from each other yet still technically live in the same city, I guess they have different Fox affiliates. On Saturdays at my mom's, the 4Kids network aired on Sunday, and at my dad's on Sunday, the block aired on Saturdays). I DID watch it on On Demand for a while, and I enjoyed it a bit, but something just seemed... off. Even on Kirby, too... I guess I realized the bad voice work 4Kids is famous for... as a kid. I really need to watch the Japanese dub. I like Jun'ichi Kanemaru much more than Jason Griffith, and I can't even understand what he's saying :v:
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    Ah yes, Sonic X. I watched all the episodes on YouTube when I was younger, making this the first show I saw every episode of. As a kid, it was great. 4Kids dub, of course.

    I tried revisiting the Sonic Adventure 2 episodes, went with the Japanese version, and...even the Japanese version sucks now. Times were better all those years ago.
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    All episodes both JP/subbed and ENG are up on Hulu btw, best fucking decision 4kids ever did for this show:!sonic-x
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    Ditto. I didn't get to see most of season 2 so I downloaded all the episodes from it. 10 years...Sonic X gives me bitter sweet nostalgia. As a kid it was great, I watched it every morning, as I got older, it got less interesting. I didn't know about the Japanese dub until I was a sophomore in college. It wasn't super neat, but way more tolerable than what 4kids called themselves doing.
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    Nazo means riddle or enigma. And if I recall correctly, I once read that 'Nazo' was shown on the Japanese website with the image file named 'nazo.jpg'. Not entirely sure where I remember reading it, I tried looking for it but all it did was link me to Sonic News Network, and I'm avoiding that after being told to here.

    All in all, I remember watching Sonic X on CITV after school. First time I became aware of it I had mostly missed the first episode and my dad was on Teletext at the time, so I didn't know what was on. Imagine my surprise when I heard "My name is Sonic the Hedgehog". 10 years, eh? Oh joy.
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    Ha! Exactly same for me. I remember there was some other Sonic forum I was in 2003 some Sonicanime or something, and Solly was uploading the episodes and I eagerly waited new ep to come out. I remember it was winter and really dark outside and at 7AM I was watching new Sonic episodes every week. So many memories it brings back. I could not understand anything what they said, only baka (stupid) did lol.

    Man I feel old.
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    I know that feel, bro. Most of us Canadians can't get a lot of US stuff either.

    As for Sonic X, I remember watching it when I was in elementary, but I really didn't get into it that much. Actually, the only time I actually got into the Sonic series was when I got Mega Collection Plus for PS2. ;P Back then, and to a degree, even now, I thought Sonic X was too corny (and in a few rare cases, too campy as well).
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    I blame Sonic X for a lot of the series' shift in focus and how characters became really flat and derailed from their original personalities into blatant anime stereotypes, its different canon giving this air of confusion to the series, and the really hyper kid-centric and overly saturated focus that series has barely left since.

    Plus how the show never focused too much on the actual Sonic characters, all of those rather forced pairings (looking at you, Sonic x Amy), the rather terrible art style, and that whole crazy thing with whatever the heck season 3 was..

    So yeah, I really don't like Sonic X. :v:

    Still though, I loved the music (and used to love the show itself). "SONIC DRIVE" is an amazing theme song and a lot of the songs from that show were actually pretty great. I also have lots of nostalgia about trying to download the first episode when it first aired in Japan and getting the best possible subtitles.. then screeching in terror at "how bad 4Kids messed it all up". =P

    Oh well, happy decade of being the worst/most nostalgic thing ever, Sonic X.
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    Much obliged for the link, Sonic X's music was pretty great and the OST CD (which I actually have a physical copy of) was great but missing loads of tracks.

    I really liked Sonic X, and one of the few people who seemingly aren't active Chris Thorndyke haters (seriously, the only time I ever found him annoying was the outright "SONIKKUUUUUUUUUUU" screams, and I think over the entire course of the first 52 episodes this happened a total of 3 times, each only a few seconds long. Get over it). Watched every episode as it came out - most unsubbed - and was fairly well known on CulT for refusing to download RM rips, only ever getting DivX AVIs.

    Still have all the rips I got, including those of the 53-78 set, most of which I've not watched as I only got those relatively recently. Should go back and watch it all again, really.
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    Just use this:
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    Wow... Has it really been that long?

    I remember hearing about it back in the day. It was shortly after I had rekindled my love for Sonic by discovering the existence of and playing through Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for the Dreamcast. Those were fun games.

    At the time, I was at a Yahoo Group (back when those still existed) that was sharing random screen caps of the upcoming Sonic X. I was in such a mad dash to see it, I didn't care if I saw it RAW! I had to watch every episode.
    Some fansubs came along (did any fansub group ever finish it?), and then there were B subs that felt like polished subs from a Chinese bootleg... Also, someone took the Sonic Adventure 1 adaption, and the Sonic Adventure 2 adaption, and turned them into a set of movies. They basically marathoned the eps in 1 video each and forced the aspect ratio into widescreen. Anyone remember this? The quality was low. Not DVD rip quality at all.

    At the time the show was coming out, I was a member of a different message board, Back then, it was a great place with an ever growing community. But as the anime began to die down and as less and less Sonic games were being made, so did the community. The website and its message board are still alive, but the place is pretty much dead. A mere shadow of what it use to be. The saddest part is that the friends I made there eventually drifted away and I lost contact with all of them. But the experience did get me started on becoming a much stronger Sonic fan, even after others stopped caring completely. I eventually found links to other Sonic communities, and now I currently own an almost COMPLETE discography of all official and semiofficial Sonic music, and even some unofficial stuff!

    I will always cherish the memories I made thanks to Sonic X. I wish more could have come from it, and I'm a little sad that it had to end with the Metarex saga of all things. Would have much preferred a Sonic Heroes adaption, or something that DIDN'T involve Chris and the crew...

    Hulu having both versions of Sonic X really is the best thing that could happen to the anime, even if it's not available for everyone in the world. I just wish that the subbed Japanese version could have been put on DVD in some way, but I'm happy with what we've got. :)
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    Anyone ever tell you that you're awesome? =P
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    I gotta say that if it wasn't for Sonic X, I would've never met 1 of my best friends. so I gotta give the show props for starting our friendship at least.
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    Wow, doesn't seem like it was all that long ago. I remember the first couple of promo images being released and everyone flipping the hell out over what that "Nazo" image was.
    I only ended up watching fansubs up until around episode 14 or so, and only last year did I check out a few select later episodes on Hulu. Seems like the animation quality really took a dive in later episodes, unless I'm looking through rose-tinted glasses or something for the few I actually did see.

    In celebration, I suppose I'll post this:
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    I clicked this thread with the sole intent of saying, "Wow, I'm old," but it looks like everyone else feels the same.

    I remember downloading fansubs of this in high school. I was so excited, but ultimately very disappointed. Something about the show just never seemed "right," and I just couldn't get into. Then, when the English version came out, I tried again, but remember really not liking the voice acting.

    AoStH will always be my favorite. I can still enjoy episodes now, and up until recently I had hours of tape recordings of them all. The OVA Anime was awesome as well, but really, I'm glad it was just a movie, and not made into a series. No opportunity to jump the shark.
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    Man time flies doesn't it? I remember watching a good number of episodes every week or so, they were pretty good. I watched it on and off after the first appearance of Super Sonic but stuck around for the Adventure 1 and 2 adaptions, which were pretty cool. I can't call having Emerl in as a Adaption of Sonic Battle as it really wasn't an adaption more then having Emerl in and then killing him like what...5 or 6 episodes later or something? The last several episodes were nice but my god Chris got on my nerves like half way through the original series for me, the worst being at the end. Granted when he came back in Season 3 he was actually competent (it helped that he was technically in his 20's by then) and was finally in the background but still. I mean I didn't hate him as much as everyone else did but the more I saw him and saw his history with his folks and all, the more I grew to dislike him. It wasn't just his whining that got to me, it was the fact that he took the lines and places of other characters in the Adventure Adaptions, you know what I'm talking about. I mean they could have just had Amy say her lines from SA2 to Shadow but was it really necessary for Chris to be the one to turn him good? The worst thing about Chris I think is just how easily replaceable he is, I know that he's there to just be the relateable character for the viewer, but it just doesn't work in the end. In fact they could have just had either Amy or most likely Tails be the relateable character for the viewer, I mean it would be a lot better then a character who's a water downed Shinji Ikari isn't it?

    I had no real problems with the English Dub, but I will agree that it could have been a lot better, I don't have a problem with most of the voices but some (like Rouge and OH DEAR GOD WHY Gamma) just sound so unfitting and generic. The funny thing is that with the exception of Unleashed, the VA's do a decent job in the show compared to when they dubbed the games (especially 2006) where they just sound dull and/or bad, which makes me question just what the hell was going on behind the scenes when dubbing the games. The best VA to come out of this is Eggman's VA, no doubt about that he is AWESOME. Nowadays though I can't really watch Sonic X unless it's an English Sub, but for it's time the English Dub was alright, but some choices and 4Kids infamous changes in music and stuff takes me away from it.

    I was glad that the show got a Season 3, and for months I was wondering if there was gonna be a Sonic Heroes adaption, I couldn't wait to see Metal Sonic once again animated! Only to find out that Metal Sonic was no where to be found and we got an original story instead for the whole season...huh? I mean I get why they wanted to do something like this but it was really suprising to me that this Season was all about a new threat made for the show along with new character at the time Cosmo. Other then my No Sonic Heroes Adaption Complaint I had no real problems with that season, it was surprisingly dark for the show, and while it did have some downer moments before this whole season took the cake. It was the darkest this show could be, and unedited jesus christ it was a little unsettling at some moments, mainly Molly, the brain chip, and the assassination attempt. But it also gave Tails more of a limelight then the previous seasons, though that of course came with a big price at the end. SatAM was a pretty dark show in it's premise and was a really good show, right? My guess to why the last season was as dark as it is, is that they wanted to get a little bit of SatAM in Sonic X, thinking that a dark premise for the season would be good and improve the show, I think it did in some ways...but my only problem with it is that they might have gone TOO dark in the last season. There is a LOT of death in this season, every little twist when they weren't doing light hearted filler was just painting a much grimer picture then I think ANYONE could have imagined for this season, the end result is a good season, but man it's a hell of a ride, ESPECIALLY the English Sub.

    I don't have many problems with the show ITSELF, but other then Chris there were some other problems the show had, this one might be a nitpick but why didn't they have the SA1 and 2 main theme's playing DURING the final fight of their respective story arcs? Seriously that was a big let down for me. Another is how Emerl was treated, it was just so quick how they dealt with him at the end, it looked like they were gonna do something as epic as SA1 or 2's Story Arc but it ended rather messy, granted it was a pretty good, heartbreaking end for Emerl but still. But for me the worst part of the show was how Knuckles and Amy were treated later on during it's run, namely how Knuckles was used as just a comic foil for other characters and how Amy's thing for Sonic just overshadowed her completely, they were fine in earlier episodes and in small doses it was pretty funny, but they REALLY over did it for these characters, I think it ended up hurting them in the end on how we view them too. it's a shame really.

    Overall, it was a pretty good show for Sega's first attempt on having a Sonic Cartoon in which they had FULL control over it compared to DiC's run of Sonic Cartoons, it's not as good as say SatAM but I do think it's better then DiC's other shows based on Sonic (though that's not to say I don't like AoSTH or SU, they are awesome in their own way) despite it's flaws, though I think it would have been a lot better and gained more popularity if 4Kids didn't get the license for it, like if FUNimation got to it first or got it later it would have been a bit more popular then it was, that and we would have had a better dub, though Mike (Eggman's VA) was the perfect choice for the character, and I can't really see another VA doing him (Unless it's Jim Cummings if we are going for a SatAM feel). I don't actually want Sega to bring back Sonic X, granted a 4th Season could have been possible considering the pretty downer ending we got for the show, I think should do another Sonic show sometime in the future, learning from the experience of Sonic X to make a better show, that or make an anime based off of SatAM/Archie, Sonic The Comic, or both, I'm not picky.

    Here's to 10 Years of Sonic X, the show had a rough ride, I think it was a ride well worth it, here's to the future of Animated Sonic Shows!
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    Since when was 2003 something to get all misty-eyed over. If you're all feeling old, then I must be positively ancient.

    *Hasn't watched a single full episode of Sonic X*
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    I actually don't think Chris is that unbearable, outside the fact he is used way too much than his overall character really justified. As you mention, he's the bad attempt as an Everyman, a blank non specific character that the audience is meant to relate with. If they fail at that, all you have left is flat character with no real endearing traits. Outside that I don't really find him exceptionally intrusive, since almost every media has an original 'pet character' that steals all the spotlight and skews most of the story to their perspective, since they OBVIOUSLY had a more interesting story to tell than any of these games characters (case in point, Sally Acorn, Scratch and Grounder, Manic and Sonia, too many comic characters to list). Even the 'stealing roles from game adaptations' shtick has been done with others just as often.

    This is actually a problem I have with the anime altogether, it switches so erratically and unsettlingly between mood extremes. One episode can be cartoony and goofy nonsense, the very next can be outright grimdark. Season Three I just think took way too many extremes, especially with Cosmo's very disturbing death scene. SatAm was dark, sometimes to outright pretentious levels, but it at least had some sort of balance between darkness and whimsy and what overall mood they were aiming for.

    There are points however, I think TMS were aware of 4Kids' editing and just made a super dark and near impossible to censor Season Three as a middle finger to them.

    Same. They actually had a really good compromise with their characters in the earliest episodes, making them arguably the two most multi faceted characters in the show (aside from the Doc himself of course). Then the Comedic Sociopathy kicked in more and their characters got simplified to usually unlikeable dynamics. Knuckles became the team's 'Wheeler' that usually got bullied and humiliated for suggesting something that the overall majority didn't agree with while Amy was reduced to a generic anime 'scary angry girl' that endlessly throws violent snit fits and has half the cast scared to drop a pin around her.
  20. Does anyone remember those random box figures? I remember planning to buy a whole case of them so I could hopefully get cool ones but they were too expensive. I also remember trying DESPERATELY to like this series only to be dissapointed by episode 5. Same with Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog. I guess that's why I left the Sonic community and went to music for a few years.