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Sonic X - 10 years old.

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Lanzer, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Lanzer


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    Well I feel old...

    Today I found out that Sonic X is now officially 10 years old. April 6th 2003 was the first time it aired on JP channels.

    SONIC CHANNEL posted the first intro on their youtube channel along with a message:

    Some can translate it if they want but I'm sure its just some generic garble.

    So yeah, can't believe its been 10 years now since we have had a new sonic anime/cartoon airing. guess SEGA doesn't feel like SX was an overall success to try to continue persuing an interest.

    Shame, because there is potentional there in this franchise to have a good standing cartoon/anime.
  2. I remember getting up every Saturday morning to watch Sonic X starring Chris Thorndyke and some small fuzzy animals no one's ever heard of.
  3. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Yeah, some of Sonic X was rather enjoyable (my personal favorite was the yacht episode where Sonic kept trying to escape the boat), but unfortunately nobody in Japan watched it. Like to the point where when the final season/series was made, it aired everywhere else first. I'm not even sure it aired in Japan, despite Japanese dubs being available online.
  4. Lanzer


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    HA! I know right?!

    Still, dispite its flaws it was good to have a series that wasnt soo detatched (SATAM) or balls to the wall goofy (AOSTH) or a pipedream that would never happen (OVA) that had some game ties even if they were loose.

    Btw, Sonic X had allot of missing tracks. heres an hour of it:

    Theres still 2 more hours of missing tracks from the OST. here a link to all 150+ of them: (thats not in the above OSV)
  5. Crasher


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    According to Google Translate, the description says this:

    So just generic stuff, as well as a link to Sonic X episodes which you can buy it seems.
  6. Aerosol


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    Sonic (?): Coming summer of 2055...?
    That intro brings back memories. I remember struggling with divx players and hating RealPlayer to death. I also remember a Sonic-specific torrent site that had poorly seeded Sonic X torrents too.
  7. I still want to know what was up with that green Super Sonic. It looked like the show had a more serious tone but retooled it to appeal to kids more.
  8. Lanzer


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    Even the intro I posted will tell you, this show was something else before it went through several changes. theres 2 pilots out there somewhere on youtube that shows that.

    "Nazo" was supposed to be a hyper sonic of sorts I believe, don't know if that rumor was ever confirmed or not.
  9. Mecha Sally

    Mecha Sally

    Man, has it really been so long? I was in high school when this started airing, and I remember downloading the raw episodes shortly after they aired. I watched every episode without subs, not caring that I couldn't understand a word (except for Sonic's awesome Engrish). I do wish the series hadn't focused on Chris so much, though. That was really the only bad thing about it. Aside from that it was alright, and had plenty of memorable moments. The Metarex story arc is probably my favorite.
  10. JaxTH


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    Jack shit.
    And dumb children are still making rumors about more seasons being made.
  11. ICEknight


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    It wouldn't be a rumor had it been confirmed. :v:

    I even doubt it was named "Nazo", whatever that thing was.
  12. 98% of this was 4Kids version that doesn't count. It made me a sonic fan though.
  13. Rika Chou

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    God and Jesus, that means I have been in this community for over 10 years then. I remember trying to download some episodes on a dial up connection, but Shadow Fire (he still around?) saved me the trouble and sent me some CDs that had some episodes on them. All back during the Sonic-Cult days..

    Anyway, I could never really hold interest in this show. Maybe if I had been younger.
  14. Yeah, it's like time passes and you no more can read some lightweight overlay of things. It's like you've been slowly disconnected from the one of the components of reality, like one of your feelings have been disabled.
  15. trakker


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    Ohhhhh goooodddd, really? 10 years =T I'm feeling super old now, same thing happened when I noticed that the PokeRap was over 10 years old >_<

    I remember trying to download a 50meg "real" video raw of the first episode using dial-up with a download manager it took about 4 days, the opening credits and opening battle sequence's were awesome, too bad it kinda went downhill after that.

    I did enjoy the Metarex saga most, probably because even though it had Chris, he was a lot less of a hassle, plus he made Sonic Soaps, I gotta give him some credit for that lol

    But yeah, I always loved the original music in this show, Obviously I can't prove anything, but the 4Kids dub would have been a hell of a lot better if they kept it =T
  16. redhotsonic


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    I've haven't seen all the Sonic X episodes. I started to which turned out great, but it started to get a bit boring after a while (maybe I was maturing around that time). Yes, it was 4kids I was watching. Grrr.
  17. Rosie


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    Wow, I remember downloading the Japanese episodes when they first came out fan subbed, that takes me back. I'm pretty sure I used Real Player back then too, those were dark times.

    I distinctly remember trying multiple times to get Real Player to play one of the Sonic Mega Drive games on their games section. Never worked though.
  18. Jay T.

    Jay T.

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    I pretty much watched the English dubbed version, but I have no regrets on that (the majority of anime I watch is in English anyway). It was a pretty good anime, though I will admit I have forgotten a lot of it, like when Emerl debuts. Maybe because I haven't watched it in a year or two. I did like some things like Dark Super Sonic, though. Chris didn't bother me too much, but he did have a bit too much involvement, but I guess it's to be expected. I may check out a few things later on in the future, if I remember to do so. Kind of hard to believe it's been 10 years though.

    I do kind of wonder that if they attempt to make another animated series (which I doubt anytime soon), which route should they go? One based off some of the games again, but closer? One based off of Archie (which I haven't read yet), or try something else? Would be interesting to see some games like Unleashed animated, especially after that Night of the Werehog short we got.
  19. Josh



    That is crazy to hear, though. I remember... Sonic HQ, maybe? Running a special in January '03 about how hard Sega would be pushing Sonic in 2003, with the new anime, Pinball Party, Advance 2, and Adventure DX all coming out.

    I could never really get into Sonic X, though. My best friend watched quite a lot of it, and I remember showing him the first episode on GBA Video. He said it was the best one he'd seen. I get that Chris was there to give kids someone to relate to, but I always felt like it could've been a stronger show without him.
  20. It's actually intresting. Why didn't they think that kids can relate to one of the Sonic characters? All the Sonic chars are very human-like.