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Sonic Unreal Adventure Kit

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by DrewMatK, Mar 8, 2015.

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  1. DrewMatK


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    Sonic Unreal Adventure Kit
    I'm pleased to announce that I am working on a brand-new 3D Sonic engine! This is the very first time I have taken the initiative to build a game engine, let alone program a game, and I'm discovering tools and tips along the way, so please don't be harsh on me. I was inspired to do this after seeing a fangame called Sonic World. I loved what it was doing, but I couldn't stand some of the design choices Ozcrash made. Overall, I have not been happy with any 3D Sonic engines made thus far. Each excels at something but fails at something else. I started this because, in the long term, I want 3D Sonic fangames to have the quality that 2D Sonic fangames have. I also want something that's as close as possible to a next-gen Sonic Adventure experience.

    I have to completely remake the engine due to hacky code from when I first started using UE4 and how inefficient the old organization was; this is a very important year in high school for me, with finals, AP exams, colleges, etc., so don't expect a download until April-May. Also, there will be no trademark Sonic physics for a while because I am currently waiting for Xalske's custom gravity direction modification to be merged with the UE4 master build.
  2. TimmiT


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    "Don't make threads here unless you can show stuff" should probably be put in the rules at some point.
  3. Lanzer


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    Agreed, something like the "False Promises" clause.

    Now you kind of put yourself in a bind new guy, instead of passing the 20 post limit as a good member then saying you were gonna start a project in the general project thread, you now have about 15 posts to prove that you are working on a project of this grand of a scale.

    I wish you luck regardless because it does sound promising.
  4. winterhell


    I'm making Quake V. TDA: 2016
  5. Mr Lange

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    Oh joy, another Unreal Sonic engine.
    I'll just be here with my empty Unity project.
  6. Overlord


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    Yeah, we don't do speculative thread like this. Come back when you actually have something to show.
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