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Sonic Unlimited

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Chris Highwind, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. Chris Highwind

    Chris Highwind

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    Interesting, and the level design actually looks like it doesn't suck.
  2. Lanzer


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    Shouldn't we just merge this topic with my topic instead?
  3. TimmiT


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    How about they stop taking cues from Sonic 2006 completely and just try to come up with original zones instead of basing them off zones that are based off other zones. :v:
  4. synchronizer


    We could, but Sonic Unlimited is really a *new* fangame.
  5. Tiller


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    oh god pls halp im not gud width comuter

    Well I can say this is an improvement over the control of old. I think this is my favorite implementation of a homing attack in a 2D game. It feels pretty good momentum wise, if not a bit too long reaching. The game's level design is still entirely poo. When every single obsticle needs a warning sign to dodge there is a problem. You mess up running on water and most of the time you die. The game screams "press x or die." The controls are oddly placed with the space bar and two keys next to it. Maybe I'm just used to the asdf standard. Spindashing with a button feels unnatural and tying it the stomp and the rail speedup seems a bit cluttered. The art is still just as drab and uninspired if this is the "final," but I don't think it is. Red walls to walljump...seems so in your face and ugly.

    My favorite thing to come out of it though is that rings are good for something other than point whoring. They fill the boost at the end of the stage, which is a pretty neat twist. I feel it would work better for a bonus stage type deal rather than the end of every level, but it does give me ideas for myself.

    As for the image, it appears I managed to double launch the game with one instance in fullscreen. They both acted the same to my input until the boost section, where it appears the obstacles in the quick run section are randomized.
  6. BlazeHedgehog


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    Acceleration feels a bit touchy to me. There's some trial-and-error level design too, but thankfully not much.

    I... like it? Though I wish native gamepad support was a thing.
  7. Lanzer


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    Not really, I mean all they did was take the same game and just rebuilt the gameplay a bit.
  8. Overlord


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    It looks like the control scheme is like Colours of Generations - I really do fail to see why people keep basing games off 06, a good fangame (and this doesn't look to play too bad) deserves its own setting and levels, not stuff based off that trainwreck.
  9. Hez


    Holy shit look at all of this original content.
  10. Stritix


    It's great that they are wanting to do more original-esque fan games... but this isn't a good result.

    After playing the demo, this is what I have to say:

    They have reused most of the graphical assets from their previous project, and the gameplay itself is completely based on memorization. You'll fall into a death pit or be hit by spikes numerous times unless you can remember where everything is. The level is badly structured.

    Half-way through you are taken to a mach speed section where you're being propelled foward. It simply doesn't work. Sonic is too fast. You are given 1-2 seconds to react to jump over obstacles or you'll end up falling into a death pit. At times you are given just under a second to respond.

    The lives system is also missing. It was included in Sonic the Hedgehog 2D. Perhaps they realized the level design is rather difficult so they removed that feature?

    Overall it's an easy on the eyes fan game, but plays poorly right now. If they could redo the level design and polish up the gameplay itself, it could become a pretty decent fan game.
  11. P3DR0


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    Welp, it's better for sure. But that doesn't make it a good game. It has some pretty interesting content and some cool ideas. The homming attack is by far the best I've ever seen in a 2D fangame and they made a pretty interesting concept for the mach speed sections. But that's where the "plus section" ends.
    The level design is still pretty boring and lifeless. It's not interesting to look at, doesn't give you any sense of exploration or even worse, speed tbh (lacks details so, you don't see things like trees or rocks passing by. Everything is trial 'n error and the game doesn't really require skill or fast thinking. Just boring memorization. Graphicaly, it' does have improved since STH2D, but it isn't particularly good, imo, the sprites and the textures doesn't go well together and things just get worse when comes to the 3d models. We can see a big gap in the art quality when they have to come up with custom stuff, like the debris which looks terrible. Music and sound-wise it's pretty much the same and well... That's it.

    I liked the game's core mechanics and think that, with enough effort, a good and solid Sonic game can be made easily, but in the end I disliked the level design a lot and tought it didn't improved a single bit from what we've seen in STH2D.

    They should give that Sonic Adventure Remix or the BlazeHedgehog's STH2D a spin, because they are great examples of how to create "import" a 3D stage to 2D, with a good level design.

    Overall, 6/10 as a Sonic game and 11/10 compared to the old STH2D.
  12. DustArma


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    Their engine is decent, it's not OMG TEH CLAZZUCS!!!!111 but it doesn't need to be given the style they are going for, the level design feels like a mismash between Sonic 06 levels 2dified and Sonic Unleashed Wii 2D level design and needs a lot of improvement.

    I liked the idea of using rings from Act 1 to power your boost gauge in the Mach Speed section.

    Overall it gets a 6.5/10 from me, level design needs a lot of improvement but if they get there it could be fundecent

    Also, I'm not quite sure if they came up with the idea of that Homing Attack or not, but that style of homing attack (where you keep most of your momentum) was used before in Unleashed mobile by Gameloft.
  13. RetroKoH


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    I have no problem with a game based directly off of Sonic 06. I like the idea of taking something that was shit, and making it into something that is not so shit. THAT said, this still needs a ton of work but I'd like to see that ton of work turn this into a well polished 2D Sonic fan game.
  14. DaHog


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    Yeah, I'm not gonna get this one if it's just a redesigned 062d engine. As I recall, they put some of the 06 glitches in the engine.