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Sonic or buy?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by TwinTailedFox, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. TwinTailedFox


    I'm not Miles Prower. Just a TwinTailedFox. Member
    Batavia, Illinois
    no. I'm a total n00b at that stuff but i want to learn
    Hey everyone,

    I saw some Sonic Unleashed stuff recently (I have no idea how I haven't heard of it until recently) and the daytime levels look absolutely orgasmic. But the werehog stuff...I dunno. Should I rent it? Or buy it for the lulz?
  2. Drex


    Lazy perfectionist Member
    Why don't you rent the game so you can try it and then YOU can decide if you would rather buy it.
  3. corneliab


    The Werehog is no worse than the Tails/Knuckles/Big/Amy/Gamma stuff from Sonic Adventure. Hell, I think it's better.

    Also, the day stages are indeed awesome. There's also DLC for every continent in the game (save for the last), which offer some pretty good content for both day and night.

    I bought the game back when it was $50, and unlike many of the post Sonic Adventure 2 console titles, I think it was worth every penny. It's only about $20-$30 now, which really is a steal.

    ...keep in mind, I'm talking about the 360/PS3 version. The Wii/PS2 version is really crummy in comparison and is a completely different game. Stay away from that one, especially when you consider that it costs about the same as its clearly superior counterparts.
  4. STHX


    SEGAAAAAAAAA?!? Member
    The world of Trophies
    Sonic In Mushroom Kingdom
    Although only a few will say this, the Werehog is not that bad, and I actually liked it.
    When in doubt, renting is always the best solution, but I think Unleashed is worth the cost, especially if you find it at a good price. Is long and well made, but in the end, everything depend on tastes.

    And yes, I too strongly suggest to avoid the Wii/PS2 version at all cost. The two games are different tough.
  5. Graxer


    I say buy it!

    I really enjoyed it too! In my opinion it was certainly the best Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2. The daytime levels are amazing, and the Werehog isn't that bad. (Infact I quite liked it) I would say that at the price it is now you should get it. This is a really fun game to get 1000 gamerpoints in in my opinion. Sone of the achievements/trophies are challenging, but the sense of achievement you get is great.

    As the others said though, the Wii/PS2 version is greatly inferior. Appart from the storyline and locations it is a completely different game. The levels are much shorter and emptier, gameplay much slower, and I generally don't feel that it is nearly as good as the 360/PS3 version.

    If you still aren't sure you should definately rent it!
  6. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    I had lots of fun with the Wii version, but maybe I'm just weird.
    I like the night stages at least as much as the day stages.

    I think I need to find somebody with a PS3 or 360 just so I can play the other version.
  7. Blanche Hodapp

    Blanche Hodapp

    *urp* Eternal Queen
    Why would buying it be "for the lulz"?
  8. Graxer


    To be honest, I played the Wii version first and I enjoyed it then. I was disappointed that it wasn't at all like the 360/PS3 videos though.

    Then I bought a 360 along with Unleashed and was blown away by awesomeness! I have found the Wii version unbearably boring ever since.
  9. muteKi


    Fuck it Member
    I liked the night stages (except for the first one), but wasn't very fond of the day stages and their frequent emphasis on never stopping. I prefer to take my challenges at a more moderate pace.

    Also the final boss is complete toss. Wii version's seems okay though, but I haven't tried it for comparison.
  10. Solid SOAP

    Solid SOAP

    Nut Lord Member
    I'd say buy, especially if you're a hardcore Sonic fan. Nighttime levels occasionally drag on for too long and medal collecting can be a bit tedious if you don't enjoy collectathons and/or don't collect them while you play through the levels, but the day levels are fantastic, the night levels are fun in their own way, if a bit generic, and the game is loaded with replay value. I'd say buy it, you will not regret the purchase.
  11. The Moogs

    The Moogs

    If you don't mind listening to the same shitty werehog music while battling, then by all means get it. That's my only beef with the game.
  12. Azookara


    yup Member
    Buy it. Best Sonic game since SA1.

    Sure, it's not classic Sonic gameplay by any means, but it definitely is a ton of awesomeness and a half. My only complaint is that, like Muteki said, everything forced you to go at 300MPH constantly, and the pacing should've been made a little better.

    And Werehog was okay (actually really fun), but it just didn't go well with a Sonic game (like every other alternate playstyle Sonic Team's offered in the games past SA1).

    Also, I'm talking the PS360 version. Wii version was ultra-boring and irritating; almost as bad as Nextgen in places.
  13. Stink Terios

    Stink Terios

    That's a pretty obvious question.
    Rent it and judge the game.
    If you really liked it, buy it.

    If you liked it but think that the game is not worth your money, go the pirate way B)
  14. OSM


    retro is for losers! Member
    Doing absolutely nothing
    Rent it, then buy it if you like it. The only downside to this game is the medal grinding and getting lost in the hub worlds, but really, the game is just such a massive leap from past 3D outings. It's not a game you'll hail as one of Sonic's best, but it is without a doubt the most enjoyable Sonic title in a long time. I recommend the true 360/PS3 version.
  15. Awful, awful, awful. I bought it for ~$20 bucks when it had just come out and I still feel ripped off to this day. I wouldn't even recommend wasting a DVD to burn it.
  16. TwinTailedFox


    I'm not Miles Prower. Just a TwinTailedFox. Member
    Batavia, Illinois
    no. I'm a total n00b at that stuff but i want to learn
    Oh wow! Over 9000% more replies than I would have thought to get this quickly! Sweet!

    So yeah, I'm gonna try to rent it soon. Thanks for all the tips and hopefully I'll get it soon! My mom was being lame and wouldn't let me today because of midterms that were actually really easy. Again, thanks to all.


    Edit: Ah crap. Blockbuster doesn't have it. Perhaps I'll check Gamestop or something and get it used, maybe even new.
    Yet Another edit: My brother is a lard and a Playstation whore. He won't drive me fucking three miles to get it from Gamestop because he's addicted to the PS3.
    The sad thing is, he's addicted to a fucking football game. No, you read that right. Not MGS4 or Assassin's Creed or even Call of Duty. College football.
  17. Sploit


    I don't have a 360 or PS3 so I have the Wii version, I really enjoyed it :v:

    If you have a Wii get Black Knight and Secret Rings too, both great games... :v:
  18. Cooljerk


    Professional Electromancer Oldbie
    Sonic Unleashed is awesome. I own it 4 times (360, PS3, Wii, and PS2) and I don't regret spending a dime on it. Great game.

    I vastly prefer the 360 version above all, especially the DLC levels, but the Wii version has grown on me over time. I'll often go through and play every day stage back to back, switching between the 360 and Wii version after every level, when I'm feeling bored.

    Great game over all. I even enjoyed the Werehog parts (although they were much, MUCH better on the 360/PS3).
  19. PsychoSk8r


    PsychedelAnt | Tone Turner Oldbie
    Birmingham, UK
    30 Day Project: Revisited.A New Release!
    Buy, definately, for the 360. If it's wii, it's worth neither, IMO.
    I own both. =P

    Black night isn't so bad, but secret rings is the worst sonic game I've ever played. Even Sonic '06 is better IMO.
  20. Zephyr


    No offense, but that seems a BIT much.

    I'd recommend buying it if you can tolerate the unskippable cutscenes and the seven year old dialog.
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