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Sonic Unleashed 2?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by L3AF1AM3SD, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. What would you think of this and would you urge SEGA to make it?
  2. Nova



    But seriously, calm it down a little. Too many threads that don't serve much of a purpose is not a good thing. Not to mention, these are all subjects that have been considered before.

    If you'd really like to chat about things that badly, the IRC channel may be a better place to do it. :v:

    EDIT: But if you really want my opinion - I would like to see Sonic running through realistic environments again. Some of the levels in Unleashed were awesome (Jungle Joyride and Rooftop Run for instance) and there's still a lot more they could do with it.
  3. Beedlee


    There's no real reason for it to be made. We got the best of unleashed already with the daytime stage gameplay in colors and generations. I don't think anyone's desperate for the Werehog gameplay to make a comeback.
  4. roxahris


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    Severely toned down from how it was in Unleashed.

    Unleashed was more focused on being dramatic - perhaps you could say it had more "setpieces" - where the camera would highlight and accentuate whatever was going on. A good example of this would be, say, whenever robots popped up, where the camera would suddenly move across to show them jumping in or flying across, or any of the special setpiece moments in the acts - like the long circuit on the skyscraper walls in/gigantic grind rail section at the end of Skyscraper Scamper, or the falling pillars in Shamar.

    Colours and Generations didn't really have ridiculous setpieces like that in comparison - except for, I dunno, the GUN truck.
    I also think QTEs are pretty neat, but that's just me
  5. Beedlee


    I see your point roxahris and you're right, but I just don't like the idea of the Unleashed label being brought back as it would pretty much guarantee the Werehog (Or if not, a similar gimmick to pad the game out) I would rather see another game like Unleashed (Minus the Night stages) though than a Generations 2.
  6. RetroKoH


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    We don't need a sequel to any game currently out now... We need new fresh ideas.
    Unleashed was a step in the right direction after the Sonic 06 debacle. But, it wasn't perfect... it wasn't even that great. In fact, I'm willing to bet that most of the initial positive reception to the game came from it being the first in years to not be completely broken...

    BUT, levels didn't stand out that much from one another, aside from general appearance and location.
    They all ran pretty much on the same mechanics, and didnt really have their own independent gimmicks to set them apart from one another. With a couple exceptions, playing one zone felt like playing the previous/next zone, with the only differences being visual appearance and music. Imagine Green Hill Zone 7 different times, with no difference except palette/skin swap on the same exact set pieces, and different music... and thats what you feel like Unleashed is.

    That said, it isn't without merit. The daytime gameplay, while it had its nuances, was what Sonic 06's gameplay should've been. It was fucking great compared to its predecessor.
    ALSO, they got Modern Sonic to not appear like shit for once, although him talking was still an issue... Sonic = The Miz... in terms of annoying speech.

    As for the night section, It felt like the illegitimate bastard child of Sonic and God of War. That wasn't my problem with it though... my problem was, if you were gonna go in that direction, why not bring in Knuckles and make it a Sonic & Knuckles style experience... with Knuckles having the GoW style beat-em up gameplay? But instead we got the Werehog, who we never need to see again... He wasn't bad, he was certainly creative... but he is just completely unnecessary, and is NOT what the franchise needs.

    In short, I think it would be a poor idea, and... No.

    EDIT: I find my introductory sentence somewhat hypocritical, given my fangame project... oh well, Shh....:ssh:
  7. Sparks


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    Sure, as long as they use the World Adventure aspect, and not the Werehog. Lets see Russia, Mexico and Canada make the roster. :v:
  8. Blivsey


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    The problem here is that it's called Sonic Unleashed. Take a guess as to why it was called that. An Unleashed 2 would be forced to bring that back, or it wouldn't be Unleashing anything.
  9. TheInvisibleSun


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    Unleashed the Speed Cap? The 'Unleashed' aspect had to do with the Werehog, as well as the never before seen breakneck speed that Normal Sonic had in that game.
  10. Dark Sonic

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    Make the game Sonic & Knuckles 2 and give Knuckles the werehog's gameplay.
  11. Falk


    Chemical Plant exploding was pretty high on my list of "holy shit" moments in the franchise as a whole, as was the last section of Crisis City. Green Hill Zone's giant chopper was also pretty cool, although desensitized by the time the game came out because of the trailers/demo

    What Generations noticably doesn't have as much of are straightways like the long rail grinds you mentioned. Not necessarily set pieces, but just filler that give you a breather (and thus indirectly showcase the background/environment artwork a little more)

    edit: On topic? I actually personally enjoyed the Werehog stages for what they were, some mindless brawling and trick platforming (Empire City night, good lord) but I'd rather have that experience totally separate from a Sonic game. You'd be daft if you don't think SEGA wouldn't already expand on the modern Sonic formula after Colors and Generations, and I don't see why there wouldn't be environments similar to the ones in Unleashed to some extent, as opposed to the whimsical nature of Colors and nostalgic throwback of Generations.

    There's absolutely no reason to revisit Werehog or call it Unleashed 2 though, so tl;dr this is a dumb thread and I just got suckered into replying. Help me.
  12. Overlord


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    Utterly terrible idea. The good parts of Unleashed were taken out and used in Generations and Colours. The bad parts like the terrible combat and lumbering gameplay of the Werehog have been deservedly left behind.
  13. muteKi


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    Better: incorporate the more interesting platforming segements into Sonic's gameplay. Focus less on grabbing and more on hopping from place to place, possibly building momentum to cross over larger gaps rather than homing-grappling.

    Even better: also eliminate quickstep and other such autorunning segments. I disliked them in Unleashed, wasn't much more of a fan of them in Colors, and accepted them in Generations because they were used so sparingly.
  14. Arique


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    I'd be ok with this.
  15. Knucklez


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    When it comes to Sonic, sequels are best left in the past.. when they actually had continuity that made sense, not to mention gameplay and everything else.

    Nowadays, the best you can hope for is a load of shit that isn't worthy of the name Sonic 4 or being the sequel to the original trilogy.
  16. SlapStick


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    I love Unleashed, I really do. I wouldn't mind a sequel to be honest. I loved both styles of gameplay. Daytime was my favorite part but the Werehog was a decent brawler (I really like the clock tower segment in Spagonia). I also thought it had the best atmosphere of any Sonic game.

    Of course, I would much rather have a completely new game.
  17. SSE


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    Who wouldn't? Personally, I think that bringing back the Warehog element is just a bad idea. As some people complained, the Warehog takes away the speed element. It never apealed to me. It was also kind-of difficult to control. And there is no possible way to make a sequel without bringing back the Warehog, hence the name "Unleashed." I wouldn't buy it.
  18. Dark Sonic

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    Honestly I wouldn't like to see an Unleashed sequel as much as I'd like a Generations or Colors sequel. Even if neither made sense for a sequel plot wise, I don't really give a rats ass.
  19. gold lightning

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    Unleashed already got a sequel in Generations. That is, anything that was worth salvaging was carried over and was done much better. Generations took everything away that shouldn't have been there to begin with and replaced it with something 100 times more enjoyable. To me, implying that Generations didn't meet what you wanted from a sequel to Unleashed (except for it being too short) means you want the things that made Unleashed almost unbearable to me. No thanks. The Werehog needs to stay in the past.
  20. synchronizer


    Except Generations made some of the moves in Unleashed much less useful. The wall-jump and light-dash are reduced to being used in certain areas, so they've almost become quick-time-events in a way. Also, the Air Dash no longer allows the player to dash far distances. With some skill, one could utilize it to do some amazing tricks in Unleashed. It makes sense to say that this was changed for the sake of balancing the game, but really, the only reason the Air Dash was so irritating in Unleashed was that the homing attack was mapped to the same button as the Air Dash was.