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Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Noah Copeland, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Noah Copeland

    Noah Copeland

    I'm glad you've had fun!

    I've encountered that softlock myself. I had put in code in hopes to fix it in one of the patches but looks like it's still there. I'm still scratching my head over it as I've never been able to recreate the bug on purpose; therefore, I can't figure out how to fix it.

    Thanks for pointing out that missing collision. I'll fix it.

    The collapsing platform only breaking on the right is worked as intended, however. The collapsing platforms are divided into sections. Stand on the right side and the right side collapses; vice versea for left side. Thanks for your post!
  2. Dee Liteyears

    Dee Liteyears

    deep in the past
    Spriting and hardly getting shit done
    I've basically grew up there, (well Duisburg, but it's almost the same*g) so be assured that this is one of my top priorities ;D
  3. Mega Spit

    Mega Spit

    After a few years of lurking, I'm going to finally post just to say that this project is beautiful. I've always loved Triple Trouble. I have a lot of good memories of playing it on my gamegear as a kid.

    I've always wanted to see a 16 bit remake that would do the game justice. I'm glad to see that you guys have done it! I'm really looking forward to it's release!
  4. Zeoinx


    Not sure if this was answered in a later post, as i didnt browse the ENTIRE thread, but ......if you really go into every sonic "lore" that came out, in particular for the games, the Sonic Advanced Series on GBA, the "Metal Knuckles" doppelganger actually comes up a few times, and I am assuming it started in Triple Trouble.
  5. Blue Spikeball

    Blue Spikeball

    The ending with Knuckles in a cage isn't rocket science. Eggman had previously fooled Knuckles into fighting Sonic. Then after the Tidal Plant boss, Eggman betrayed Knuckles and locked him in a cage, either because he had enough of his failures to stop Sonic, or because Knuckles was getting suspicious. No need for evil doppelgangers.
  6. Zeoinx


    This would only apply if this game's level were interwoven in between Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
  7. Powpuck


    Knuckles was hoodwinked a second time. That Knuckles was fooled again in Adventure 1 and Advance 2, it's something of a character trait of his. In the case of Triple Trouble it's likely Aspect was largely in the dark about much of Sonic 3, considering they had to rename Nack to Fang to avoid confusion with how Knuckles' name is pronounced in Japanese; it's possible that TT started the running gag that he's just that gullible.
  8. AgentCPU0


    I remember this game from back in the day. Does there happen to be a version I can run on an emulator? I have a couple of emulation devices I'd like to try and play it on. If not, I'll probably try it anyway
  9. It's a PC game, not a hack. That's why it's in the fangaming forum. It's a normal PC program, no emulator necessary.
  10. Noah Copeland

    Noah Copeland

    It's an PC game, an exe, created in Game Maker Studio 2.
    While it's emulating the Genesis' technical/aesthetic limitations, it's not coded for Genesis hardware, and therefore will not run on an emulator.

    Think of it kinda like Shovel Knight, which is a NES game in spirit, but was created for modern hardware/console and not literally created for an NES system.
  11. Noah Copeland

    Noah Copeland

    Alright peeps, we've got a new demo for SAGE 2020 up for download at GameJolt.
    It's similar to last year's demo but with added features, polish, and new a stage!
    We are continuing to update the build throughout SAGE.

    Demo Contents (2020):
    -Opening Prologue Stage
    -Great Turquoise Zone
    -Meta Junglira Zone * NEW*
    -Sound Test * NEW*

  12. Noah Copeland

    Noah Copeland


    Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit is currently finishing up bugfixing and art, and will release on Aug 2nd!
    A complete fan game for PC and Android coming soon.
    At launch, he game will feature multiple language support including English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish, and Brazil Portuguese!

  13. Hez


    Congrats man! I look forward to the release! You've poured some hardcore effort into this and it shows.
  14. RetroRespecter


    Me, too, Mr. Copeland.
  15. qwertysonic


    creating the biggest sonic collection
    Awesome, can't wait to play this!
  16. jubbalub


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    Completed the game and its great lol. Not much to say. It's a really really good fangame with lots of surprises.
  17. Mana


    Good! Great! Awesome! Outstanding! Amazing! Member
    So incredibly fun and well polished, really in the top 3 Sonic fan games I've ever played and I'd have legit paid actual money for this had it been officially released. Thank you so much for this labor of love Noah.
  18. Just finished Story Mode with all Emeralds. The main game itself wasn't overly difficult, which was nice because I was able to stockpile lives for the last couple Special Stages.

    Going to ask, and trying not to spoil anything, but were you inspired by any of the "Coding Secrets" videos specifically by any chance? Because there's one particular part that just screams out that you wanted to try and see if you could replicate the methods shown in one of those videos.

    As far as bugs go, I didn't find too many. There was a layering mistake on the path to one of the Special Stage rings in Meta Junglira. I didn't think to take a picture before zipping past it after coming out of the Special Stage. There was a platform-riding enemy immediately next to the path I came out of, and it spawned off of the platform. Didn't see if it stuck to the platform properly when it came up to touch it.

    Other than that, there were a couple times where I got crushed in the final levels and the collision seemed off. For instance, I ran into the side of a platform and it counted as crushing me. I don't know anything about the engine you used, but is it possible to maybe give the player a slightly smaller hitbox specifically for calculating crushing? As it is now, it's very similar to the wonky crushing collision in the final areas of Sonic Mania. There's a similar issue with a few floor spikes in Tidal Plant where the tops are level with the ground, where I took damage and I swear I barely missed the spikes. The collision seems a bit too sensitive there. The position in the level seems like you could lower the spikes one tile (assuming 16x16px tiles) without it affecting the gameplay in that area, and it would prevent any possible collision issues (or at least hide them).

    So, right now, as far as I'm concerned, the "expanded" Classic timeline pretty much goes "Sonic 1, Sonic CD, Sonic Before the Sequel, Sonic 2, Sonic After the Sequel, Sonic 3&K, Sonic Triple Trouble 16bit". I only don't include the Sonic Classic games because there's no explanation where they're supposed to go in the timeline. Unless I'm missing something, this seems really filled-out.
  19. Starduster


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    Managed to finish the main campaign last night in one sitting. Here's a list of thoughts:

    • The soundtrack and visuals of the game are top notch. I feel that there may be a few visuals that don't work or don't feel authentic to the Sonic 3 aesthetic, but that's small potatoes compared to all the things the presentation gets right. Particular highlights are the boss theme, Sunset Park Act 2 and + - Metal Sonic's second theme   .
    • While the game plays well over all, there are some physics quirks I'm very much not a fan of. Roll lock seems to be a thing here and it stopped me dead if I hit a wall when jumping from a roll. Also, I don't see much reason to not be able to input a roll while holding left or right. I'm aware this is accurate to the Mega Drive games but I don't think there's any benefit to be gained from it.
    • The gimmicks in each of the zones are all quite creative and, while the amount of set pieces that pop-up later in the game feel out of place in a Mega Drive style Sonic game, they do still provide a fun time and some nice spectacle.
    • Fuck the elevator segment in Atomic Destroyer. I'm sorry, I can't be kind to this.
    • + - I find it interesting how Knuckles being an enemy was handled in this game, which is to say he's actually a disguised Metal Sonic. That doesn't really square with canon since copying and using bio-data is something only Neo Metal can do, not to mention this suped up, transforming Metal Sonic gives Eggman no reason to retrieve the original model from Little Planet, but I digress. Seeing Rocket Metal 3.0 and Xtreme Metal Sonic as the secret boss fight is the kind of thing I'd only expect to see in a fan game, but that's by no means a bad thing. That said, the Xtreme Metal Sonic phase is super easy to cheese if you just stick to the top of the screen.  
    • Unlocking Super Sonic would've been nice. I realise that doesn't square with the game's story since Eggman has the seventh emerald but I think it's something that could've at least been made available for free play since a Mega Drive game without Super Sonic doesn't quite feel complete. Then again I've still got some stuff to do so maybe I just haven't unlocked him yet.
    • + - I've not played much of Fang in free play yet, but his spawn point in Great Turquoise is borked - dude starts 6 feet under and has to rise from the grave before you can start cutting loose with him. A metaphor for his prior obscurity and neglect by SEGA, perhaps? :ruby:  
    • Disappointed by the lack of sound test in the game since the music seems to be encrypted files. Really hoping you put the OST out on YouTube at some point soon.
  20. Oddly enough, the music is actually stored as sound codes D2 and up. Very odd, but eh, what can you do.
    Some of the tracks are also completely unused from what I can tell.

    On my own notes:
    - You can skip the engine destruction sequence in Egg Zepplin Zone. Think that could've been redone.
    - I'm really not a fan of Tidal Plant 2. I like my platforming stages, and Tidal Plant 2 simply isn't that. That's a me problem for sure though - and I think the snowboarding segment at the start of Robotnik Winter 2 is a beautiful reference.
    - If you try to turn Super on a snowboard, you get softlocked instead.
    - Due to the way it is designed, it is impossible to beat Zone Zero as Metal Sonic... despite it being available to Metal Sonic.
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