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Sonic Triple Trouble 16-Bit

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Noah Copeland, Nov 13, 2019.

  1. Noah Copeland

    Noah Copeland

    *** OUT NOW! ***

    A fan re-imagining of the Game Gear game Sonic Triple Trouble reworked into the style and timeline of the Genesis Sonic classics.

    -Levels recreated in 16-Bit Style with new layouts
    -Sega Genesis accurate color palette and music/sfx
    -360° Sonic Physics
    -Switch between Sonic and Tails at anytime -

    Special care has been taken to stay as a faithful as possible to the limitations of the Genesis hardware and the standards of the Genesis Classic Sonic games. For starters, there is no more than 64 colors on screen, spread across 4 swatches. 5 FM music channels, a DAC channels, and additional PSG channels. Much research went into this side of the development. Genesis games both popular and obscure were used as reference points. I spoke with industry professionals that shipped official Genesis games in the 1990's as well as modders/hackers familiar with Genesis hardware (including some people in this community).

    The story is being reworked from the original to take place after Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The original Game Gear games seem to take place on a timeline separate from the main Genesis Sonic Team games. Since this remake brings the Game Gear game to the style of the Sonic Team games, I've made an effort to find a way to include it in the timeline, without changing the spirit of the original.


    A - Jump
    S - Switch
    Arrow Keys - Move
    Enter - Start

    NEW FOR 2023!
    Now can you play as Amy Rose!
    Select from three different movesets, ORIGINS, SUPERSTARS, S3 AIR

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  2. Powpuck


    I couldn't tell from the trailer, so does Sonic (et al) still have the flying spin attack? The Great Turquoise boss seems to have been rehauled to not need it.

    I dunno if I can fully get behind a TT remake if it lacks it entirely, especially since it's such a core design element to the original (hence the abundance of springs).

    Not to suggest this isn't an impressive effort -- which it certainly is.
  3. Noah Copeland

    Noah Copeland

    It absolutely has it. Press JUMP in mid-air to curl.
  4. Rudie Radio Waves

    Rudie Radio Waves

    Many a game.
    Oh man, this looks awesome. I wish I had free time to play it!

    Noah, best of luck with this project!
  5. Techokami


    For use only on NTSC Genesis systems Researcher
    Sonic Worlds Next
    Impressive! Sadly, game pad support seems to be hosed. I couldn't look up or down, unless I was against a wall.
  6. Hez


    Fantastic work man! Keep it up.
  7. Noah Copeland

    Noah Copeland

    You're not alone. People are reporting gamepad issue. Which sucks, because I tested the game with as many gamepads as I thought reasonable, specifically Xbox, DS4, and the Retrobit Genesis controllers.

    Xbox and DS4 I figured would be most common, and I literally bought the Retrobit to test it on the game, as I figured people would be using those (I mean, come on, it just feels right). I put in code to make sure these gamepads work, and I got it working flawless on my end, but I keep getting reports that its not working for other people. Seems to particularly be an issue with the d-pads on all three.

    I'm working on a solution. Best thing I recommend right now is using keyboard controls, or an Xbox/DS4 with the analog stick. May not be your preferred/ideal input method, but it will be functional until I figure this out.

    Thank you! I've been working on this since 2017, so it's great to hear that.
  8. lopinjop


    Sonic 25th Anniversary Party Enthusiast Member
    This looks excellent!! I love how you've tied it in to the end of S3&K, and the updated art and music are great! It's like a brand new game! Amazing work that stands alongside the most impressive fan games.
  9. Hez


    Not sure if its helpful advice or not, but to test Sonic Classic 2 I've setup a low end Virtual Machine that I can manipulate certain video/ram setting along with other various things to gauge performance. I've also ponied up and bought a low end Dell desktop off ebay for a little less than 100 bucks that I will remote into to also test occasionally. The dell box has helped with testing peripherals and such. I know its not in everyone's budget, but it helps!
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  10. SpaceyBat


    United States
    Freedom Planet 2
    I have fond memories of the original Triple Trouble on the Game Gear, so to finally see a serious attempt at a 16-bit remake is pretty exciting. The way the game is right now, though, I honestly feel disappointed.

    I don't like being forced to play as both Sonic and Tails. I think it removes the tension in the story that was present in the original from having to face three separate antagonists by yourself, and unlike Mania's Encore Mode, there's virtually no mechanical reason why this needs to be in the game other than using Tails to scale walls that Sonic can't. I really, really hope there's a solo option in the future.

    I'm not a fan of the story changes either, especially the intro stage. I was hoping to see a 16-bit version of the original's introductory cutscene with Knuckles swiping the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic/Tails chasing after him, and Robotnik making off with one unnoticed. This new setup with the Sonic & Knuckles recap and intro stage drags on a little too much and feels too dark and brooding at some points in a similar vein to Sonic XG's Final Fall, and because of the way the intro boss is setup, you don't learn or experience anything useful from it either. It only exists to show why Sonic can't go super from the start, but here's the thing: You don't need a visible explanation. Classic Sonic games jump right into the action, and in the one instance where it was explained how Sonic's emeralds were taken away, it's handled in a quick and simple manner (Knuckles tripping Sonic and swiping them all in Sonic 3). This intro was interesting the first time, but will get tedious, almost insulting in subsequent playthroughs.

    The changes I do appreciate are the new bonus stages which are much more dynamic this time around, and the transferring of the Fang battles from the old bonus stages into making him an Act 1 miniboss is a pretty clever move that reinforces the idea you're under constant pressure from all three antagonists (assuming Knuckles is still a villain, but given that this is trying to tie into S&K that doesn't seem to be the case anymore? If it is then why even call it Triple Trouble anymore?). I also think the new stage gimmicks are a welcome addition to make the levels feel more like they belong on the Genesis, and on that note, the efforts to make it look and sound within hardware specifications is really commendable.

    I don't expect the team to deviate from their current vision for the project, so I will just hope that we at least get some optional features down the road to make it play more closely to its Game Gear counterpart for those who prefer it.
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  11. Noah Copeland

    Noah Copeland

    Knuckles is 100% still a villain, and there's 100% still a triple threat.
    Why is he still a villain if this is following S3&K?
    I've put a lot of thought into this, and it will be revealed as the story plays out. I won't spoil it now, as it's beyond the scope of the very narrow slice of the game in the demo.

    Also, thanks for playing the game! I quite enjoyed Freedom Planet.
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  12. 19XX


    This looks amazing, at last a serious attempt to recreate Triple Trouble.
    Please, try to keep the atmosphere and feel of Sunset Park. I love that level.
  13. Toothpick


    A lot of things about the original Triple Trouble's story didn't make a lot of sense, even for an 8-bit game. Knuckles takes off with the Emeralds in the intro, only for them to end up in the special stages with Fang. Knuckles antagonizes you throughout the game until Tidal Plant, then it turns out he's been locked in a cage when you reach the end. I always interpreted that as you were fighting a robot doppelganger of Knuckles the whole time while the real Knuckles was being held prisoner, but I'm not sure if the devs intended that.

    As for the demo, I walked away feeling really good about it. I appreciate the new mechanics, especially how Sonic can curl into a ball if you're uncurled in midair. I know that was a feature in the original Triple Trouble, but I'm really thankful it's in this remake too. I also like the tag-team system, but I also agree with Strife that a solo option would be nice. I enjoyed the intro stage and ties to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but I feel the intro stage should be a one-time thing if you're starting a new save data, like Angel Island Zone in Mania's Encore Mode. That way it wouldn't be an issue in subsequent playthroughs.

    That's about all the feedback I have now. Looking forward to seeing Sunset Park in 16-bit!
  14. SpaceyBat


    United States
    Freedom Planet 2
    Thank you!

    Knuckles being absent from the demo along with its chronology to S&K made it seem like he switched sides, so it's good to hear that he's back to being a rival. It's not unprecedented either for him to be deceived multiple times.

    As for the events of the original game, I always interpreted the random shifting around of the emeralds and Knuckles' kidnapping as the three antagonists fighting each other offscreen for control. I even thought at one point that you could change which villain gets kidnapped by Robotnik depending on how many bonus stages you cleared, but of course that was just my childhood imagination running wild.
  15. Black Squirrel

    Black Squirrel

    no reverse gear Wiki Sysop
    Northumberland, UK
    steamboat wiki
    This is quite nifty, although tying it into Sonic 3&K might be ill-advised (not least because it's a "sequel" to Sonic Chaos). I think the story is better disconnected - "the chaos emeralds are everywhere, better collect them all".

    In fact it's basically Dragon Ball with Sonic characters. Or Sonic the Fighters.

    But I do like the music!
  16. Hez


    I tend to agree with the "sequel to Sonic 3k" isn't the greatest route, but its someone elses re-imagining so I know that I won't agree with every direction. While I would LOVE to see something closer to the source, I'm also excited to see what comes of this. From what I've seen and played, its a fantastic project. Noah Copeland is doing a fantastic job with this. Keep up the good work!
  17. jubbalub


    #1 Sonic Superstars defender Member
    I never played Sonic Triple Trouble, but I enjoyed the heck out of this game. It looks great, it sounds great, and the physics feel spot-on. If I didn't know any better, I'd say this was the long-long Sonic 4 on the Genesis. Or maybe a really robust ROM hack. I'm really excited to see what the future holds for this project!
  18. Nova


    Played the demo last night and really, really enjoyed it. It feels spot-on and everything is just nicely polished. Great work so far!
  19. TheOcelot


    Scooty Puff Jr sucks! Member
    I've played the demo. I've also played the updated version 1.1 which fixes the following issues:
    "Cave BG unloading
    D-Pad issues (the d-pad now works)
    Missing collision
    Some inaccuracies in the colors"

    I'm glad the d-pad now works, because when I was using the analog stick (PS4 controller) it kept trying to activate the super peel-out, which led to me discovering this bizarre glitch where I ended up fighting Death Egg Robot as normal Sonic instead of Super Sonic:

    Whilst I haven't played the original game so I'm not familiar with the story, I quite like the idea of linking it to Sonic 3K and it's a nice intro. You can get used to the controls easily and fighting the DER again was a nice surprise. Also quite like the weather effects-that it get darks and rains as you fight DER.

    The physics seem very accurate. The drop-dash, spin-dash work well, as does the super peel-out, although I wish there wasn't a delay in releasing the peel-out (I'm used to being able to release it instantly like in Sonic Mania). I like the new animations added, especially when Tails sits on the floor, he's so cute :V

    The special stage was interesting, feels like an evolution of the one's from Sonic Time Twisted. Also like how creative the boss fight is in Great Turquoise act2 and the level design seems quite good in places. Looking forward future demos.
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  20. Lapper


    Lappering Tech Member
    Sonic Studio, Sonic Physics Guide, Kyle & Lucy, Freedom Planet 2
    Loving it so far, this feels really spot on & fun to play. Can't wait to see more :)