Sonic Time Twisted Released ~ 1.1.0 Released for Android, Windows and Nvidia Shield

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  1. I don't think it can be done, sorry, we're at the mercy of GameMaker Studio 1 here.
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    So, does that just mean no PSC port, or does it also mean that it can't be made into a RetroArch core?
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    I'm finally taking the time to play this fan game, particularly in part because of the convenience of its Android port, and it's quite a surreal experience so far. Just starting off, it feels like a fine marriage between Sonic CD's most compelling gimmicks with stage design that we're more familiar with from the other classics.

    Playing this now makes me feel bad for holding out on trying it for this long. Hasn't it been almost 15 years since the project started? I still remember when Overbound himself was giving me tips on Sonic level design, on my ye ol' crusty fan game from the YoYo Sandbox. (Does anybody still remember that? Good Lord I feel old.) He's been at this for a long time!

    It's still surreal to me that this game made it to the finish line, if not more-so that other fans have taken up the torch to keep supporting and updating it, while Overbound moves on to an original project. There's really something special about the fan game scene in the Sonic community, I think, and this project is a positive reflection of that.

    It's a Game Maker fan game, not something made in a portable language, like C or C++, unfortunately. Porting the game over to any platforms that Game Maker Studio itself doesn't support would take months of difficult work- possibly in assembly language, or remaking the game from scratch in a C-like language. Either avenue is exhaustive and not worth the time or effort.

    Personally, I'm grateful we even have an Android port of this game, which runs swimmingly on my phone! It's so refreshing to have real video games on my phone, like this fan game and SRB2; Sonic Time Twisted feels right at home with the Taxman remasters of the classic games on Android, it really does.
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    REPO Man

    IIRC, the PSC uses some form of Linux. So if Game Maker projects can be ported to Linux, which I believe was possible to a degree on the Linux-based Retropie, can it be done?
  5. The PSC runs a Linux on an ARM processor. Unless I'm mistaken, GameMaker Studio 1 can export Android apps for ARM (among other things) , but Linux apps are only exported for x86 architectures. From what I see online, GMS 2 got a Linux ARM export module a year ago, but it would require porting Time Twisted to Game Maker Studio 2.

    And then, even if we get it to run on the PSC, the next question is: how well will it run?
    For context, the Android build is compiled with YYC (native code generated by GameMaker Studio 1) , so at highest performance possible. On the NVidia Shield 2017 it sometimes chugs when I have backgrounds apps running, and I had to slightly alter a path in Special Stage 7 Future to reduce the amount of drawn objects at one point. I don't know how the specs compare, but unless the PSC is as powerful as the NVidia Shield 2017, the performance will be subpar.
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    Looking back I only got the PSC for my nieces and nephews because while a cheap Android box would have been half the price, I'd still end up shelling out for controllers. And since I would not DARE cheap out (I got burned by two cheap Bluetooth controllers before shelling out for an 8bitdo one), that'd tack on around $50 per kid (so $300 altogether). Meanwhile a pair of PSC units and the stuff to mod them would have been cheaper.

    Plus kids these days all have phones and tablets, anyway.