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Sonic Time Trouble

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by MrHtuber, Apr 6, 2021.

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  1. Hello, people of the Sonic Retro forums! So I’ve been working on this project for a while, but I need a developer, since I have no skills when it comes to coding, let alone making an entire Sonic fan game, so I thought this would be a good place to pitch my idea for a Sonic fan game where you revisit old zones, mania style, alongside the time travel mechanic from Sonic CD.
    Sonic Time Trouble! Something tells me people will get it mixed up with Triple Trouble and Time Twisted but oh well, I'm proud enough of the name.

    My plan is to revisit old zones from the classic genesis sonic games and both remix the level design to not only improve the level itself (which some zones really need) but also to make it feel brand new; and the second goal is to add in time travel as well as interesting takes on different zones depending on the time period, such as marble zone being consumed in flames in its bad future, or casino night being black and white as well as an overall 1920’s aesthetic for it’s past. I honestly think that the zones in Sonic CD didn't take much advantage of the time travel gimmick, but that's mainly because the zones themselves make no sense and just have random thing in random places for no reason, so i think that taking that time travel mechanic and using it in zones with more unique and interesting themes would have a really cool outcome.
    It honestly feels like I'm mumbling gibberish right now, so here are some mockups I made to show my basic idea of what I mean.
    STT Mockups-1.png (5).png STT Mockups-2.png (5).png STT Mockups-3.png (2).png STT Mockups-4.png (4).png STT Mockups-6.png (1).png STT Mockups-8.png (3).png

    Here are some sketches for gameplay ideas and stuff too because why not (special thanks to my friend am.25 for making this sketch for me).
    The sketch at the top is meant to be a concept for the time travel sequence. Instead of it fading out, then into the little cutscene, and then back into the level, I want it to be almost seemles, just like they invisioned it to be in CD at the start of development, while still keeping the cool little transition, so instead of it fading out, the time portal area opens up and Sonic enters it once he's been going at a certian speed for long enough, then he floats there for like 2 or 3 seconds, then the other end of the portal opens up, where you arrive to the time period you traveled to.
    The middle sketch just shows each speed at which Sonic can go to, as well as an aproximate speed (measured as MPH, just like the UI in the mockups) of each cycle.
    The final sketch just shows the robot generator and how you can only destroy it in the past, just like in the original game.
    IMG_202104-min-1.png (2).png

    Here are some sprites with a new design I made for this game, which is mainly based off Sonic 1, since I used that as the base, as well as toei sonic, since that design is just too good.
    New Piskel-1.png (47).png

    The first demo would only include Marble Zone from Sonic 1, but zones I have planned for later are Casino Night, Ice Cap, Launch Base, Metropolis, etc.
    Hopefully this pitch has caught your attention. Help from composers, level designers and artists would be greatly appreciated, but for now, I mainly need to find someone who could program this game, I'm planning on it having a similar aesthetic to something like the steam version of Sonic CD or Sonic 3 AIR; mostly following the genesis limitations, but having stuff such as widescreen, a consistent 60fps, etc.

    If you’re interested in helping out with this project, you can simply respond to this thread, or you can DM me on either twitter ( or on Discord (MrHtuber#2073).
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    We don't really do "make my ideas for me" threads so I'm going to lock this here, but rather than trash it I'm going to leave it here with the links there if anyone does want to, because you do seemingly have some spriting skills.
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