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Sonic-Themed DOOM Mods (for 32X)

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by saxman, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. saxman


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    I was surprised when I saw these:

    Both of them are DOOM 32X mods, created using WAD32X. The first one is a mod called "Blaze Doom Adventure", and the second is a partial port of "Sonic Doom 2: Bots on Mobius" which I was fortunate enough to have been able to work on with my friend SSNTails back in the late '90s. The latter only has two maps ported over, but I still enjoyed being taken back in time.

    Here are the ROMs:

    These ROMs are presented by Blabla.
  2. Skyler


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    Now that was funny. Cool stuff.
  3. Someone should make a really good quality Sonic 32X Doom mod now, those two are good novelty ones, but I'd like to see someone with some skill create something next. (I do like the Bots on Mobius port, even if looking back on it that WAD kinda sucks, level-wise)
  4. Black Squirrel

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    It would be nice to see one of the "official" mods be ported to the 32X. The likes of Heratic or Hexen, or Doom II/Final Doom/Whatever Doom Although this might have already happened. I haven't been paying that much attention outside of Sonic Retro.

    Sonic Robo Blast 2 runs on a version of the Doom engine does it not? Obviously it would need to be toned down significantly and the technology probably won't allow it yet, but it would be interesting to see if it was doable on the 32X.
  5. Don't count on it. There's a good reason that most Doom ports that support true room-over-room use OpenGL or Direct3D: Getting them to work correctly on the software renderer is a bitch and that's before considering doing it on hardware with limited horsepower.
  6. Fuck Shadow, clearly Blaze is the one who should be using guns.
  7. Sik


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    SRB2 runs on a heavily modified version of Boom, which is a modified version of Doom 2, which is a modified version of Doom... Yeah, tough luck there unless you plan to recreate the features. Even the original Halloween release would be a bitch to port, it'd be easier to remake it from scratch.
  8. Glaber


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    err, wrong source port. SRB2 was modified off of Doom Legacy.
  9. Thousand Pancake

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    I really wish they would port that game to the Build engine so that the side scrolling sections could have finally actual hills. And that they would overhaul NiGHTS mode.

    Just getting it off my back. This place really needs more emoticons. :v:

    Also, I really want to see a decent non-FMV game for CD 32X. Even if it's just a port with tacked-on CD audio.
  10. Shadow Hog

    Shadow Hog

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    Which is based off of BOOM, just like virtually every good source port is. Sik was not incorrect.

    I'd rather ZDoom than Build, honestly. At least then most of the content wouldn't be inherently incompatible and need converting. No comment on how coding the changes would go, though.
  11. saxman


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    Speaking as someone who was playing DOOM long before it was made open source, I can safely say that Doom Legacy was in fact based off of DOSDoom, which was the first port of the source code to the DOS platform. Many other ports afterwards used DOSDoom as a fork. BOOM was done by Team TNT, and that project influenced other source ports in such a way that other ports began introducing BOOM compatability (as did Doom Legacy).

    So while there is BOOM compatability in the engine used by SRB2, it does not actually have it's roots in BOOM.
  12. Sik


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    I'm pretty sure there's a version of Sonic Doom 2 using a slightly modified version of Boom (and by this I mean I had played it), so unless SRB2 Halloween was made off another Doom port...

    Actually, why don't we just ask AJ?
  13. saxman


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    We used BOOM for SD2BOM. We modified it slightly to our needs if I remember correctly, but it's basically the original BOOM engine.

    However SRB2 uses Doom Legacy.
  14. Sik


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    being an asshole =P

    By the way, can somebody mirror the files? 4shared doesn't work with this phone >_>
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  16. H Hog

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    (EDIT: Oh crap, I didn't realize this post was already almost a year old, ahahaha~ Sorry for the necrobump there, folks..!
  17. Vangar


    Yes, I realise this is an insane necrobump. However it appears these homebrew Sonic / Doom roms have disappeared from the internet. Did anyone archive these? Would love to try them out on hardware, and archive them.