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    So here's one for you which is strange and odd enough it may warrant it's own thread.

    For the last 14-20 years, this guy has been wrestling (unofficially) as Sonic The Hedgehog.

    So... Sonic the Wrestler.

    Back in November I was looking into the that Shadow the Hedgehog wrestling promotion which was held at Pancras MMA, you've probably seen a few pics of it over the years, but here's my vid on the subject if you've utterly no idea what I'm talking about, but anyway.

    Close to when I was finished with that video, I discovered a bit of an strange spinoff story, in the form of a guy who has been dressing up as Sonic and wrestling as Sonic, even using Sonic inspired moves and gimmicks in the ring, for the best part of 14 years.

    This is Sonic.


    Yes, he wrestles in a mask complete with spikes, has a white design on the shirt, and even has red shoes that he wrestles in.

    How long has he been doing this for? Well, unfortunately this is where things become difficult to pin down, there are several wrestling databases out there and a lot of them don't agree on details, some claim he started his career in 2006, one puts it in 1999.

    And unfortunately, there's lot that information out there about this guy, he's so unknown we don't even know his real name, just his in-ring name of 'Sonic'

    But despite how unknown he is, there are a few matches of him on YouTube,

    This one has awful camera and sound work, but you actually see one of his in ring gimmicks, where he throws golden rings to the crowd as he enters the ring. He also performs which might be his signature move "The Sonic Boom" but it gets countered.

    And... Yes... that is flag which that wrestler probably wouldn't be carrying had this match been held today.

    There's another match on YouTube with better sound and camera work, with his tag partner 'Fang'... no really, Sonic and Fang.

    So he's a midweight wrestler and ironically the many flips and high speed moves they do really help sell his Sonic gimmick, he performs a lot of roll up and jump moves during both the matches, and you can't help but imagine Sonic sound effects during the fights.

    He even manages to go over with the fans, in some footage the crowd actually chant 'Sonic' for a few seconds.

    The guy also has a now dormant social media presence on My Space, complete with some Sonic Adventure esq artwork themed on himself and a few other photos from his career.

    So why has nobody heard of him? Well it seems that this guy is a bit of a 'jobber', he typically loses the matches in order to put someone else over or keep a heels streak going. And given the Sonic Gimmick on an indi wrestling scene like this, it's easy to see why nobody has heard of him. But is he still active? Well this is where the problems start.

    Remember when I said the various wrestling databases don't agree on things? Well they also don't agree on if this guy is still active... and there's also some confusion as to if this Mexican wrestler is also 'Sonic'

    He's also named Sonic, and has very similar moves to this other Sonic', in fact one outfit this 'yellow' sonic wears is very similar to the blue one of the other guy. Some databases claim they are the same, whilst others state they're not, and lots of databases, including the ones who say they're different credit both their match history to one another.

    Trying to find out information about this guy was not easy, in fact outside of wrestling databases, the only other article I could find in relation to this guy came from the BBC, it turns out a UK wrestler went to DCW and the BBC interviewed him, turns out the mans first opponent was Sonic.

    Couldn't find any other information outside of a few other observations in the video and the images on the my space account... I'd ask if anyone else knows anything but I think I already know the answer...

    Of course Sega haven't given him permission to do this.

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    This is really some interesting stuff to read. Thank You for putting Your time & effort into gathering all this information for us to watch/read :).
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    Okay! So... This was unexpected... The Wrestler left a comment! Annnnnd then deleted it.

    Yeah, he made an account on YouTube, left a comment, but appears to have deleted it, but I get an email with the content of the comment so... I'll just paraphrase here what he said...

    A friend told him of my video, He was a massive Sonic fan growing up and his first match was in 2007. The "Yellow" Super Sonic wrestler from Mexico isn't him, and no he still won't tell us his real name.

    How do I know it's him... I left out one piece of info in the video and he was able to provide it in the comment... So Someone either did way too much work for a windup... or it is him!