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Sonic the Screensaver - Win10 x64 Install Instructions

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by biggestsonicfan, Nov 28, 2019.

  1. biggestsonicfan


    Model2wannaB Tech Member
    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    Ah yes, the Sonic the Hedgehog The Screensaver with all it's official art goodness...

    Who doesn't pine for this to be their screensaver only to find out their 64-bit operating system won't run it? Well, this guy for one. But I managed to get it working surprisingly easy.

    1. Download the screensaver software somewhere if you don't already have it. It's not too hard to find.
    2. Copy the BMP, ICON(optional), SONICSS, and SOUND folders to the following directory "C:\SEGA\SONICSS" (Other directories may work here, but this is the default directory the original installer points to.)
    3. Now in your "C:\SEGA\SONICSS\SONICSS" directory, there should be several subdirectories that are named S#L. Copy the B#L.BSS file to "C:\SEGA\SONICSS\" and the SCRNSVR.INI file to "C:\SEGA\SONICSS\SONICSS".
    4. Next, edit the SCRNSVR.INI file to include the following line: "DefDir=C:\SEGA\SONICSS\" without quotes and make sure the "DataFile" line points to your B#L.BSS like this "DataFile=C:\SEGA\SONICSS\S3L.BSS"
    5. Download the latest WineVDM release here.
    6. Extract the contents wherever you would like the program "installed". For simplicity's sake, I extracted it to "C:\otvdm"
    7. Edit the newly extracted "install.reg" to include a properly formatted "MappedExeName". For example: "MappedExeName"="C:\\otvdm\\otvdmw.exe"
    8. Be sure to use "otvdmw.exe" so you do not see the command prompt console pop up when executing the screensaver.
    9. Double click and import the "install.reg" into your registry.
    10. Navigate back to "C:\SEGA\SONICSS\SONICSS" and right-click on SONICSS.SCR and "Install". The Windows Screensaver manager should pop up and you should be able to preview a working Sonic the Hedgehog The Screensaver on your Win10 x64 machine!
    Current limitations: The editor does not work properly. It can be accessed, but you can not visibly tell which files you are selecting to make your own screensaver settings file. Oops. Hopefully, this will be fixed someday.

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  2. Despatche


    Great solution, thanks!

    Nowadays you can also use something like 86Box and get a Windows 95 install going, but that seems a bit much just for a screensaver program. The editor would work though! :V
  3. MainMemory


    Kate the Wolf Tech Member
    I wonder how hard it would be to just remake the screensaver entirely.
  4. biggestsonicfan


    Model2wannaB Tech Member
    ALWAYS Sonic the Fighters
    I've pondered this for quite some time. However, the work behind it is still beyond my capabilities. I made something similar, albeit much simpler in gtk many years ago for a cross-platform "character on the screen with transparent background" before, but the API has changed since then so I wouldn't know what to do.