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Sonic: The Lost Worlds

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by ExecByte, Jun 5, 2007.

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    It's available on the wiki.
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    I love the use of "same old" after Wood Zone and HPZ. I remember the first time I played through those levels back when I first found the community I was like "omg.. these graphis are so cool!! Why'd they take them out??!" Now that we've used them to death in hacks as completed levels, they seem boring to us. The novelty part of the brain is no longer lit, the levels are boring.

    You suck at video games. I think I died twice in that game, the level design was faulty in a couple places, but as a whole this game was a bit under par in the challenge area, IMO. On that note, this was one of my favourite hacks from the contest <3
  3. ExecByte


    Sonic: The Lost Worlds
    Thanks Ayla and everyone else for the comments.

    Oh man, here we go with the death pits again! I hope you're all playing the latest release from August I think it was. Since the first release in May, most levels had some parts fixed up and even redone. I think most levels only had about 2 or 3 pits. Dust Hill might have a few more but if I can make that invisible object for the sinking effect, that would solve that.

    I know these layouts aren't the most sonic-y and I guess the reason is because I tried maybe a little to hard to avoid layouts where the game plays itself. One thing I didn't like in Sonic games was when you would pick up speed, maybe go into a roll and the next quarter of the level play'ed itself for you. I'd rather play video games than just watch them. Anyway, at some point, if I have time, I might redo the level layouts to be faster and stuff but NOT to play the game for you. If I do, HPZ, WZ, and CNZ will still keep the parts that were in the beta, only my work would get redone.

    I wouldn't really redo the HPZ or WZ graphics since, if I did, they wouldn't be as accurate, and the goal here was to be accurate to the scrapped levels. I know other people have used these zones in their hacks but the layouts I made are different from any other hack except for the parts that Sega did, which are the only parts that would be called the "same old".

    One more thing, since Ayla and Tweaker said they didn't see a level select, it is there. On the title screen just press down and select options and then the level select code is the same 19 65 09 17.
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