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Sonic the Hedgehog (Prototype)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by drx, Jan 1, 2021.

  1. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    Nope. They're similar but the actual 'legs' are different.
  2. Overlord


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    Utterly incredible that after nearly 20 years of being in this community following joining after seeing the Sonic 2 Wai prototype, we finally get one for Sonic 1, and one that answers so many questions (while raising a few!) Marble Zone 2 and 3 in the final game's layouts make somewhat more sense after seeing the layouts in this prototype.

    And it really is all here - Sparkling Zone, Clock Work Zone, the UFOs in Marble Zone, the GHZ physics balls, the Labyrinth background.... utterly insane. What a start to 2021.
  3. Elratauru


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    Holy hell, this thing is amazing. This past 2020 was great regarding these protos, both a S3 and S1 early protos with tons of content that sure gives a lot of insight onto what was going on.

    I love how Marble Zone was way more labrynth-ish with multiple routes that you could take, but I do get it's a lot more boring for being the 2nd level in the game, I totally get now why It was trimmed down. The UFO's (Saturns?) do kinda fit the aesthetic of the zone and it's sad that they cut them.

    Sparking Zone bg is a mess tho, I do get the vibe they were going for, but hell, that's a lot of colors and shine for a background element. Labrynth Zone bg looks nice, I love the feeling that it's a down a cave much more than the tiles feeling of the later background.

    The only thing that could top off this would be a Tokyo Toy Show build, but we dont even know if that even exists anymore.
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  4. popcorn


    The kanji-like characters in the background of Sparkling Zone are either gibberish or characters now so old they have no meaning. Just decorative.
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  5. MagnusTheGreen


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    We didn't even think this existed, there's no telling whether the TTS build still exists.
  6. Blastfrog


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    This is definitely some amazing stuff, and gives me hope that we might find more builds some day. Kudos to everyone who made this happen!

    Aside from TTS, we should also consider CES (earlier than this) and the one in the "HAG" commercial (later than this) as builds to look out for, I suspect that those two in particular are likely to have been shared with the press.
  7. Travelsonic


    Wait ... this isn't an early April Fools joke? Holy fuck, after how 2020 has been, this is astounding!!!!
  8. RDNexus


    I'm not sure if I've seen said layouts...
    Have those maps been ripped already?
  9. T.Q.


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    What an amazing discovery. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this release possible.

    Boy, playing this Sonic 1 was trickier. Definitely great in filling in the mysteries of Clock Work Zone, with the lack of rings in the magazine screenshots.

    EDIT: Wow, and just noticed, this is my 500th post. Hooray!
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  10. Andrew75


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    Finally after sooooo many years !!! I’m in disbelief!! Thanks a bunch Buckaroo, drx , and everyone else involved in this monster release !!

    There are a lot of discoveries being shown on discord , really hope someone is adding all that to the wiki!!
  11. Brainulator


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    Doesn't this happen in the final game, too?
    Why do the spikes even use different behavior? I don't get the impression, from the final version's GitHub disassembly, that it's the spike object that picks the unique spike-hit sound over the normal hit sound.
    It still allows us to see these objects and their code in practice. Also a note that the fist pump was shown off in the Shinsaku footage.
  12. Vangar


    Considering this build has almost no code for water whatsoever (adding it in does nothing), That screenshot is likely earlier than the release prototype build, and the blue BG is just before there was a background at all

    Pretty sure the text is just techno-nonsense, not japanese
  13. Mastered Realm

    Mastered Realm

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    The artist who made that proto BG probably wanted it to have paralax scrolling, as there are horizontal sections in the graphics, which can be scrolled at different speeds giving the illusion of depth.
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  14. Laura


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    What surprises me most is how much work they did in such little time. I thought that for the Sonic 3 proto and even moreso for this one. The game honestly looks shoddy and incomplete in the proto but they really managed to put their heads down and work to something great upon release. I think it's the one prototype more than any other where it looks almost worrying in places but they knocked it out the park.

    This is a really self-indulgent interpretation, but it really makes me feel better about my PhD. I have eight months to go and it's in a similar mess situation to this prototype. Hopefully if I work hard I can complete it and make it good too!
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  15. The Joebro64

    The Joebro64

    So we finally know what that weird warping routine that’s unused in the final was meant for: it was part of accessing the special stages.
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  16. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Are there any unused Sonic sprites hidden in this build? Seems like there would be something there.
  17. RDNexus


    Weird warping routine?
  18. DarkVDee


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    Finally saw the video and wow it's everything I ever wanted to be. Very glad this prototype got save. This gives me hope that the Tokyo build is still alive somewhere in this world.
  19. Rika Chou

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  20. Hm, I think sheet at The Spriters Resource is missing a frame that we have one our wiki. I haven't done sprite edits in over a decade now so I can't say for sure if the sprites are the same other than palette; anyone with better eyes than me want to give them a look?