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Sonic the Hedgehog P-06

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Chris Highwind, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Chris Highwind

    Chris Highwind

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    Yup, it's another Sonic 06 PC remake in Unity. This one's made by ChaosX, one of the people also working on Mefiresu's remake, along with some of his friends. This demo contains the full Wave Ocean and Kingdom Valley levels, complete with Tails and Silver sections respectively. However, at the very least both Tails and Silver play differently from the original 06.
    NOTE: This demo is not very optimized at the moment, so a beefy PC is required, unless you're like me and you crank the resolution to widescreen 360p and all of the graphics settings to their lowest.
  2. Hamzawesome


    I have never played the original Sonic 06 before, I've only experienced its levels through Youtube videos and Sonic Generations mods.

    So this is a pretty darn good recreation, it takes everything from the original and improves upon it; better controls, faster loading times, general gameplay and bug fixes.

    And I have to stay that I can see potential in a remake like this if the controls weren't horrible. I know they're trying to recreate the 06 controls, but holy shit they feel quite bad. This might come off as a bit naive, but I really wish they try to make the controls feel more like SA1, in its current state the controls feel very stiff on the ground and way too loose in mid-air.

    Besides that, I like how they gave Tails a tail swipe, it makes playing as him a lot more fun.

    As for Silver, the improvements with him are quite impressive. I don't think he's fun to play with yet, but I can appreciate the effort.
  3. JamesRock7


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    I hope this release makes Sonic '06 playable with less glitches. It would be better than recreating the game "perfectly" as the original. Is somewhere a corrected version?
  4. Beltway


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    Pretty sure that's been the goal of most of the other Sonic 2006 ports / remakes we've gotten so far. Just try and do a faithful port that pretty much is the original game but it's not broken and thus "playable."

    This new one from what I've observed isn't quite as different from those but it does get some points for me for the QoL updates and minuscule details that the team has added. Not because they suddenly change the game into something playable or fun for those who didn't like the original release (not really, it still looks like a tedious experience IMO); but more because they actually bothered to do it in the first place.
  5. TheKazeblade


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    I agree partially. The Gistix '06 project's mission statement has always been to create a faithful PC "port" of '06 and any improvements made are done so under a pretty well-defined parameters of "fix only what was created, but did not function as intended."

    P-06 though I think is going into it with a different mentality, just one that isn't as immediately clear due to so much more work needing to be done to achieve its goal. It too, like the Gistix project has a goal to fix what is technically broken obviously, but it isn't intending to stop at being a mechanically sound but faithful recreation, its striving to re-purpose elements that exist but improve them into what '06 COULD have been without totally reinventing the wheel. The QoL things you mentioned I certainly hope are just the start. Things like the characters' acceleration rate is retained despite turning or landing from a jump and other smaller issues are definitely technical flaws, but when that gets squared away, I think we'll see something mechanically superior to the original.

    Obviously there's only so much you can do with the '06 we have, but I think the idea of taking what is there and just stretching it further past what it was to something approaching good, or filling the container that already existed to the brim as it were, is a way loftier goal than what we've seen with other '06 projects to date. Whether or not they actually accomplish this though is the real question. But I'm optimistic.
  6. TheOcelot


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    I've tried the demo and it's very faithful to the original game.

    Thankfully the mach-speed section in Wave Ocean is now more bearable; you no longer get insta-killed when bumping into an object. Also, the loop-de-loop at the very end of the mach-speed section (which always killed Sonic-lead to him falling into the water and drowning unless approaching the loop-de-loop from as far left as possible-IIRC) is no longer a problem. It doesn't matter which side you approach the loop-de-loop, you will now make it through without falling into the water.
  7. Graxer


    Its a great remake, but wow '06 manages to be worse every time I play it (this is not the fault of the remake which is done almost flawlessly, but the source material). Right from the beginning,when Sonic leaves the loop, seeing the animation of him "skidding" across the water, followed by him slowly gliding through the air from the launchpad is painful to watch! Saying that, the QoL improvements are a nice addition and I do intend to play any future releases that come out!

    Its good to know that the performance problems aren't just me though. I couldn't understand why I was forced to use 720p to get good performance!
  8. Dark Sonic

    Dark Sonic

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    Idk I gave this game a shot and while not perfect I thought it was actually fun to play unlike the actual Sonic 06. Sonic can actually break now in the mach sections by holding down the slide button, Tails has his tail spin move back from SA1 and is actually a decent speed, and Silver is actually fun to play as now, he's quick and has a projectile move now which makes him 1000x more bearable.

    Personally I think this is the best Sonic 06 revival to date because it doesn't try to be exactly faithful to the original game, which it shouldn't because even if that game had bug fixes it'd still be a boring slog. I look forward to seeing more from this project.

    But yea I guess performance issues are a thing. I chalked it up to my PC having parts between 3 to 5 years old and thus being somewhat dated so I personally wasn't surprised when I couldn't use max settings for everything (I didn't even try), but the settings I got the game at made it look comparable if not a bit better than the actual Sonic 06.
  9. Frostav


    It's better than 06 proper, but it still controls like absolute ass at times. Sonic just feels absolutely stiff AND slippery to control at the same time somehow and the level design in Wave Ocean is just...boring. But hey it's the first level so I guess that's to be expected.