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Sonic the Hedgehog (MD) Pre-Release?

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Mr. Verne, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. LocalH


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    I'm mainly worried about that chip, even though it has a sticker on it, it appears that it may be a mask ROM. I wouldn't suggest pulling the edge of the sticker up, but to HyperGHZ: if you run your finger across the center of the chip, does it feel like there is a UV window underneath? If it's a mask ROM, I'd be almost certain that it's a final version.

    If there's no window, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a mask ROM, however, since you say that there are differences. It could be a one-time PROM that is not erasable.
  2. ICEknight


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    ...Any reason why a screenshot of anything relevant hasn't been taken yet?
  3. Sappharad


    I don't think you were very forceful. Do not remove or attempt to remove the sticker under any circumstances. I think he'd be upset if he accidentally erased the cart.

    But that picture seems odd. It looks EXACTLY like a pirate to me. I haven't seen a development cart that looks so... plain.
    Anyone have a counter-example?
  4. LocalH


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    I doubt he'd accidentally erase the cart even if he did expose the window for a short amount of time. Didn't EPROM erasers use very high UV levels? Regardless, I still don't recommend lifting the sticker, at least right now.

    Also, I edited before I realized that others had posted after me, so I'll repost the edit: lack of a window does not mean that it's a mask ROM. However, outside of damaging the physical value of the cart a bit, if there is no window underneath then (and only then) it would be safe to lift the sticker. If that were the case, then any part numbers on the chip could be used to determine whether it's an OTPROM or a mask ROM. I will agree, however, that an even better way to see whether it's a final version or not would simply be to dump the cart with a Retrode, then we can determine differences down to single bits.
  5. Twimfy


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    Might just be my eyes/ wishful thinking but it looks to me as if there's a small dent to the right of the sticker as if it's covering a window.

    This is quite exciting. The "Sega don't approve the title screen" interests me the most.

    No idea why Telegames would have a pre-release copy though. Back before they started publishing their own games they were primarily a mail order company.
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    Please, just take some pics of whatever you find different at first sight when you get to try it.
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    I think he said he was gonna record video. That's just as good I figure. Until we get the ROM dump that is.
  8. ICEknight


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    Well, yeah, I was just asking because it only takes seconds to take a pic and upload it here.

    Just a bit impatient to see something, I guess.
  9. McAleeCh


    This is beginning to sound like it's potentially quite interesting! Will definitely be keeping an eye on this topic for any updates. Fingers crossed that it's some sort of prototype version of some description on that cartridge...! = )
  10. dsrb


    Don't be surprised when it's the same screen and this warning was a mere formality.
  11. Black Squirrel

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    Telegames still exist, distributing products on behalf of others and producing handheld games. They are a legitimate company who have legitimate links in the industry - if this cartridge is from them (as the label says), it will not be a pirate. I mean I've never seen an unlicensed Mega Drive cartridge which opts for a blank label - this will either be a prototype, a review copy, or maybe some crazy bespoke ROM that Sega manufactured for them (p.s. that's not likely). This clearly wasn't meant to be sold.

    Just because we have a Sonic 2 prototype that was distributed in the form of pirate carts doesn't mean they all are! In fact, Sonic 2 might have been the only case in history where that's happened.

    An educated guess? Telegames were big friends with the Atari Jaguar in the early 90s. It's not unreasonable for them to borrow a cartridge from Sega to prove a point (presumably Sega did the same with Super Mario Kart at some point... unless they went out and bought a store copy). It's like when people spot Shigeru Miyamoto at E3 testing out the PSP or something - keep your friends close, and your enemies closer etc.

    "Title screen not approved by Sega" fits into that idea quite well. "You can try and slam Sonic 1 as much as you want... as long as you don't say it's Sonic!"

    although it's also not unreasonble to think they might have been making promotional videos or guides or whatever. Sonic was pretty big back in the day.
  12. ashthedragon


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    Wasn't Atari somehow working with SEGA at the launch of the Genesis in America? I remember something about that, if Telegames had friends in Atari, maybe the could had borrow a early copy of Sonic 1 for...something, dunno.
  13. ICEknight


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    I think you guys need to know that this Telegames label was made after the Mega Drive was dead already. Like, post-1997.
  14. Arique


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    So... It's either the 40-lives pirate, or just the final game. I'd say trash this thread, but I'm still curious to see what's exactly on that cartridge, and whether we're in for excitement or just a steaming pile of crap.
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    I wonder why Sega would be sending something like this seven years after the games release. If some company wanted it for any reason, you'd think they'd be sent a retail copy. Why would Telegames have anything to say about a game thatd been out for years by then, anyway?
  16. Ravenfreak


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    While I'm not doubting your observation, I'm curious on how you know that this label was made after the Mega Drive wasn't supported anymore. But the "Title screen not approved by SEGA do not use!" text is very interesting, it might just be the pirate with the SEGA logo missing. (But I'm not doubting anything, I'll just keep waiting.)
  17. ICEknight


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    Well, that label could have been just a joke by somebody at Telegames.

    That, or Sonic flips the bird at the title screen.
  18. ashthedragon


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    Or maybe...


  19. Orengefox


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    The glaring obvious which everyone's pointed out, an email address on the label which suggests it's not that old of a label. What makes me curious is what on earth were they using that cart for to need a returning label with an email address? Is it really an old asset of theirs? Something entirely unique perhaps?
  20. TheKazeblade


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    I was going to ask the same question, but remember, Telegames unloaded this stuff fairly recently. If this was in their possession until just recently, I don't doubt that they would have at one point or another put a sticker like that on ALL of their stock just to make sure it was found if lost. Merchandise is merchandise, after all.