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Hack Sonic the Hedgehog: Isle of Magnetic Artifacts (DEMO)

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by DeltaW, Oct 10, 2022.

  1. DeltaW


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    Cross-post from the SHC 2022 entry page:

    4156 (1).png

    Neo Team Kyukyoku presents... Sonic the Hedgehog: Isle of Magnetic Artifacts!

    Sonic the Hedgehog: Isle of Magnetic Artifacts (SHIMA) is a hack which aims to overhaul Sonic 1 using a Japanese-inspired aesthetic. The main feature of this demo is Blossom Gardens Zone, the resting area of the isolated, star-god worshipping Kuratranos tribe. BGZ is a fast-paced experience littered with swift-acting enemies, height-granting gimmicks, driving music, and advanced graphical effects. This new zone can be traversed with three playable characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna. Sonic, in particular, features a set of unique sprites, the dropdash ability, and a new companion: Abbey the Flicky. Abbey can pick up nearby rings and circle potential targets for Sonic, including hidden monitors.

    Download the hack from the entry page here.

    Some things to note:
    • There is an experimental parallax effect which suffers from minor graphical glitches.
    • Don't forget to check out the sound test. While the soundtrack is far from complete, you can find several arrangements, remixes, and original compositions which we plan to utilize in later releases.
    • We are aware that the SHC build has a bug where collecting a bubble doesn't reset your air, if you want a fixed build, then please click me


    4425 (2).png 4427 (1).png 4428 (1).png 4429 (1).png 4430 (1).png

    Neo Team Kyukyoku Members
    • AngelKOR64: Character programming
    • Chron D: Music arrangement
    • DeltaWooloo: Co-leader, Level layouts, music arrangement, object ports, programming, sound effects
    • Dio-ZX: Character art, object art
    • Drag109: Level art
    • fuzzy: Level art, programming
    • iced t: Level art, object art
    • Inferno: Level layouts
    • Inktitious: Level art
    • Jerry: Level layouts
    • KatKuriN: Level art
    • KGL: Level layouts
    • Kurk: Co-team Leader, level layouts, music arrangement, music composition
    • ManiacShard: Object art
    • NaotoNTP: Object art
    • ProjectFM: Co-team leader, creative direction, level art, music arrangement, music composition, programming, story planning
    • Raendom: Programming
    • Rivet: Programming
    • two^: Concept art
    • yami: Level layouts, music composition
    Former Members
    • AmzroSevca: Concept art, story planning
    • Gemini0: Former team leader, general art, level layouts, programming
    • jrm1007: Concepts, object art
    • Haz Rabbit: Concept art, programming
    • lavagaming1: Programming
    • NotQuiteHere: Music arrangement
    • poly: Logo, music arrangement
    • Mr. Gandy: Character art
    • XGSOAP: Character art
    • Accel
    • BladeOfChaos
    • Certainly Glitchy
    • Cosmic Eternity
    • DaxKatter (also did the title screen theme and Super theme)
    • fengish
    • GGK912
    • Hooded Edge
    • KCEXE
    • KNIJohn
    • Matty
    • Meara Blanchette
    • MCTravisYT
    • Professor Renderer
    • PX
    • Sleekflash-16
    • Sr Paradoxo
    • soapyy
    • TheInvisibleSun
    • UnusualSeeker
    • AsuharaMoon: Wind-Up Koi sprites
    • CartoonsAnimate22: Tails and Knuckles sprites
    • CuckyDev: GHZ ball base
    • Dolphman: Turtle badnik
    • flamewing: Ultra DMA Queue + optimized Kosinski (improved by vladikcomper and MarkeyJester) and Enigma decompression code
    • Lone Devil: Metal Sonic sprites
    • MainMemory: SonLVL and Drop Dash programming guide
    • MarkeyJester: DualPCM and sound test
    • Mikel Nash: Sonic 3-style super sonic sprites
    • panoramhusky and Leanie - Tails sprites
    • Observer: Sprite rips
    • ShibaMayo: ShibaSaturn sprites
    • snkenjoi: Flex 2
    • The Eighth Bit: Space Queens MIDI
    • TheOneMusaab: Sonic 2: The Alternative Sprites
    • tildearrow: Furnace
    • Teck: Super Mario Land - Ending Theme MIDI
    • vladikcomper - optimized Nemesis decompression code
    • ValleyBell: mid2smps, SMPS Converter, SMPS Research Pack
    • VladislavSavvateev: DMF2AMPS
    Assets From:
    • Capcom no Quiz Tonosama no Yabou
    • Cave Story
    • Freedom Planet
    • High Seas Havoc
    • Mega Man Series
    • Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
    • Ristar
    • Sangokushi Retsuden: Ransei no Eiyuutachi
    • Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers
    • Shinobi III
    • Sonic Series
    • Touhou Project Series
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  2. BinBowie


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    I haven't really been keeping up with the Sonic Hacking Community since the last decade ended but this hack looked interesting enough for me to give a go. While I do like how original this hack is with it's custom art, the additional polish to sound design and visual effects, and the fact it has a custom soundtrack, a few things bother me.
    • For one, I'm not sure what's going on with the noise channel in Blossom Gardens Act 2's BGM but it's distracting and doesn't really mesh well with the rest of the music in my opinion.
    • Why is Ristar in a Sonic game? Even if he's just a statue in this hack, isn't he from a completely different IP? The statue of him seemed out of place to me but it isn't really a big problem, more of a nitpick if anything.
    • One thing I've noticed right away are the physics being drastically changed. I found Sonic to be way more laggy and slippery in his movements. I understand it's something people could just get used to but why change a core component of the game if it didn't need to be fixed? I feel like the changes in the physics really mess with the flow of the game and hope they get tweaked in a possible future version.
    I'm looking forward to any updates on this hack as it was a pleasant experience outside of the few issues I had.

    Edit: The physics might not be as bad as I thought as I'm playing through this again after playing a bit of Sonic 3. The slopes at the beginning of Blossom Gardens Act 1 really messed with my jumping and my issues may be due to them.
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  3. DeltaW


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    Hey, thanks for the feedback. Let me take a look at them:

    Firstly, you mentioned BGZ2's noise channel being a little not to your tastes. The idea was that the note increased every beat before it resets as soon as the drums started playing (you can see how it works by looking at the sound test). If the effect is loud on your side, I'll try to speak with the composer about this.

    Secondly, Ristar was there since the idea was that we'd add lost heroes of ancient civilisations, with Ristar being an excellent example since he's only had one game. Many people liked the Ristar statue, so we might see him pop in and out of different zones in the future. =P

    Other than that, I'm glad that you enjoy the hack.
  4. DeltaW


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    rsz_ffobikwxgac56um.jpg rsz_ffocjdyxoaac826.jpg

    That's not all, folks. We'll see you next year!
  5. OrionNavattan


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    I have to say, I was incredibly disappointed when I reached the end after just three zones, because this hack is just breathtaking. Played it through four times on real hardware, and it still captivates.

    My fav bits have to be the details on the sprites (in particular, Knuckles looking straight up when climbing and sliding down walls when descending) and the sound design (the ring sound getting higher during collection streaks is just genius, as is the use of the S3 glass shattered sample for breaking monitors). I do agree with BinBowie that the noise channel in Blossom Gardens Act 2's music is a bit too prominent, but other than that, the music is preety good as well.
  6. DeltaW


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    Must've overlooked your art, my apologies. I've updated the credits list.
  7. OrionNavattan


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