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Sonic the Hedgehog IDW Comic Megathread

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Deep Dive Devin

    Deep Dive Devin

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    Sonic doesn't get a lot of characters who are on the heroes' side but just...not very nice. I think you've obviously meant to understand Lanolin is in the wrong right now, but everything she's experienced up to this point has it make sense from her perspective. It really echoes a lot of the mad about women controversy surrounding Sally in the middle period of Archie, only I don't find Lanolin unbearable to watch in such a manner that it hurts the quality of the comic.​
  2. Kyro


    Yeah like, that period of archie (The one where she slaps sonic), Sally often felt just completely unreasonable and barely even a character. She was often not feeling very... smart, or her decisions didnt feel like they made since either in context of the situations or just what we knew of her (barely held together, admittedly) character. Lanolin meanwhile, while she's obviously not the nicest character around, I think is a nice change of pace for one of our heroines and she hasn't made any irrational decisions: everything makes sense for the most part but her negative tendencies are blinding her to the mimic situation. They probably could have written some of it *better* but I dont have any fundamental issue with anything so far.

    And maybe it wouldnt feel as bad if it wasnt for the four month hiatus :V
  3. I like the idea of a character who is ostensibly on the Heroes' side, but doesn't really get along with them. Like yea, Shadow exists, but he's never around all that often. Lanolin fills an interesting niche in that regard.

    I feel like the negative reactions to her have more to do with the fact that, to many people, she is still "just an OC" and more to the point, she's a recently established character. The audience are always going to side with the characters they've known longer and therefore, are much more emotionally attached to. Lanolin hasn't been around long enough to really earn her that goodwill, while also antagonizing the characters the audience care about more.

    But she didn't really do anything wrong in this issue either, all she did was just tell Sonic, Tails, and Amy to get off the track so to not hurt people, even if it wasn't in a nice way, but I don't really care about that. Me personally, I feel like she doesn't have as much of an established dynamic with the cast. It's a problem she shares with the rest of the comic exclusive characters where they feel pretty segregated from the game characters.

    For instance, remember how Silver used to admire Whisper? Those two haven't interacted a single time since while they paired off Whisper with Tangle. I feel like these interactions of Lanolin talking down to the game cast wouldn't be as bad if she had more of a rapport with Sonic and co.. but she doesn't.
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    That’s pretty much how I feel about it, being made a leader so quickly really gave her a massive ego boost and I won’t be surprised if she comes crashing down once the new antagonists reveal themselves, perhaps her attitude directly leading to the the reformations collapse, who knows. They could do something interesting and have a betrayal, having her go to the antagonists side! That would be cool, not often have we had a good guy go bad, usually it’s the other way around.