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Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Hez, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Falk


    Wellll the article has been gutted; there's no more video. Was fun while it lasted!
  2. Hez


    Now back to talking about this shitty fan-game :(
  3. SpaceyBat


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    Random thought: The milliseconds counter doesn't match up at all with the seconds. It only goes up to 60. :v: You could remedy this for Classic 2 by multiplying it by 5/3.
  4. Hez


    Jesus shit, I never noticed this. Easy fix too (I just did it while halfway through this message). Damn...I really need to look for little things.
  5. Sorry for bringing back such an old thread, but I wanted to know if anybody still has the last version of this prior to making the game widescreen. I wanted to play this again, but I didn't want to have to deal with the glitches from the mirror-mode not working properly in widescreen, and since MegaUpload has been dead for ages, the original links don't work anymore. (Actually, would it be a good idea for somebody to upload a mirror or something for the Wiki page to this game?)
  6. Hez


    Ill fix Mirror mode and re-upload tonight.

    FYI: Classic 2 will have a revamped Classic 1 in it.

    EDIT: Where is a good place to upload this? :|
  7. I personally use MediaFire. MEGA's always worked well for downloading, I've never used it for uploading. Same goes for Dropbox, you can give download links for it easily, although I've never used it for uploading either. I know with MediaFire and Dropbox, you can replace the files directly with updated versions so you only ever need to give out one download link.
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    I would probably recommend MediaFire. Never used MEGA myself, though.

    Also, Hez, your signature outright confuses me. Is that for real or am I missing any inside jokes in here?
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    Hez's sig is rather like Fight Club. You don't ask about it, those who know it know why it's a thing =P
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    There ya go
  11. Thanks for fixing up the game! Honestly, I would have been fine with just getting the last version before it was made widescreen.

    I was wondering about something while I was downloading this. You're putting pretty much all of Classic 1 into Classic 2, what exactly is the process for doing this? Since both games are using the Sonic Worlds engine, is it essentially just copy/pasting the levels from one project into the other, or is there more to the process than that? I was just curious if it would make any difference finding any leftover bugs or whatever from the first game to make sure they don't get added into the second when the levels are ported over.

    By the way, are SC2's ported levels going to have the same missions as SC1? It would be nice if you had some sort of feature where we could port mission progress from the first game to the second so we can keep going from there if we aren't finished yet.
  12. Felik


    Don't know about Classic 2 but I'm pretty sure Classic 1 was not made with Worlds.
    Anyway one thing I'm asking for is more polish. Classic 1 is a stellar game hindered with numerous bugs varying from annoying to gamebreaking + - also special stages suck ass but that's my opinion  
  13. Hez



    So...Felik is half right. Sonic Classic 1 was an in progress game before the release of worlds. It was using an old Frankenstein'd engine made by RC and myself. Half way through production of SC1, worlds was released. So wanting to take advantage of the community efforts, I started to import parts of worlds into SC1. This brings us to what was released a few years ago.

    Now here's the hard part and the answer to Kharens question. Simply copying and pasting SC1 was a no go. I took the SC1 engine and incorporated almost all of the (at the time) current worlds code. SC2's code is so much different than SC1's that I have to manually port the levels over. I'm OK with this because it is letting me go through a lot of game breaking bugs and it is also allowing me to change a lot of questionable level design.

    So basically Felik, you will get your polished SC1 when SC2 is released.

    As for mission you mean just your normal save? I could look into this. If you meant the challenges, there are (as of now) no challenges in SC2. I wasn't sure if they were popular enough to bring over. Did people enjoy the challenges?
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    Honestly, I enjoyed the challenges in Classic 1, even if I didn't get to enjoy the game itself that much due to it constantly crashing on me in Gigalopolis Zone Act 2 after entering a Special Stage, I think it'd be best to wait for Classic 2 for the polished Classic 1, because the level design itself wasn't bad.
  15. I actually have been enjoying the challenges, and that was what I meant. Some of the ideas for challenges were pretty unique, much more than just "beat the level as fast as possible for a rank". I think the only major difference I would make would be something like a radar of sorts for the challenge where you have to hunt down an oversized enemy. Isn't the ranking for that one time-based? You could have an arrow pointing towards where the enemy is located appear after Sonic stands perfectly still for three seconds or so, and have the arrow disappear once Sonic starts moving again. That way, the player constantly slowing down to activate the arrow would still result in a lower rank, while they'll still have an easier time making progress in general.
  16. Hez


    Those aren't bad ideas. Level design wise, I think you'll be in for a treat.
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    There is a looping game breaking glitch_where I cant progress past Robot Rave act3
    Complete the act and it loops you right back to the beginning of the act.
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    Any update on Sonic Classic 2 yet Hez? You've been quiet for a while. How's development progressing? Would love an update.
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  20. Hez


    Ill fix and re-upload tonight. Apologies, work has me ran pretty thin lately.