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Sonic the Hedgehog Classic Release thread

Discussion in 'Fangaming Discussion' started by Hez, Mar 18, 2011.

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  2. Miles3298


    Those unable to download: I assume this was because he was/is still re-uploading the game after problems with the initial release. If you absolutely must have it, the no-music version works.

    Hez: This is awesome.
  3. Dark Sonic

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    Ahhhh I want to download this. Fix the link please
  4. Hez


    The file with only the exe is fixed, the whole bundle is still uploading. Try again in like 10 minutes
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    Downloading, again. This an absolutely fantastic game.
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    Unfortunately I had the old version and just had to restart the game again after entering a Bonus Stage in Gigalopolis. But I'm loving this already! Easily the best Sonic fangame I've played yet and so good to see one finished too, don't think I've seen that since Time Attacked! :)
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    Of course I see this thread precisely when I leave the house.

    Will destroy my joypad playing this game tomorrow. Good job, Hez. Congratulations.

    First bug? Sonic never appeared in the bonus stage :(.

    Old'd. Ignore me.
  8. Tweaker


    Up to Aqua Arena as of writing. So far all this game has done is annoy me with its somewhat-questionable music choices (I can't stand that invincibility tune and its FL Slayer shit), jumbled level design and dick moves (I'm stuck in some area with nowhere to go right now and it's driving me insane). Good on you for releasing a full fangame and all that, but so many things are just putting me off from it. I'm on Skype right now and I'm audibly raging out loud at the way these levels are set up. It's driving me crazy.

    By the way, I wish you would have told me you were using more of my music. I would have updated them! I still don't like how that Kirby mix doesn't have a proper backbeat or anything like that.

    EDIT: GOD DAMN IT. I paused the game while I was in the middle of drowning to write this post and now it won't unpause. There goes my goddamned progress! Is there a level select code or something? This is bullshit.
  9. Progress should be saved to the last zone played if I recall.

    And this build feels 1000x BETTER than the previous builds.

    I can say I am enjoying myself very much right now. :)

    EDIT: Tweaker's issue IS a very true one though. You can't unpause after pausing with a gamepad! D:

    EDIT 2: I stand corrected. Hit Enter again. X(
  10. Endri


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    A finished fan game?! Now this is a novelty!

    Hopefully, this will give me ideas of level design for mine.

    + - ...or not...  
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    The download for the Full package isn't responding:

    Code (Text):
    1. $ wget "" -O "Sonic ClassicFULL.rar"
    2. —2011-03-18 00:12:36--
    3. Resolving (
    4. Connecting to (||:80...
  12. Xilla


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    One of the Hydrocity hand-grabbing thingies trapped Sonic as he was running backwards in Aqua Arena, and the controls stopped responding after that (couldn't even pause), he was frozen in place with the peelout animation. Eventually it returned to normal by mashing the buttons right as the grabber appeared again.
  13. Miles3298


    I love Gigalopolis. I randomly decide to go left as fast as I can, bounce on an enemy and suddenly I land on a special stage ring. I make a mistake and rather than falling to my death, I land on a checkpoint. I notice those big rings when speeding by a loop, and end up going back to get them - whether the stuff in my way wanted me to or not. This particular zone is rather enjoyable. Rather than congratulate you on simply finishing a Sonic game, I shall instead complement your sweet level design here.

    ...At the boss, Robotnik came down to squash me. He got the AI Tails, but he didn't kill him - Tails was in the cab with him. Traitor.

    Sweet stuff so far.
  14. Rockman Zero

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    Videos for Hellfire Commentaries.
    One of the lower checkpoints in Hazel Hills Zone Act 2 causes Sonic to spawn in the water instead of right by it on land. Was that intentional?
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    Well I'll be honest. This could have went through a fair bit amount more of bug testing (now I wish I had the time earlier!), as well as general critique of the level layouts, which could use some good tweaking. I agree with Tweaker about dick moves, especially in Gigalopolis' boss arena (speaking of, two things; one, Tails gets stuck in and around it; and two, fuck the lava zones boss and that projectile attack, I had a hard time beating it without a fire shield which is pretty annoying for a Zone 2 boss). I'll try and write a full review tomorrow (got stuck at Aqua Arena with a glitch involving the HCZ spinner things). There's some real unpolished-ness about the levels, especially in some areas where you can see the background appearing in the corner (common in the lava stage and Gigalopolis). Gigalopolis also has some pointless empty areas that could easily be patched up. I'm guessing you wanted a construction site like feel. The level in many places felt boring though, in contrast to some of its platforming sections. I also felt Sonic controlled too fast in the first special stage (didn't get past the second).

    It's great to see a fan game finally "completed" and still yet for a Rev01, but right now it seems it could be polished more.
  16. Tweaker


    I made it up to Luster Lake (fuck you for putting in TWO goddamned water zones, by the way), died on the boss that didn't account for the terrible acceleration momentum in the engine, and then it didn't save my progress. Fuck this.

    I literally cannot stand your level design. I have actually played hacks with 20 ring monitors placed vertically next to each other with less unpredictable, inconsiderate, downright fucking retarded design choices. I'm trying really hard to enjoy this game and I can't. I would love to play the rest of it but I guess there's no way of checking out the other levels without playing everything again, so I'm done. Lemme know if you have a secret level select cheat or something and I'll try giving the rest of it a shot.
  17. Endri


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    Also, Hez, you may want to change that SClassicsf.ini file, or encrypt it. Otherwise it will be very easy to hack your game or cheat your way through. For debug purposes it's fine, but for retail release, I don't think it's a good idea.

    I was able to enable Super Sonic without the need of entering the Special Stages. Heck, I unlocked all the secrets changing the variables. You may want to look into that. Obviously I'm not going to use these exploits, since I want a legitimate experience, but I just had to give my feedback to assure the quality of this game.

    I'm not going to comment on how many weird scenarios the gameplay ended up being, since many people are already commenting on all the bugs, but so far nothing that blocks the progress of the game.

    Also, nice job on the game. This is definitely classic.

    <span style='color:#000000;background:#000000'>...and I perfer this over Sonic 4 any day.</span>
  18. Got to Luster Lake Final Boss. Game Over.

    Game didn't save up to Luster Lake.


    Otherwise, very nice...but I noticed that some of the platforms in Luster Lake let you stand an inch above the ground. And that some straight edges still have curves...
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    Glad to see more people than me are having trouble saving. I really want to play this more, but not if it's not gonna save.
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    Guys try to be patient. Hez is working on this game almost entirely alone and its very hard do proper beta testing through the internet. Plus after playing your own levels over its hard to test your own game, trust me on that one.

    Hez has released this he'll get a ton of feedback and hopefully the problems will be fixed. There's no better way to do it.