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Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe Thread (& Knuckles)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, May 28, 2020.

  1. charcoal


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    Sad day for the Smurfs fandom.

    Jokes aside I'm happy we have a concrete date now, hopefully next year we can hope to see a trailer.
  2. Still no confirmation if Jim Carrey is returning or not.
  3. sayonararobocop


    Yeah I thought that was curious - no mention of any of the cast in Sonic 3 altogether, so I wonder if anyone has a deal yet aside from Ben Schwartz.

    If I were Jim Carrey and didn't have a deal signed for the next film, feigning retirement altogether and creating some buzz seems like a great way to increase my leverage in negotiations.
  4. Levi Church

    Levi Church

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    To be fair we also didn't know if Colleen O'Shaughnessey was coming back until right before the Game Awards. Idris Elba also wasn't announced until after filming if I recall correctly. It could be awhile until we hear casting news.
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  5. qwertysonic


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    I don't think Jim Carry needs any leveraging, he's easily the biggest star in the series and one of the biggest stars of the 90's. It comes down to whether he wants to do this movie. I bet if they assure him that it will be done after movie 3 then he'll sign on to it, but I'm sure he doesn't want to potentially be doing this for a decade like MCU actors have to.
  6. Xiao Hayes

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    No worries: he somehow fuses with Agent Stone, and this guy plays Robotnik as long as needed. Some may consider it sacrilege, but it's right there, has the public's love, and I can see him doing a good performance as Eggman.
  7. DefinitiveDubs


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    I can definitely see Carrey saying "Eh, what the hell" and doing one more film. At least for a small part, since he takes a backseat as a villain from this point onward in the games.
  8. Levi Church

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    I never see anyone talk about this but on the audio commentary of the movie Ben Schwartz says the red eyes on this hologram was a Metal Sonic reference.
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  9. Jack Wallace

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  10. Antheraea


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    I actually wouldn't mind this, his character is one of my favorites, and the idea of him, like, tackling his idol's dirty laundry would be extremely interesting - both the revenge against GUN angle for imprisoning and then executing Robotnik's grandpa and also realizing that Robotnik's legacy isn't as flawless or successful as he would've believed.
  11. astroblema


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    It's a secret!
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  12. charcoal


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    Seems far fetched to me, though. Amy I was already expecting, Big is kinda wild but I can see him being included I guess for marketability, but Metal Sonic would be just plain stupid to include with Shadow already there to make a strong rival for Sonic. The writers are smarter than that I would hope. I'm gonna dismiss this as fake for the time being, but I could eat my words. Plus being so early in production, even if it is true, it could be scrapped or altered significantly for the final product.

    Also they already confirmed that the movie would take elements and inspiration from SA2 and Shadow the Hedgehog so it'd be strange to completely ignore his characterizations from those games and just have him team up with Sonic immediately like this supposed leak implies.
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  13. Snowbound


    Maybe they are having Metal Sonic fulfill the role the biolizard played in SA2. As in metal sonic doesn’t really show up until the end and it’s to give Sonic and Shadow an excuse to team up. I personally think Shadow and Metal Sonic together are redundant however they could make it work if they: 1)Have shadow be the focus with metal only appearing at the end; 2) Have this be an early mecha sonic model instead of the iconic Metal Sonic from CD. This way they can dangle the completed metal sonic in the post credit scene for Sonic 4. This would also give Jim Carrey a good off ramp as Eggman; as the villain in 4 could just be Metal Sonic and Stone. Heck given Sonic CD’s time travel elements maybe they’ll use 4 to introduce Silver with Silver coming from a future similar to Knuckles’ Chaotix’s bad ending where metal sonic took over the world. Heck maybe the chaotix themselves will make their big screen debut in a potential 4th film. After all they faced off against metal in heroes. Introducing Silver (and Blaze?), Team Chaotix and a new model of Metal Sonic in one film sounds like a lot… but maybe we’ll be introduced to the Chaotix in the Knuckles tv show. So tldr having both Shadow and Metal in Sonic 3 raises some concerns however I think they could pull it off. I just hope these are artistic choices and not about selling more toys… it’s probably toys lmao. If this synopsis is true then I hope that the human characters get way less screentime. That’s valuable real estate that would be better spent on Shadow, Amy, Big and Metal. Then again I could see some great interactions if they grouped Amy and Big with Rachel and Wade
  14. shilz


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    Oh I'm sure whatever this is won't be something that everyone casually blurts out for the next 2 years leading up to the release date leaving nothing to the imagination and ultimately ruining the fun of watching something for the first time. There's no prior reason to expect that.
  15. Icewarrior


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    This is a mix of both what I wanted and what I did not want for the 3rd movie.

    On one hand, I was immediately upset that Shadow was shown in the post credits sequence as I thought it was way too early to introduce him and his more complex and tragic backstory when we just got Tails & Knuckles and there were so many other characters to choose for the 3rd movie before relying on the "Sonic Adventure 2 and beyond" generation.
    On the other hands, Amy and Metal Sonic were the characters I thought it'd be logical to introduce in the 3rd movie. Big is a welcome bonus too.

    Sooo all in all, looks like that 3rd movie is going to be Sonic CD + Adventure 1&2 combined, with a Triple Trouble take (Eggman + Shadow + Metal Sonic being the main antagonists).
    Shame Rouge isn't mentioned yet since Shadow is there already.
  16. Eeeeehhhhh

    This all sounds so very bloated lol.

    Amy I get, but why Metal Sonic and Big lmao. What do they have to do with Shadow's story? The former is especially redundant with Shadow around, particularly since he's an antagonist here. You could sorta kind of make it work if Metal shows up after Shadow face turns but then that just makes Metal feel like an afterthought.

    And then there's the fact you have to balance all of these new characters with the old ones, so somebody is definitely going to get shortchanged

    I really hope they revise this into something more cohesive and manageable.
  17. Brainulator


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    We still have a ways to go before the film comes out, so even if that is true (I currently have no opinion on that), it's not final.
  18. Overlord


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    "Mini-Emeralds"? Christ.
  19. Boxer Hockey

    Boxer Hockey

    Please, God I beg all of you to stop believing stuff like this. How many times do we really have to go through this cycle. Please save everyone a lot of time and whenever someone posts a "leak" about this movie for the next 2 years just post this:
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  20. RDNexus


    I want to believe everyone here was just humoring the possibility for lack of topic to discuss...and because it's so outlandish it felt fun to comment about ^^"