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Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe Thread (& Knuckles)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, May 28, 2020.

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    I can forgive them not going in on musical references (though I also find the existing OSTs entirely forgettable) but the world NEEDS Live and Learn in the third movie for when Sonic and Shadow inevitably go super together. It’s arguably the second most iconic track in the franchise next to GHZ itself. It was Sonic’s trailer theme for his landmark debut in SSBB and it has the honour of rounding out the Sonic Symphony with a gorgeous rock/orchestra rendition. If any game track should be enshrined within the movies themselves, it’s absolutely Live and Learn. I will happily take that and nothing else if it comes down to it.
  2. If we're getting Live & Learn, I hope it will be the orchestral version from the 30th anniversary. But I actually would like a lot exclusive and original Crush 40 song for the 3rd movie as well.
  3. Wildcat


    I think certain tracks from the games actually do fit perfectly within a live action movie. Modern lyrical songs like Open Your Heart and Live and Learn could just be inserted but with some rearranging so they blend well with what’s happening on screen of course.

    I don’t mean just playing over entire scenes but worked in as background music during action scenes when there’s no dialogue. Ya know like music typically fades in and out during big moments.

    James Rolfe (AVGN) had the same complaint about both movies. That none of the themes synonymous with the series were given the big orchestral movie treatment.

    I agree motifs would be enough for other parts but like I mentioned any of the classic boss themes would have paired perfectly with the construction of the Death Egg Robot and during his chase.

    Getting an entirely new Crush 40 song especially for the movie be awesome.
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    I think the lyrical songs are kind exempt from this since they're essentially just normal tracks from a band, that just happened to be made for a video game. You could show someone who has never heard of Sonic Live and Learn and they likely wouldn't think it's a video game song, so you could get away with that. I certainly would love a Crush 40 song in the next movie though, or something along that line.

    Even as background music, I think I'd prefer just having original tracks that are written more in that style. I dunno, it'd kind of just feel weird depending on the song - and at that point you're probably just better off making something original that takes lots of cues from said song rather than trying to fit in a song from the games. I feel like a lot of the edits that play stuff in certain scenes only feel like they work because of our previous experiences with said songs, if that makes any sense. I really do think you could find a good way to blend the two together though, creating something that sounds similar to the games while still being fitting for a movie and the scenes that it creates.
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    Sure using both old and new tracks would be a good blend but these songs work because they were intended to contribute to the action and overall mood. It’s why the main themes in modern games usually play during the final boss. It’s not just because fans are familiar with them.
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    Well yeah, but my point is that they're songs made for video games, not for movies. Scenes with the video game music look cool because we're probably looking at it with that perspective, but in case of it being a movie it'd probably stand out more.
  7. I'd be happy with them even making a leitmotif out of the Sonic 1 & 2 theme (You know, the most iconic Sonic song of the series) but naturally Masato Nakamura would probably ask for some astronomical royalty fees.
  8. Wildcat


    You said before you’d like a Crush 40 song or something like that in the next movie though.

    When you say stand out I’m guessing you mean sticking out of place. There’s plenty of movies that use existing music for big scenes and they fit fine if not great in certain cases.

    I just remembered the teaser had Emerald Hill music. Must have been all they could use of it.
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    And I said before that Crush 40 songs are essentially just original songs that happen to be made for a video game, so they're not what I was referring to there. I moreso mean something like level tracks, or something similar. You're right that there's movies that use existing music, but I don't really have a problem with that, it's moreso the tone of the scenes. I'm sure it could work if you found a half decent way to do so, but at the same time I'm kinda iffy on the idea.

    Also yeah, licensing is probably another caveat. But even then, they just used it for promotional stuff, which makes some sense.
  10. If Jim Carrey does come out of retirement for Sonic 3 (Something he did not rule out if the script is good) How will they explain him turning into his fat form from the games if that's how they bring him back?

    If he doesn't come back, A good replacement for Robotnik would be "Egg-Robo" Who replaced Robotnik in Knuckle's Levels in S3&K. Or have Agent Stone take over the Eggman persona.
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    Agent stone taking over the eggman persona would be awesome. I think they could make it work, too.
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    My guess is Eggman returns and he will be forced to work with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles against Shadow at first, but ultimately creates Perfect Chaos or something similar which leads to a huge climatic battle against Sonic and Shadow.
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    I definitely expect Agent Stone to take Eggman's place if Jim retires, since the mid-credits scene kind of set that up anyway. (Stone seemingly sneaking his way into G.U.N, the commander going "Robotnik couldn't have survived that fall!" after they said they're still searching for his body - if he comes back, he didn't die, if he doesn't, he did) I could really see the team having some fun with that, and Stone would be able to bring out that kind of persona of being an evil dictator pretty well, kinda like Eggman in the 1st movie. He's already very close with him, so he'd probably be able to make that adjustment pretty well.

    Hell, we already kinda saw it in the Pre-Quill comic.
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    Maybe you're forgetting what Project Shadow was for, but they can use the 3rd movie to resurrect Robotnik using that project's discoveries (so yes, Agent Stone being the main bad guy on the human side at least on the first part of the movie), then have Carrey come back or substitute him with another actor because the science involved wasn't perfect or something in that line. Also a good chance to mock Batman Vs. Superman in the process, not what I want but certainly an easy way to amuse the general public.
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    I don't really know what "Sonic Drone Home" is but it looks and sounds like a Chinese knockoff, if you get my drift.

    I really have no other way of explaining how I felt about it. Kinda odd that Tails and Knuckles have different VAs when this is coming out so soon after the movie though.
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    I kinda get what you mean, since it looks very different due to being entirely animated as opposed to live action with CGI thrown in. I think the style looked great, but that's still fair.

    Colleen and Elba must've had scheduling conflicts or something. The short is great, but it also has that feel of being thrown together somewhat quickly, if you get my drift. Budgeting and that must've caused some issues.
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    Here's a scene where Robotnik gets high on mushrooms

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    This is a great scene and I would have loved to see it in its final form, but a drug trip might have been a bit risky, ratings-wise. Then again, the deleted scenes I've seen so far, including this one, provide some extra context to other scenes (for example: one scene goes into more detail on why Wade is on a scooter later in the film), so it very well could have been removed for time like the rest probably were.
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    I don't think trips are a problem because there's a scene like that in the Dora movie.
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