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Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe Thread (& Knuckles)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, May 28, 2020.

  1. raphael_fc


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    It's not hard to agree that Sonic CD was at the same time well known and easily the least known of the 1-CD-2-3K pentalogy.
  2. BlackHole


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    I think what will happen is this:

    At the end of the film, Robotnik will reveal Mecha Sonic, based on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive) since that fits his aesthetic, perhaps with some elements from Mecha Sonic of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles since they've merged the two stories. Sonic will, of course, prevail after a long fight, perhaps with Knuckles tagging in and both delivering the final blow.

    At the end, either the Master Emerald will be shattered or Knuckles will mention the Chaos Emeralds existing elsewhere, either way this prompts a search across the universe for the errant emeralds/emerald shards. Robotnik, meanwhile, will be seen 'perfecting' his Mecha Sonic, which will reveal the more familiar form of Metal Sonic in-progress.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (2024) will see them traversing the worlds looking for either of the above, and Metal Sonic will be introduced as attempting to collect them itself for Robotnik, resulting in a mad dash and, if Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic.

    But that's my speculation on the upcoming plot and how things will factor in. I don't think Shadow will be introduced as of yet, I think he'll come in a couple of films later, maybe Sonic the Hedgehog 4 or Mania 5.
  3. raphael_fc


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    We don't know what yet, but there are some elements of the Sonic franchise that are going to appear in this second movie that aren't in the trailer.

    Someone asked Ian Flynn what he would want to see in a third movie, and he chose not to answer it because he knew some of the plot of the second one.
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  4. Fadaway


    I had a SEGA CD with Sonic CD and two of my neighbors had it, too. It definitely was known.
  5. qwertysonic


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    Can we please stop using anecdotal evidence to argue whether Sonic CD was common enough to know who Metal Sonic is? We know that the Sega CD was a commercial failure and that Sonic CD was less popular than the Genesis trilogy. We also know that Metal Sonic wasn't some obscure figure in the Sonic canon.
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  6. If Shadow ever shows up in the movies, it's gonna be a very watered down version story-wise. I don't see the shift in tone happening that's required to bring the weird SA2 plot to the big screen.

    Could be wrong but I'd guess we'll see Amy and Metal before Shadow, unless Shadow is written in a similar way to metal sonic.
  7. It looks really good so far. I can't believe I'm excited to watch a LIVE ACTION Sonic movie!
  8. Probably get the cliffnotes version.

    As much as I'm with Shadow's story, it is a bit of a jarring shift to go into "CHILD MURDER"
  9. Xiao Hayes

    Xiao Hayes

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    Plot twist: third movie resembles Mania and features Metal Sonic commanding a bunch of drones resembling Silver Sonic from 8-bit Sonic 2. That little mech sure has a design in line with the movie drones.

    I think there's room for Metal and Shadow in a third movie, Metal can be as cold and silent as always and feel menacing just as a "thing", while Shadow could run his own agenda without teaming with Robotnik. Just make doc discover he belongs to the family of the deceased professor Gerald, the scientist who was almost as brilliant as Robotnik is but in the field of genetic engineering, and let Sonic mess up with Gerald's laboratory and accidentally get sort of cloned but go wild with whatever prof had in store (yeah, I know, that movie already exists and is called Batman vs. Superman). They can say "Poor man lost his niece and went insane" instead of having the dark plot of SA2, and Shadow could mess with the death egg (I think this one will be in movie #2) instead of activating the eclipse cannon. This way, it would be a conflict with three sides that allow for two not Sonics to coexist in the same plot, Sonic Shadow and Metal being all of them a nemesis for the remaining two.

    Oh, and I owned my PC copy of Sonic CD since before SA2 existed for DC, and knew about the game since it was announced, and had watched a subbed version of the japanese OVA before that (haven't watched it in english, in fact), so it's more like the later generations of Sonic fans didn't know about him because they were too young, not because internet was young and Metal wasn't widely known (Metal is in Sonic CD, Chaotix, Triple Trouble, Sonic Drfit 2, Sonic R, Sonic the Fighters, and in both SA1 and SA2 as cameos in DC and playable in some form in GC/PC versions).

    Oh, and please, don't use mecha/silver Sonic nomenclature without specifying a game, as not everyone refers the same way to each of them ir is always obvious from context. In a lot of posts I've found hard and sometimes even impossible to guess which of them you were talking about.
  10. John Chrysler

    John Chrysler

    I hope the Sonic resturaunt could partner up with the movie in this sequel.
  11. XCubed


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    I think it’s just waaaaay to early to be involving Shadow. In fact, he can stay out of the movie series altogether. We don’t need another remix of SA2. Aside from the core characters, I’d like to see a completely different direction.

    If Shadow NEEDS to happen, I’d love to see Black arms steal Sonic’s DNA to mix with his own to create Shadow in present day. Something different, but still good, still palatable.
  12. Isn't Shadow a core character himself at this point?
  13. MH MD

    MH MD

    They can just finish the Sonic Trilogy, then create a "Shadow the Hedgehog" movies trilogy that can focus on the Adventure era, this way, they can both avoid having "too much sonic movies" while still actually using the IP, and creating another successful trilogy involving a fan favorite character in the main role, that can also have Sonic tails etc, would be a smart way to expand the movie universe imo
  14. Mana


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    Yeah I like Sonic for Sonic. I'm not watching a Shadow trilogy and I'm sure there's enough people who have buying power who agree.
  15. This is also assuming this becomes huge movie franchise with multiple iterations. I have no idea what the overall plan is, but I think its a just a bit presumptuous that we're going to get a whole bunch of movies to cover the entire history of the franchise.
  16. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    People are totally getting carried away with it, but it's kind of nice to see this positivity. With the first film, we were all just sharing our predictions on how badly it would bomb.
  17. True, Sonic fans don't usually have many chances to be positive for something, so I'm not gonna knock people.

    Anyway, despite being a huge Shadow fan, I have no real feelings on if they add him or not. Obviously I'd be satisfied if they added him, but I'm not going to lose any sleep if they don't.

    I just find it somewhat weird how some are saying "its too early" and cite video game accuracy when this film is already debuting both Tails and Knuckles at the same time, which is as far from accurate to the games that you can get.

    If its his backstory, then I can understand that, but that's also assuming they'd adapt every detail about it, which I doubt given how vastly different the circumstances are from the games. Sonic himself is almost a completely different character, don't see why they couldn't just do the same to Shadow.

    All of these just sound like "excuses" for keeping Shadow out as opposed to legitimate reasons.
  18. Snub-n0zeMunkey


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    I hope people aren't setting themselves up for disappointment here. I can see Paramount possibly going for a third film to make a trilogy, but a fourth film or anything beyond that is not really a certainty.
  19. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Agreed. I think that so far it looks like the sequel is going to be better than the original and it might perform better at the box office, but there's probably a shelf life on this movie franchise. The audience will lose interest, and the film quality will probably drop too.
  20. Sequels are pretty difficult in general, especially if the first one was considered great. That said, I think this movie will do about as well as the first. The first one was pretty generic in its setup, so if they stick to that, but add more Sonic shit to entice fans, it's likely to do well at the box office. Probably not significantly so, but still pretty good.