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Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe Thread (& Knuckles)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, May 28, 2020.

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    Just like the number of chaos emeralds :ruby:
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    Speaking of MCU comparisons: having the villain use one outstretched hand to stop the hero's attack is a tried and true trailer technique:

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    This is absolutely the truth. The final look is a result of not being able to go back to square one with the redesign. The movie was already made, the tone was set, (bar the echidna element) the story was written. The final result is a culmination of the efforts of people who excel in making photo-real visual effects being guided by someone who typically just makes cartoons. It's a combination that hadn't been tried in one of these movies before, but it's the combination that was the key.

    And as an aside, there is no need for the games to adopt the movie look and I seriously would neither hope or worry about it. These things can exist separately.
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    My guess is Master Emerald appears in the sequel, Robotnik tries to steal it - fails, Sonic teams up with Knuckles. At the end of the movie it turns out, there are other Emeralds in the universe/on earth, and they'll try to collect them in third movie.

    Also, I love how Robotnik surname became relevant again. I hope they'll still call him that thorough the film.
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    The best thing the movie franchise can do right now is ignore Shadow altogether. No need to figure out how to work him in when Metal Sonic is a viable option.
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    With G.U.N. getting introduced I can see Shadow getting introduced right away in the next one tbh.

    I can actually see Metal Sonic being revealed towards the end of this one as a foe that Sonic and the boys™ have to team up to beat.

    Like it or not Shadow is just more of a popular character than Metal. (At least going from some character polls Sega has done where he's usually second to Sonic, last one being from 2018)
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    I'm expecting Shadow to be a post-credits scene in this movie before playing more of a role in the next one. He and Amy are the probably the next characters we'll see.
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    It's not a matter of not liking Shadow (I still have a nostalgic fondness for him). It just seems that trying to get him to fit in the movie's lore might be more trouble than it's worth.

    Putting Shadow's backstory in verbatim would risk exactly the reaction of Sonic fans who never liked him to begin with: that he'll come across as a tryhard edgelord for the sake of pointless "grittiness" or whatever. Having him be a clone of Sonic asks the question of why is a roboticist like Eggman is all of a sudden dabbling in cloning. Metal Sonic wouldn't have to deal with either of those issues.
  9. Indeed, should Shadow be introduced at all in the film series it has to at least follow the introduction of Metal Sonic.
  10. This is a series that literally changed Sonic's entire background; if they wanted to put in Shadow, they'll contrive some way to do it.

    Especially when its in the pursuit of money and whether we like it or not, Shadow has always been a huge money-maker for Sonic.

    They couldn't resist adding both Tails and Knuckles within the same film (would have preferred they held off on the latter tbh), I doubt they'd be able to resist adding Shadow.

    Metal Sonic is definitely easier and simpler to use, but from a business perspective, he's simply not as big of a draw as Shadow.
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    Why the fuck are all of you talking about Shadow for a movie three anyway? Some of you also want Amy in the mix ALONG with Shadow.

    It seems to me that the movie is a combination of Sonic 2 and the first half of Sonic 3. A Sonic 3 & Knuckles (literally everybody was memeing this as movie 3's name despite seeing those set pictures of Knuckles for movie 2) would be more fitting for a third movie along with Metal Sonic in place of Mecha Sonic or something.

    You guys realize that a franchise can span more than three movies, right? If I had Shadow forced on me, I'd rather he be part of a second trilogy or something.
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    Now that it is confirmed that the gem is the Master Emerald, I would bet that a third movie would be about the Chaos Emeralds, and Super Sonic defeating someone. Thus, I don't think this would be the best moment to introduce Shadow, so maybe Eggman and Metal Sonic would make a better nemesis for Super Sonic.
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    I just hope that they're not going to add a dozen of tertiary characters, but since this is the Sonic franchise we're talking about, I can already see "Charmy Bee: the Movie" being worked on as a spinoff. And we need moar Big the Cat.

    Seriously though, I too think that Amy is going to appear in a post-credits scene of this one, like they did with Tails in the previous one, but backwards (e.g. "Sonic come back, Amy is missing"). While looking for the Emerald in the real world, Robotnik had a plan B running on Sonic's world, in the form of Metal Sonic, would make sense. Maybe I should send my resume to Paramount.
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    This movie is shaping up to be incredible from what we've seen, and I am *tremendously* excited for it, but it's bewildering seeing talk about multiple trilogies and which game characters would be introduced in them before the second entry has even come out. Don't count your future chickens before the eggs have even been laid, guys.
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  15. If the contract permits it, yes.

    The main factor here is Jim Carrey's age; can't see him doing like....4-5 sequels, but you can't really do a Sonic movie without Eggman without it feeling alien.

    A trilogy is just the safe assumption.1
  16. JaxTH


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    All I'm really saying is that I don't want any Adventure adaptions in a SINGULAR movie like some of you seem to want.
  17. Blue Blood

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    The first film was anything but a straight up adaptation of any of the games. And whilst the sequel is taking more cues from the games, it's still an entirely separate beast that plays entirely its own rulebook. These films don't match the games and they don't try to. They also don't need to. Different medium, different times, different creators. If any potential future films include characters like Shadow or Amy or Marine the fucking Racoon, they'll be unique entities created for the films with different stories and personalities.

    What I'm saying is, it's more likely that we'd get a full blown Sonic and Elise sex scene than it is that we'd see Shadow introduced Sonic Adventure 2 The Movie
  18. Yea, I think fans are starting to assume the plots of these films will be lifted wholesale from the games when they're only very loose adaptations.

    The very fact that Sonic & Tails' first meeting is completely different should tell you this isn't gonna be 1:1.

    The game references are just that, references. Sneaky tidbits for people who know this stuff, but the movie is still very much its own thing.

    Its why the idea that Shadow or Amy "don't fit" is ridiculous to me, or how they have to use Metal Sonic cuz he's "safe". The films can contrive whatever they want to justify the presence of these characters because they have the creative freedom to do so.
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    People only really say it because they already have the ideas of how they would want things to be executed in their head (I know I do) and most of the time that involves being relatively faithful to what they know, so a "Sonic Adventure" movie would probably be expected to work in the *existing* Echidna lore, even though we have no clue how Echidnas are supposed to fit in with this new depiction of Knuckles and the Master Emerald.
    I think in the case of the concept of adapting Shadow it's a bit of a scenario where people just want justice to be done to the story, because that story is the thing Shadow fans seem to like him the most for, and they'd be worried about what Shadow's motivation without being tied to that story would be.
  20. Like I said, they've been willing to greatly alter character backgrounds and personalities to fit in their own vision, see Sonic.

    So while fans want a "faithful" adaptation, the chances of that happening are slim. A lot of fans expect Tom and the human cast to be exercised to focus on Sonic's world and lore and that's not how that works. For better or worse, the humans are a foundational part of this specific continuity. You can't just get rid of them haphazardly.

    As for Shadow, fans gotta start realizing he's probably not going to be the same exact character he is in the games, the circumstances are completely different. Same is true for Amy as well. As I mentioned, Tails' meeting with Sonic is complete unlike their video game counterparts.

    Its entirely plausible (and highly likely) that Shadow is simply going to be a clone of Sonic in this continuity.