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Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe Thread (& Knuckles)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, May 28, 2020.

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    If we want to do the whole Shadow/Adventure 2 story with the next movie, just have Robotnik obsessed with cloning Sonic, using the quill he should still have from the end of the first movie. Shadow could be deemed a failure and abandoned as he continued his quest for the Ultimate Lifeform. You'd have to fudge the whole Gerald and Maria thing, maybe have them be the scientists in charge of looking after Shadow in a similar way to Donut Lord and the other human characters are treated for Sonic. Then when GUN gets involved and shoots her Shadow can show his potential and either be a rogue entity, or be tricked by Eggman again. Either way I want some sort of space located death object with his face. Be it the Ark or the Death Egg, I don't care.

    Though I would rather prefer a Sonic CD adaptation, where instead of Little Planet being harmed it's Mobius or whatever it is called where Tail's came from when he crossed portals. We can be introduced to other Sonic characters as background citizens. The main plot would be Eggman harnessing the energy from their world by building eggmanland or whatever mechanical district to harness the energy while Sonic and Tails go stop him. Knuckles can be involved, but I would prefer he stay with the master emerald or whatever. Eggman makes Metal Sonic who then kidnaps citizens, one being Amy who we have learned to know over the plot of the movie. The two humans can be brought over and left with a B plot where they get involved with helping look for something, throwing the Chaotix detectives into the mix, while Amy act as the leader of the home group until metal get involved in act 3.

    Either way, they have several places they can go after this movie. I can't believe we're living in a timeline where a live action Sonic movie is the best aspect of the franchise in recent memory.
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    Looks closer to the actual games material than the first film, though that's such a low bar to clear you could literally hop over it.

    Still not really interested.
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    I was sooo happy to see Stone back tbh hahahahaha, his almost homoerotic dynamic with Eggman (hey, don't look at me, the Sonic movie twitter put out an image of latte art with the two of them with hearts above them) was one of my favorite bits of the first movie. And admittedly, I don't mind the human characters very much either. I think the main couple on screen are super cute when they're actually together and not split up for most of the film, so I wouldn't mind just them being adorable together.
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    I really didn't mind the human characters either; as far as modern Hollywood movies go they were pretty likeable and did an alright job carrying the plot along. Tom's a cool character. I also enjoy Stone and Robotnik's dynamic because, even though Robotnik treats him like crap, he's still super loyal to him and doesn't mind getting punched in the heart. It's rather wholesome in a twisted sort of way.

    It's really something how Jim Carrey, who was always known for opting out of sequels (he almost wasn't in Dumb and Dumber To) was more than happy to reprise his role for a Sonic movie, of all things. Looks like he's really found something special in Robotnik.
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    I'm willing to bet the human characters other than Eggman and Stone will have less screening in order to flesh out Tails and Knuckles. The thing about the first one is that it was sticking to the Sonic 1 cast of just Sonic and Eggman, but while that worked for a game from 1991 with an excuse plot, you can't really build a movie cast out of a single hero and a single villain. Tom's presence props up Sonic's development because it shows how he plays off other characters. Same with Eggman and Stone. But adding more game characters lessens that need.
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    I don't know if I'll ever watch this movie, but I am here to say that I loved what I saw with Knuckles. Glad he's being pushed as a serious rival to Sonic again, and Elba sounds like a excellent voice casting choice for that direction!
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    Hold on a second, did they change the release date? I swear it said march 31st when I watched the trailer earlier today (hence my "the day before my birthday" comment), but now it says april 8th?
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    I think in some regions its March 31st and others it's April 8th (the US oddly being one of the 8th premieres)
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    Yeah, I looked at some other Wikipedias and they say yet other dates for other countries, so I officially have no idea when it's going to arrive in Italy, but I guess it's still around my birthday, so it's still good.

    edit: I found the Italian version of the trailer, it only says "april" without a definite day, so yeah.
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    I think it's possible to have Shadow set up with his usual backstory. If Tails and that owl lady have rings to allow dimension hopping, who's to say there couldn't be more? Maybe Sonic could be given some sort of special connection to the chaos emeralds and, 50 years ago, Gerald managed to stumble upon his dimension and used their power to create Shadow? The Maria stuff could also be used to slightly humanize Robotnik and explain why he hates people.

    Not the best way to do it, but you get the idea.
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    I think the March 31st date refers to the Australian premiere since I saw the trailer on the Australian Paramount Pictures channel
  12. Seeing 'Angel Island' on the trailer I wonder if they will explore Echidna's species in this movie. The movie right now looks a mixture of Sonic 2, Sonic 3 (& Knuckles?) and Sonic Adventure on plot. Maybe tho' they're only introducing the Adventure elements to use in the next movie.
  13. Dark Sonic

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  15. This trailer got me mega hype, with my main gripe being having to wait til April. I had concerns about Knuckles' voice, but that one line packed a serious punch and alleviated much of them. The refences to Adventure were a nice touch, and I appreciate how the plot looks to borrow elements from Sonic 2 and Sonic 3, which in many ways was already a do-over of 2. I could see a sequel mostly borrowing from Sonic & Knuckles, depending on whether or not this movie ends up tackling it. I think it would make sense for this to conclude around the halfway mark of Sonic 3, with Knuckles realising he's been duped and perhaps with an after credits scene hinting at Metal Sonic. That way the film could have a replacement for Mecha Sonic and pull other elements from CD such as the introduction of Amy, preferably excluding the time travel though.

    No matter where the plot goes, I am excited and positive that I'll leave the theatre in ecstasy.
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    Definitely more intrigued by this movie than the previous one.
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    "Idris Elba's Knuckles voice won't be sexy", they said. (watches trailer) OH NO HE'S HOT

    I can't wait to see this! Everything looks so good!!
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    Oh no
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    I'm glad Knuckles is being taken seriously as a character for the first time ages.
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    So, how many Easter eggs/references do we have in trailer?

    - Gun troops
    - Sonic game sounds
    - Marble Garden Zone spike balls
    - Mean Bean Coffee
    - The number on the Plane is probably a reference to Sonic's max speed from Sonic Bible
    - Emerald Hill music (I can't hear it, but people say it is on the trailer)
    - Sonic Adventure cinematic opening with sewer splashes and Sonic standing on the top of the building
    - Buzzbombers robots

    Anything else?