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Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe Thread (& Knuckles)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, May 28, 2020.

  1. Londinium


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    Good to know Knuckles is doing better than Cats 2019
  2. Snowbound


    I don’t have paramount plus and I’m not getting it for the Knuckles show. As such I have zero investment in the quality of the show but I hope it’s successful just so Knuckles’ name recognition can go up. If that happens we may finally get a rerelease of Knuckles Chatoix or an entirely new standalone Knuckles game.
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  3. Kilo


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    Launch trailer for the show started playing on the demo TVs at work a day early. It's nothing to crazy. The only thing I can note is this shot from the first movie saying "From the creators of the Sonic movies"
    And the text at the end saying now streaming even though we're a day early. (Censored because the TV was reflecting too much of my workspace, but it's just black space anyways)
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    Well I just signed up for Paramount+ so I hope this was worth it.
  5. Beamer the Meep

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    So uh, I binged the series as soon as it was available at midnight and I... wasn't too impressed...

    There's a grain of a good story here, but really this felt more like a strange 80s coming of age film rather than a Knuckles series...

    I'll post my more complete thoughts once I get some sleep.
  6. shilz


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    I think Knuckles is pretty cool. There's nothing ground shattering to add to the lore of Paramount's Sonic universe, actually probably less than even the Pre-Quill IDW comics, but I think it's actually a pretty nice family show and companion piece to the first two movies, and really the first one especially. If I had one big complaint it would be I feel like the villians should have been fleshed out more but I don't know what that would mean if they were.

    Weirdly it also slightly increases my hopes that Sonic 3 is actually something of a departure from this tone.
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  7. From what I've reading and seeing, casuals love it but Sonic fans fucking hate it.

    So I'm going to assume there's next to no Sonic stuff here.
  8. astroblema


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    I just watched the first episode and so far I've been having fun, but this isn't a sonic thing at all lmao
  9. The series as a actual genuine effort, but I can understand who can't stand it for not begin very much "Sonic-like".

    I think it's pretty solid on its own, tho'. Good thing you don't have actually to watch this to understand Sonic 3 movie.
  10. Kyro


    Im halfway through and im not some master critic of shows, ive enjoyed it? But definitely less than either of the movies, it just doesn't feel right.

    Not bad at all just, not what I was expecting and i dont think its very funny unfortunately
  11. Overlord


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    Imagine actually wanting to see Sonic the Hedgehog related items in a Sonic the Hedgehog show (alright, yes, Knuckles, but you know what I mean).
  12. Cyberlink420


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    Finished my binge watch earlier. It was okay, and fairly in tone with the last two movies, though I didn't like it as much as those. Episode 4 was definitely the highlight; it took some wild swings and had a real energy to it that I wish had carried through the entire series.

    I totally get why folks wouldn't like it, as it's definitely not going to be everyone's cup of tea, especially since Knuckles isn't the focus for a sizable chunk of it. But I think it's absolutely not this horrible abomination some people are making it out to be. Totally harmless (and maybe even kinda forgettable) in the long run.
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  13. DigitalDuck


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    Some of it was amazing. Some of it was forgettable. I enjoyed it for the most part.

    I wish they'd leaned more into the absurdity as that's definitely where it shines.
  14. JcFerggy


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    It was like they took all the human parts from the Sonic 2 Movie, and expanded it to 6 full length episodes. The first intro scene and the final fight, plus some interspersed scenes were the only stuff I felt was for actual fans. The rest felt like daytime television aimed at those under the age of 8. Though I will say I really enjoyed the family moments with the mother. Overall it was a YouTubeHighlightReel/10.
  15. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    I really enjoyed it. It's fun, it's dumb, it's sweet, and you can tell they had a great time making it, which is always a plus. I love how Knuckles fits into the Whipple family, and how he recognizes that Wade's mom is the toughest of the bunch.
    Knuckles bonding with her over key lime pie and Pretty Woman is one of those things I never knew I needed until I got it. That whole episode was gold. I also thought it was awesome how ESPN Ocho sets up lore for the third movie by saying that an extraterrestrial crashed the Bowling ToC in the '70s (unless that was a reference to a completely different piece of media that I didn't get).

    I totally understand why it's not everyone's cup of tea. I disagree with critics who are saying, "Knuckles is barely in his own show," but he admittedly does have a lot less to do during the second half. I'm all in for more of this kind of stuff if they get to keep making it though. Bring it.

    Ugh, sorry I keep editing this shit, I keep asking ChatGPT what other movie has an alien crashing a bowling tourney in the '70s and I guess there either isn't one, so they are setting up some Sonic 3 lore, or ChatGPT just can't land on the right movie.
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  16. Full disclosure, it's not a Knuckles show. Do not go in expecting a show about Knuckles and his lore. It's a Wade Show featuring Knuckles. I'm 100% serious.

    That being said, its... fine? It's more or less a retelling of the 1st movies' premise, but with a larger focus on the human this time. Even the final battle is almost a shot for shot remake of the 1st movies'. But yea, Wade is the center of this story through and through. It's a pretty generic "Zero to Hero" story, but it's fine. I honestly kind of liked how much of an asshole his Dad was and it was the only time I felt the series had some gravitas to it. And despite being in a secondary role, Knuckles was a constant highlight. Never really felt they did his character dirty here.

    THAT BEING SAID, Sonic fans have every right to be upset for wanting and expecting a show about Knuckles, the advertisements being all about Knuckles, and then the actual show shifts focus to someone else. Its one of the most blatant cases of false advertising that I've seen in a minute. A lot of the backlash would probably be lessened if they were just upfront about it.
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    So I will feel the same way I feel about this show that I feel about the first movie. Yet another entertaining but weird off color Sonic product that uses the characters, but does something entirely not-gamey with them.

    Given that this is the IP that gave us Sonic underground, I'll be perfectly neutrally, fine with that.
  18. I feel pretty much the same way.
  19. Ura


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    I loved the show, just wished there was a little bit more Knuckles in it
  20. I like the series, but they somehow made a worst human character than Wade: Wanda. My God.

    The irony is, Wade is actually fine in this series, much better than in the movies, but his sister... what the fuck is her problem?