Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe (now with open spoilers)

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    fine then , going from sonic and knuckles to sonic adventure 1 was still jarring, there was no real progression , the place of the master emerald is different entirely as a quick example, yet no one commented on it, that's a stark difference in setting and always stuck out to me

    even going from adventure 1 to adventure 2 is a tonal shift
    sometimes the world is filled with humans, sometimes it's only animals with no humans in sight, the world map consistently change between games
    moon destroyed in one game, but fine in another
    the game series is definitely not consistent in characterization and setting, and that's fine actually, every game got to be doing it's own thing without constraints, having some vague "connection" between them and "events that happened in the past" doesn't change the fact that setting and characters still change all the time, sonic may as well reveal that he travel to different universes with each game

    not liking the movie version is fine, but i don't think that saying it's" more different than sonic that we know for decades" is accurate either, otherwise we wouldn't even have debates of Classic vs modern

    that and....the movie isn't that different really, characters dynamic are broadly the same as the games, Sonic with the attitude, facing evil genius eggman and having rivalry with Knuckles in their first meeting and being friends with Tails, like...the main reason people actually are more excited for the sequel is for how much it seems to take elements from the games themselves, unlike the first movie
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    I don't know, man. Classic vs modern inconsistencies aren't that deep. For example, there could easily just be places humans are mostly at, and places that are mostly animals (which is what I always assumed). Didn't Naka talk about Sonic being from islands and SA1 being about Sonic going to the "mainland" in a 2011 interview? Before the two worlds shenanigans was dropped on our laps (and then subsequently removed)?

    I just don't think that's complicated enough to be considered a plothole.. And the Master Emerald shrine could easily have two locations it could go in, there's nothing saying Angel Island doesn't have multiple shrines.

    Don't ask me how the moon works; though I'm not even sure it matters. Iizuka explains it as silly as "the moon turned around" lmao.

    Point is, I don't know how small inconsistencies that can be waved off in a sentence or less is really equatable to "Sonic is now a chosen one amongst ancient bird-people and he's from a faraway planet, also the series partially revolves around the life, times and family of a lovable cop".

    Not even to mention that Sonic's "cool" is completely different from the games (Sonic's always been this somewhat aloof and snappy world-famous world adventurer, but the movie version of him is really a clingy socially dependent cryptid and played up as that kind of dweeby hero vibe that's popular now?). Rings do something completely different here, the two (or multiple) worlds stuff is nonsense, and most of any remaining Sonic cast besides the main three seem to be stuck in an ancient planet far before advanced technology, so there's not much if any room for the characters from a more sophisticated or civilized background (like Amy, Rouge, the Chaotix, etc), unless largely retooled.

    I appreciate that they're trying harder now with the emerald business and Knuckles, but this still is a pretty far cry from the Sonic I'm into. And I think it's fair to view these movies as something a bit cynical when it definitely started that way, and most of the pieces put together during the time it was weren't ever thrown out. And you know, it may not be a cynical endeavor now. Some people may love their jobs on it! And it may also be really successful! But I don't think that changes my points or feelings on it, really.

    It's just not like Sonic to me. Not any more than SatAM or the other wild takes, at least. Evoking nostalgia doesn't really change that for me. Idk.
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    Umm, what I read between the lines that both sides seem to agree and may be what they wanted to say in the first place is that people handling the movies are being more professional and doing their homework better. While I wouldn't call that more "respect" either, I think there's some people there who are trying to use this opportunity they got to do the closest thing they can do to what we want under the rules of the other people who don't give a fuck about anything but money, and that at least would be a glimpse of respect. Similarly, I don't think Iizuka or someone else of his team lacks that will of showing respect to the franchise, it's that they fail to deliver and that doesn't seem professional to me, whether it's Sonic Team's fault or of their higher-ups.

    Personally speaking, I don't think this movie will be that good, I just think it will be on par with the first one or maybe slightly better. What they did right on the first movie was making a good movie under the "CG mascot among real people" template but this time the movie borrowing more elements from the games will probably make that template more jarring and the game side of the film not "gamey" enough for us to be pleased as we expected. I think I'll like the movie and find it great for kids (read: the target demographic) but I don't think I'll find it better just because "Master Emerald WOW! Bald Jim Carrey with big moustache WOW! Badass Knuckles WOW!". And I like cop Tom, he's one of the better Sonic companions or human characters this franchise has had.
  4. Just wanted to say that yea, this was basically what I said.

    Why people refuse to understand that is beyond me...
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    Wording, probably. Some words will stick in each individual's minds more easily, and make them ignore others even if they are equally important. "Respect" attracted more attention than it should have, but I can blame them for focusing on it.

    Still worried about not being able to watch the Knuckles series here because there's no Paramount Plus here. Disney Plus is here yet they haven't even bothered to dub DuckTales or Milo Murphy's Law beyond their first season, so I'm pretty torn with this kind of things.
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    The games have never given Sonic an actual origin so saying the Longclaw stuff is too different makes no sense. There’s no “Prime” origin to compare it to.

    His personality is fine. The difference is they started things before he meets Robotnik and becomes a hero. He’s growing up on the fly. He should act childish sometimes and desire family and friends. These are not new traits for him anyway.

    I know the games start with Sonic and Robotnik already enemies but movies need to show how. The games should address it too, beyond the instructions, but that’s another discussion.

    Also nostalgia has nothing to do with it. How were they supposed to adapt things if they’re gonna be labeled nostalgia...while also arguing the general changes are too different?

    Seriously what exactly is “just nostalgia” here? Rings, Badniks etc...the stuff that should be in a Sonic movie? Easter Eggs and references don’t count since a lot don’t really matter.

    The differences are perfectly reasonable additions/adjustments for the sake of making movies.
  7. Ayyyy, Sheriff Tom gang, where ya at?! :D

    (Also idc what anyone says he looked fucking badass tossing the warp ring in the trailer lol)
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    Unlike Sonic, he doesn't chuckle.
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    Given the recent uncovering of Knuckles' concept document, I wonder if he may manage to produce whirlwinds in the movie.
    It might be a nice nod to his original concept.
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    hey wiki you're so fine
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    I don't think the Sonic series ever really cared about consistency or continuity. I do think that Adventure marks a significant departure in style which was very intentional. They made field trips abroad to make Adventure realistic.

    But that said, it's not like Sonic 1 to Sonic 2 makes a lot of sense either. Tails appears out of nowhere acting as if he's always been around (only explained in manuals). There's now seven chaos emeralds with no explanation. Sonic CD doesn't fit neatly into the continuity and it's still unclear when it happened. God knows what's going on with Knuckles Chaotix.

    Because ultimately Sonic Team didn't care. Lol. They wanted to make a fun platformer that looked cool. That was it really. Sonic 3 is the one exception. Happens right after Sonic 2, Death Egg returns, Knuckles is properly introduced, etc. I suspect this is primary reason why people love it so much.

    So yeah SA1 and 2 are a bit different to the rest. SA1 has a different art style, angel Island is different, there's cities and humans now etc. I feel like there's hardly any continuity between SA1 to SA2 even. But while the difference is marked its not like it had no precedent. Why do Sonic 2, Sonic CD, and Sonic 3 all have different Metal Sonic designs? Because Sonic Team thought they looked cool. That's kind of it. Metal Sonic just won out as the best design.
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    I'm sure those are a neat novelty at first but overtime I could see them collecting all kinds of sweat/grease/grime and becoming absolutely disgusting. How would you go about cleaning one? Or is the fur just a detachable skin you can throw in the wash?
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    Let's just hope they include the Aiai/Coconuts “Badnik” in the movie. That's all that really matters.
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    First thing that comes to mind for me is how easily the hairs are gonna get caught in the gaps of the sticks and buttons..
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    I mean, they're also 2 different robots. Sonic 2 has the gray Mecha Sonic, which gets upgraded to the blue version in 3, and then to the black one in Adventure, which is shown right beside Metal Sonic in the Mystic Ruins base.

    Like I'm not really disagreeing with what you're saying but this is a pretty simple one to figure out.
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    There's at least 29, actually. Rocket Metal is Mecha Sonic no. 29, which means the Metal Sonic line is also in there.
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    God those controllers are hideous.
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    Yea idk who thought those controllers were a good idea