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Sonic the Hedgehog Cinematic Universe (now with open spoilers)

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, May 28, 2020.

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    Jack shit.
    Highly doubtful. You could also say its a homage to anything in Archie as well.

    I also don't think it's supposed to invoke CD, either.
  2. Yea I don't particularly like it myself but that's just modern culture in a nutshell. Show as much as possible to entice people to see the movie, particularly since the Internet makes it far more difficult to actually keep shit hidden.

    No Way Home is easily the most recent infamous example. The fact that it has previous actors as Spider Man was pretty much an open secret weeks before it came out. It's just next to impossible to keep shit secret.
  3. In a world that is heavily influenced by social media, there is no doubt that keeping secrets nowadays is next to impossible.

    At the end of the day, Paramount’s goal is to get as much attention to the movie as possible to make more people come out to see it (even during a pandemic)

    The 3 minutes of what we have seen so far (today’s teaser and the December trailer) is not really spoiling much out of a 90-120 minute movie :V
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    It actually does look like they're trying to make a Sonic movie this time, I'll give them that.
  5. Will this finally be the one you go see OL? :V:V
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    Omg that last trailer, I’m about to pass out due to excitement!! I did not expect to see that Death Egg Robot! I feel like Jim Carrey is having the time of his life playing Eggman.
  7. I was overjoyed seeing that Death Egg Robot! I wonder what other zones from S3K will appear beyond Ice Cap and what appears to be either Marble Garden or Angel Island. I won't hold my breath for Flying Battery to appear, but I could see Launch Base potentially as Eggman's base of operations and launchpad for that massive mech. Carnival Night sure would be a spectacle, but that is probably the least likely to appear.
  8. Which means, it will do worse at the box office because non-Sonic fans will just be like "Wtf is this shit" :VVV
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    Disagree. If the formula didn't work in the games, none of us would be here.
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    Also the general audience that wouldn’t be Sonic fans I don’t think would be turned off by concepts they have here.

    The first film had mechs and weird egg drones and a power source that people were after.

    Also don’t discredit the audience that these films are likely intended for.

    Nothing broke my heart than hearing during the first film “awh it’s Tails!” As the audience saw him appear.
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    I'm a stern believer that word of mouth is far more powerful than some people making the movies/games/etc think.
    Especially if it comes to something like Sonic where the fan base will talk about it 24/7 on every social media platform imaginable.

    New movie trailer was exciting. Gonna be awhile for me to see it where I'm at though...
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    In a weird way it's pretty fun to see Sonic & Knuckles fight like this again. They kinda moved away from this rivalry in the game series.
  13. But most of the games su-

    Alright, being serious here; there's a few factors to consider. The other movies that will be out in the same month/week, and if the Pandemic will impact attendance in some way. The first movie was a bit of a lightning in the bottle situation because it was one of the last big films to come out before the pandemic significantly impacted the US. So hopefully things will be better here.

    True, but Sonic fans also don't make up the majority. Now when majority outlets start covering the movie like TGA, then that will be better for it's publicity overall. Granted, they're doing much better marketing for it this time, and it will be at the Super Bowl.
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    It's great to see Knuckles acting other way than in the games, where he was portrayed either as goofball or an idiot.
    Really, until now I had forgotten how cool this character was back then.
    I suppose that movie crew are basing his appearance on Sonic 3 & Knuckles more than on anything else.
  15. In a way, the more they hype up Knuckles as this serious no-nonsense rival to Sonic, the more it makes me think adding Shadow and/or Metal Sonic would be somewhat redundant unless they drastically changed either of their characters to accommodate for how Knuckles is.

    In the case of Metal Sonic...well, I can see the situation where he's tossed in this movie as a last minute boss to force Sonic & Knuckles to cooperate against a common foe. Which isn't bad but would anyone really want Metal's first big screen appearance as such an afterthought?

    And in regards to this movie, I'm somewhat concerned how is the screentime going to be distributed between Tails and Knuckles. The movie has to introduce and establish Tails while also doing the same for Knuckles. It makes me think either one of them are gonna short-changed for the other.
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    Do you think this serious Knuckles from the movie could influence his portrayal in the games?
  17. When have Sonic Team ever cared about anything outside of the games? Barring Sonic X, but they co-produced that.

    Naw, this portrayal of the characters is gonna stay contained to this universe while the games will just continue with what they're doing more than likely.
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    I’ve not shied away from expressing how I think the first film is overrated and how tepid it was for me in general, but good lord my hype has jumped with this latest trailer. In particular, I’m loving the visual direction and cinematography going on here, especially that closeup of Sonic and Knuckles clashing. What’s been shown in this trailer is far and away more visually engaging than anything the first film had to offer, even if that did have some good highlights of its own.
    Parallels. Introducing two new characters in a presumably two hour sequel isn’t unrealistic in the slightest but they can be super efficient about it by having the arcs of Knuckles and Tails reflect each other. Given the backstory changes this film is going to need to necessitate the existent of these two characters in the setting, they surely have the leeway to explore them in a way that allows for them to mirror each other in development.
  19. I like that idea, but I feel like it would work a lot better if all of the focus wasn't primarily on the conflict between Sonic & Knuckles. But I can see that scenario working out if they were smart about it.
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    I could see it being the case that they would want to do silver Mecha Sonic from Sonic 2 Death Egg or blue Mecha Sonic from Sky Sanctuary, but then think that because those two aren't necessarily fan favorite outside of the blue Mecha Sonic's entire Dragon Ball Villian thing they could just bring in Metal Sonic and potentially have him be a thing if they move forward.