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Sonic The Hedgehog: Badnik-Free Edition

Discussion in 'Engineering & Reverse Engineering' started by Chocobo, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. You guys are a bunch of dicks.

    I didn't expect this coming from you. Your first hack -- Sonic 255 got you banned. So instead of complaining about how this guy's hack is, let's encourage him to aim higher? Kudos to this guy for not stealing content to impress people first of all, and second of all, this concept may be basic, but it can be built upon! Sonic Megamix for the longest time was just a simple music hack. Remember Sonic 2 Megamix? Sonic Megamix started out as a simple music hack, then came the ports, then came the levels, then came the characters, and so on. Everything started at the bottom. People expect too much : s

    The ideas given in this topic are great, and hey—should Chocobo need help, I'm more than willing to offer some! :) (Email via PM plz)
  2. Selbi


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    Erex, my dearest Canadian friend, please take a seat, we need to talk.

    I wasn't complaining in the way of "omg dis sux", the way you probably read that line. In fact, I wasn't complaining at all, I was sharing my opinion, because I was simply saying that it could've done better. This expression isn't always negative in the way I just explained, it simply means that it doesn't reach the average beginner hack's standards, at least in my opinion. However, that didn't mean in any way that this hack is bad. You see, even though it's simple, it still has a lot of potential, which is why I wrote this second sentence, which (it seems) you didn't fully recognize:

    As for my own hack, Sonic 255, I wouldn't compare that pile of garbage with this hack. It was built up purely from stolen visual and musical changes; this hack on the other hand changes the gameplay entirely (or at least to a greater extend). Also, this is an actual beginner's hack, not a noob hack. There's a difference here, since it has potential to become something really awesome, while my hack was doomed from the very beginning.

    To sum it up, this hack has a lot of potential and isn't bad, Sonic 255 can go suck a cock, and your argument is invalid. :P
  3. Chocobo


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    Alright. I'm taking your advice, and making a hazard-free edition.

    However, I can't even get SonED up and running. How do you get the savestates from Genecyst?
  4. Chobo, I strongly suggest using a split disassembly. Much simpler, much more flexible. (Seriously, PM me fajit, I'm bored with things and wanna help >:L)

    Selbi, my argument is valid, considering as your first hack, 255, which you agree is garbage, is garbage, you have no right to criticize other people's first hacks :V. True, he could have done better, but we all could. Can't wait to see where this will go.
  5. Selbi


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    Since when is criticizing someone's first work not allowed? When did a basic rule of humanity suddenly change? I didn't cry either after 255 critiques, because I was aware of my mistakes and tried to improve them.
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    Download link's still broke. :v:
  7. Tanks


    Just gonna throw this out there... "You Vs. Boo - Sonic Edition."

    It was an AMAZING Mario concept and I'm sad they never really expanded upon it. I could totally see this working with Sonic and Robotnik, or heck, metal sonic even.
  8. Ravenfreak


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    He uploaded it to the wiki and Hivebrain deleted the file. :v: Doesn't meet the Hack Policy. :\ But Chocobo, could you upload it to mediafire or some other file hosting site? I wouldn't mind checking out your hack. :)
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    Ok, but if someone is going to make a sonic hack version of that, they must do the homage RIGHT.

    1. Sandopolis Ghosts each size representing different color boos. (special sprite for black boo I guess)
    2. custom ASM blocks that react like the ones in the game. (use the dissapearing SBZ white platform's code with regular square solid blocks?)
    3. Said ghosts would have to react just like or at least similar to the boos. Wasn't it mario's best run?
    4. I don't care how, the hack would need THAT special music. You know the one. You can't run against ghostly entities without it.
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    No WAY... So simple as to remove objects like that? I wouldn't... even if it doesn't cause behaviour problems. The game would simply be a Hold Right to Win. Which makes me wonder... If coding were done to make a completely straight level (with rocks and obstacles) would that create a complete speedrun?

    Also, Don't take me advice too seriously Chocobo. Why don't you do a little pallete inspection with the tools you used? I'm sure ESEII has something for pallette editing that could help. Of course, you don't want to create something outta the ordanary, yet. Take time to inspect the tools too, maybe they'll help you a little.
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    EDIT: Doesn't look like there's a post delete button on these forums, so all right, let's just say I dislike extending disagreements. I apologize if I somehow offended you by stating the obvious (that it is possible for enemies to kill an inexperienced player in some places).
  12. corneliab


    Bosses are not enemies, they're a whole completely different can of worms - they're self-contained challenges condensed into a single entity and sectioned off from everything else. Regular enemies, which is was the point of discussion, are strewn throughout a stage stragetically and, due to the nature of Sonic gameplay, are very rarely (if ever) a lethal threat because of how the games are typically set up (plentiful rings, generous recovery invincibility, etc). Bosses are clearly something else entirely and are not at all "applicable", especially given the context of my original posts and the fact that bosses are still intact in this *cough* "hack". Hopefully you get it now, but you probably won't, and will just continue to get caught up in semantics (your repeated insistence on irrelevantly trying to categorize "bosses" as "enemies", which just goes to show much you're missing the point here) and unconvincing asspull generalizations in the face of actual facts and game functions.

    This is going to be the last time I'm even going to humor you with a response since I'm clearly talking to a wall at this point. This is fucking embarrassing to deal with.