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    I still stand by my opinion that this would be the best "live-action" Sonic design. Keeps the separated eyes but looks like more of a cartoon character rather than an evil gremlin. Just add gloves
  2. I scrolled down on that person's Twitter page and found this:

    ^ That. That would be amazing. Reminds me of Reala from NiD's muscle build and style a bit.

    And the way that person did the eyes is very good. Would love to see a CG version of that.
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    Don't know if this was mentioned at the time, but it came up on my YouTube recommendations a few days ago:
    (7:30 is where Sonic begins - it's brief but hey)

    Like most normal people I've steered clear of "react" videos since they first became a thing, but it's a bit different when the people watching are actually qualified.
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    That looks like the Werehog version of what we already got. =P
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    I kind of got some Shonen vibes thanks to the style and anatomy, especially from the 2nd and 4th picture. It's a nice design though. Plus his art in general is good.

    As for the delay, I'm kind of shocked, but in a good way. Movie still might not be good, but I do like that they're giving their artists more time to work on Sonic's design. What kind of design we end up with is up in the air, but hopefully something better than what we currently got. We'll see.
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    A delay gives me hope for an actual redesign, while before I was thinking they were just gonna tweak a few details here and there.
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    What a mental image. I didn't plan for this to be the last thing I read tonight before turning off my bedside lamp, but there we go.
  8. This is interesting. Some parts still look off, but given it's fan-made, I can give those parts a pass. This is quite the accomplishment:
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    It looks so fucking good god damn
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    Actually a pretty good attempt, and cartoony or not he looks a hell of a lot more natural than the initial design.
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    Damn, that's wayyyy less distracting. I can tell it's an improvement because unlike the real trailer, this didn't make my ass clench in discomfort.
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    Sounds like someone ate too many nanomachines for breakfast. :v:
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    OMG!!!! This is the correct version!
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    So Variety recently held an interview with executive producer Tim Miller about Terminator: Dark Fate (Fowler is the director for that film), which included some questions about the backlash to the Sonic movie design as well as the redesign:

    I still think the studio wasted their time fixing the design because (to say it again louder for those in the back) changing the character design isn't going to fix the entire movie. The delay to February 2020 only really makes sense when you look at the schedule of films coming out this holiday season.
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    Just woke up from a nap. I dreamed about the Sonic redesign. I was in a hotel foyer where they held a press conference about the movie. A trailer was shown and this time Sonic had the "WAXY" look from the game renders. I remember a scene that jokes about it (Sonic gets a new haircut that makes him look like Giorno Giovanna). His face looked alright to me, shoes and body were still noticeably different. Thought it looked okay, but lots of fans were upset and went out for a smoke. xD
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    Sorry to remind everyone that this exists, but:

    One particularly juicy snippet: "I think there's a view here that we're very good at making video games and Paramount is very good at making pictures" No, there really isn't. The one critically acclaimed Sonic game in the last 15 years was made by people who aren't employed by Sega. At this movie has been ridiculed for much more than an awful character design.
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    "This is a film. I think the idea that you try to control Paramount would be the wrong approach. But at the same time, for Paramount not to take into account our views on Sonic would also be wrong. I think we're looking for a creative partnership that gets the best film."

    And yet on the subject of creative input, your company effectively washed your hands of this project once the film rights were sold off. Not surprisingly, Paramount/Original Film in return blew off your consultant concerns about their Sonic redesign. Seems to have worked wonders for this movie so far...

    "And over the years, I look at the success of game franchises in film and it's very mixed. The idea that games makers can control the process and create great movies... I don't know if that's true or not."

    I love this comment since it implies the game creators/studios typically hold any real say in producing (Hollywood) videogame adaptations movies to begin with (only recently has that started to change). Clearly letting the IP rightsholders run amok without creative input worked wonders for Super Mario Bros. and every videogame property that was bridal carried to Uwe Boll's hotel room (including one of your company's own IPs).

    Despite being an top executive for Sega, this guy honestly seems clueless on this subject. But I guess that's classic Sega ineptitude for you lmao.
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    My issue with the movie is Jim Carrey and the "child in a bag" jokes. Given what we know of Jeffrey Epstein, and the sick child trafficking networks that pervade Hollywood, I feel like it's beyond the pale to have jokes about child kidnapping, with the two bystanders walking away and staying silent rather than calling the police.

    I just feel like there's this massive seedy undercurrent to everything being produced by Hollywood, which you can further tie into the military-industrial complex if you're so inclined, through SEGA's various business dealings and the preponderance of military hardware endorsements in mass media including the upcoming movie.

    It doesn't matter what angle I look at this from. From a human perspective, I see the unspoken evils of "the elite". From a movie-goer perspective, I just see "lazy corporate cash-grab", and from the level of a Sonic fan I see a lack of care put into the product, even with the redesigns.

    I mean jeez, you reeled me back in with Sonic Mania, Tee Lopes and Ray & Mighty, garnered so much good will, and you went and fucked it up. But it seems like Mania was the anomaly. Because this is SEGA, who made millions whoring out the Sonic name and image to any one that would pay, to the point where the marketability became the top priority even in the years of Sonic 1, 2 and 3, which even then was laden with Dreams Come True, Michael Jackson and potential Nike endorsements. This is SEGA, who, in their marketing of a game that couldn't tell if it was cutesy or laughably grimdark, decided to partner with fucking Hooters.
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    I, uh... I think you need to take a step back for a bit.
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    You OK man? I feel like we got some suppressed feelings going on here.

    Any news on the redesign? I haven't seen shit since the shitstorm of a trailer. I see the merchandise is on Amazon with the old design, so I'm curious how this will all work out.