Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

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    Absolute garbage and only worth my time to see Jim Carrey play as Eggman playing as Jim Carrey. Delete my god damn account. I'm leaving to go live in the Sonic Mania dimension forever.
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    The only, only remotely good thing about this is that I can very easily picture this Robotnik doing everything that he does in Team Sonic Overdrive, including the dance with the trophy at the end, which means they got something even slightly, remotely right.

    You know, unlike literally everything else.

    there is no god.
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    I think this sums up the trailer and the movie succinctly:

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    "We did our best to build a relationship of mutual trust with older fans of Sega, but looking back, there've been some titles that have partially betrayed that [trust] in the past 10 years. [...] Sega in the '90s was known for its 'brand', but after that, we've lost trust, and we were left with nothing but 'reputation.' For this reason, we'd like to win back the customers’ trust, and become a 'brand,' once again." Haruki Satomi, CEO of Sega Games (May 2015)

    "Sega has publically apologised to the fans as the quality of console games in the Sonic franchise hasn't been acceptable over recent years." Jon Rooke, Sega Europe's marketing director (Oct. 2015)

    "When we look at bringing Sonic to modern-day gamers, we … obviously want to appeal to as many people as possible but still focus on what it means to be Sonic [...] Maybe that might lose some fans along the road, but we're picking up new fans that will hopefully grow with us as Sonic grows." "[SEGA will evaluate] different ways to bring cool experiences based on Sonic, but it will do so with an increased emphasis on combining 'cool' with 'quality.']" Chris Olsen, Sega Networks CCO (Oct. 2015)

    As we can see, somebody is clearly doing their job. They already said "okay we'll stop fucking up" four years ago.
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    Oh it's a thing. I don't get the use of Gangster's Paradise at all, but at least Sonic is a quippy little dickhead like he should be.

    But he looks even worse in motion. Netflix it is.

    And why is his speed depicted exactly like Flash's speed in the CW-verse? It's kinda off-putting.
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    Someone on Reddit threw this together, comparing the proportions to a more game accurate Sonic.


    I can't help but see it as a person in a Sonic costume.
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    Genuine question for movie buffs:

    Has there ever been a time in recent history where a computer generated character has been completely re-modelled between a trailer and the movie's release? It happens in games all the time of course, but what about films?

    The closest thing I know of is the character Heihei in Moana:


    In publicity shots and early merchandise, this rooster is portrayed as being aggressive. In the final film, it's not. Or so I'm told. This was a late-ish change but not late enough.
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    Honestly, it doesn't look completely terrible and I thought Carey as Eggman was pretty good for what it's worth.

    Gonna inspire a ton of memes though :V
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    HeiHei's design and character was completely changed before Moana even exited pre-production. Not similar at all to a post-trailer release edit. Closest example would be Alita's eyes being scaled down after the first trailer release for Battle Angel.
  10. Anyone here feel that Weird Al's Amish Paradise would be a better fit than Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise? lol I mean, neither makes sense in this trailer, but man that'd be a lot funnier. lol
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    i dunno about a better fit but i know ive had amish paradise stuck in my head all day thanks to this trailer, so thanks for that paramount
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    To be entirely honest, I don't think this design is too bad as some hyper-literal reinterpretation of Sonic's main characteristics. It's mostly the body that bothers me, it looks like a human athlete in a skintight suit, which is very disturbing to see Sonic as. Robotnik should be fat and bald to begin with. And good god, really, the US military gets involved? Are they referencing the godawful GUN plotline in SA2?

    Ultimately, this trailer just bores me and turns me off from the idea of even going to see this movie ironically. It's just some run of the mill Hollywood bastardization. Oh well, if I wanna laugh at bad movies, there's always Red Letter Media.

    Also, they should've used this music instead. :P
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    Just gonna quote this chat message I just sent because I don't feel like reformatting it

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    Goddammit the rumors were fucking true. Jim Carrey looks great, and will definitely be the one to carry the movie. (No pun intended. :P) Sonic still looks fucking awful, why does Hollywood feel the need to make cartoonish characters look too realistic in movies?! Regardless, because I'm a fucktard and love Sonic so much I'm seeing this movie on opening day.
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    Honestly wouldn't be too bad of a plot if they'd just gone with this direction. Have the movie play from Eggman's POV; He's a normal scientist from our world that accidentally develops a machine that teleports and traps him onto Sonic's world. Starts off with innocent curiosity of the new world around him that gradually turns to obsession, thanks to the alluring power of the chaos emeralds, over the course of the film. An alien world/dimension setting would make it easier to keep characters and things on model with the games too. Hollywood really needs to stop with the "cartoon character, but in the real world!" that's been done to death.

    The trailer just screams "Jim Carrey the Scientist vs CGI Abomination: The Movie", not Sonic.
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    Glad to know I'm not the only one who thought of the fish lip mouth when I saw that still of Sonic. XD

    That trailer was... not as bad as I expected? Sonic's design is still pretty awful (why no gloves? having gloves would have improved it by like 50%), but I'll admit I chuckled at some things. Carrey as Robotnik actually seems promising and will probably be the best thing about the movie. The rest is general, cliche "strange shit happening on Earth call in the gubmint" stuff that we've seen over the last decade.

    Not sure if I still want to see this when it comes out. Honestly, this is a movie that's about 25 years too late. If they wanted to do a big Hollywood Sonic movie it should've been in the 90's when the franchise was in its prime. Then again, with all the other game adaptations that came out during that era (and how awful most of them were), it's hard to fault Sega for holding off on doing something like this. And even then, this still looks like it'll be bad. Disappointing, but not surprising.
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    A take from a more general audience.

    Frankly, I'm surprised so many people are citing the OVA (probably helped by it being up on YouTube for ages with no takedown). If Sega want to do some damage control, they'd take the hint and properly remaster it, ASAP.
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    You guys and your "lightning". It's obviously the Cobalt Effect.
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    Pitiful rip-off. Tourette. I can't help but draw parallels to freakin Quasimodo. Remember when the mob threw tomatoes at Quasimodo in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre-Dame? This was really fucking sad. I need time.
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    It's just a total riot to me how accurate all the leaks were. There are people working on this thing that must really hate it lol.

    That last shot with robotnik sort of bums me out. It's a pretty good look and really just should be the default, as opposed to some kind of stinger for a sequel that will never happen. Carrey still seems like a good casting choice if just for mannerisms alone... what a waste.

    Honestly, I've pretty much checked out on Sonic as a Sega property at this point. Mania ended up being just what I wanted ever since the turn of the century (a true S3&K successor) so yeah, I'm sated and they can keep mangling that property for all I care. God, Sonic deserves so much better though.