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Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. I wouldn't say that counts as it's not based off a specific video game franchise.

    Given that I can't see that image, I'll say that this post refers to Resident Evil: Damnation and if it's anything like the other the other six, then it's either mediocre at best or poor. The general consensus is that any film media based off video games (directly) turn out poor. I have yet to see this chain broken.
  2. Shadow Hog

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    I'll echo Jayextee on Prince of Persia. It wasn't anything Oscar-worthy, but I really, genuinely enjoy that movie.

    That said, I didn't really play the Sands of Time game, although I'm pretty sure it was nothing like the film. The film still worked rather well in spite of that, I thought.
  3. Arique


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    Columbia Pictures just nabbed the rights to the movie.
    Don't know if this is fake or not, but... Yeah. Sonic's getting the 2edgy4me treatment. Prepare for disappointment.
    + - But a Sonic movie written by Brad Bird? I'd watch the shit out of that.  
  4. Pyrosaur


    There isn't even a source mentioned in that article. This is definitely a rumor at best.

    Also, a dark/edgy Sonic isn't what we've been seeing recently. It doesn't sound right.
  5. Covarr


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    It has to be fake. The timing doesn't make sense at all. If we were gonna get a Sonic movie at this point, they'd try to tie it into Sonic Boom.
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    I really can't tell if that's sarcasm.

    The concept of older audiences who grew up with Classic Sonic of all things asking for a bad ass Sonic (ie. a blue Shadow) is so contradicting that it's not even funny.
  7. TimmiT


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    Considering that SEGA has been working on making Sonic less dark and edgy since Sonic Colours and that this is coming from a website I have never heard of before, I'mm calling this fake.
  8. TheKazeblade


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    Laughably fake. Though Brad Bird... I would be totally cool with that.
  9. TimmiT


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    Brad Bird is probably too busy with Tomorrowland and The Incredibles 2.
  10. Overlord


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    Further more, the DNS entries still say as the contact. They've not been updated since the 28th of December.
  11. TimmiT


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    While I'm convinced that this rumor is fake, they're not wrong about the company. Columbia Pictures is a division of Sony Pictures.
  12. JoeyJojoJr



    I don't believe this for a second. For example, it says "once as an animated television series," ignoring the other three and the one more that's already close to release. Clearly whoever wrote this isn't well informed.

    Also, I don't know if it's evidence for or against them making a Sonic movie, but Sony seems to be ramping up their efforts for video game movies. Ratchet & Clank is due out next year, written by the guy who writes the games, made with assets borrowed from the developers. Sly Cooper is the year after that, and seems nearly as faithful (though they replaced Sly's voice actor for some reason). Both are made by Rainmaker, basically the descendant company of the guys who made ReBoot and Beast Wars (and recently made Escape from Planet Earth), so you know the animation is going to be pretty good. Sony seems to want to do video game movies now. Of course, it seems odd that they would get the rights to Sonic instead of just making more movies of their own properties, but I guess after Ratchet and Sly, there aren't too many in the same style that translate to film very easily (things like God of War or Twisted Metal would be aimed at slightly older audiences, Jak has a really complicated story and would be difficult from a script perspective, etc), and none of them have the sheer recognition factor that Sonic has. It's very possible that Sony does want to do a Sonic movie, and if they did, there's a good chance it could even be good... but yeah, there isn't a whole lot of evidence yet. Even if they did get the domain name, it could just be stuck in development hell forever. It wouldn't surprise me entirely if later this year it gets officially announced, though.
  13. Samurai Echidna

    Samurai Echidna

    I'm not even going to entertain neigh-saying comments before we even have a trailer, let alone legitimate confirmation of the movie. Just because bad movies have existed before doesn't automatically mean that a Sonic movie will be one of them.

    I heard about this just the day before, and I am excited! :thumbsup: I've wanted a Sonic live action/CGI mix movie since at least Sonic Adventure 2. And no, I'm not counting that crappy fanfilm by Blue Core Studios. I want to see Sonic and friends with character models closer to what we've seen in the games. I definitely want to see them use Modern Sonic, since many of his games played out like movies anyway. And I don't care if it's a darker, edgier film for long term fans. How dark could it be? It's Sonic, for crying out loud! Worst we might get is something similar to the Sonic '06 story. Yes, I mentioned the game that must not be named, but it only sucked because of load times and bad game mechanics. The story it had is much more enjoyable, despite a certain kiss scene, and it wasn't any better or worse than the stories we had seen in the 3D Sonic games that came before it.

    But even if the movie turns out to be crap, I feel like we should support it anyway. At least enough to show that a Sonic movie could definitely be successful if done right. And the way to do it right is through 2 simple steps. The first is to always have a constant dialogue with Sega and the Sonic Team, make sure they have a bible of do's and don'ts, and make sure the movie reflects the version of Sonic most people have come to know through games and the more recent cartoons. The second step is to find some solid writers that would honor the lore of the main Sonic canon, and considering the writing in the recent games (and hopefully Sonic Boom) has been so good, how hard can it be? The worst thing they could do is give someone complete creative control without any context or understanding of the Sonic franchise. If that happens, we could end up seeing something just as weird as a movie based on the Archie universe. :( (No offense to Archie fans, I just don't think that's what's best for Sonic right now.)
  14. Ashura2k


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    Who's doing the Sonic Boom stuff? Are they owned by Sony (err... Columbia?)? It was registered in December last year, a few months before Boom was announced. It wouldn't surprise me if they're just leaving the door open for a (made for TV) Sonic Boom movie depending on if the series does well, they already said they had a game in the works, so a movie would be a great promotional tie-in from a marketing perspective.

    BTW that article is complete shit, don't believe any of it.
  15. TimmiT


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    A French animation studio is working on Sonic Boom and SEGA of America is also producing it. Pretty sure Sony isn't involved with it.
  16. Ashura2k


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    Could they be in charge of distribution? They registered the domain, does that count for anything, or am I missing something?
  17. Pyrosaur


    They registered the domain for a Sonic movie, not necessarily a Sonic Boom movie.

    I wouldn't exactly want to see a Sonic Boom movie, but that's just me.
  18. TimmiT


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    There is no indication of Sony being involved with Sonic Boom. I also wouldn't assume that they are.
  19. XCubed


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    Early April fools joke. But perhaps it can be so cleverly bad that it erases it's own existence from time ala 2006....minus certain anomalies via Time Eater.
  20. Retroman


    Could this be some kind of tie-in with Sonic Boom?

    Also live action and animated? Hmm