Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

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    Seems he's already dealt a death blow to it, so he really has nothing to lose by doing a stupid game adaptation cash grab of a kids film. Though I haven't heard about whether his new show "Kidding" is any good or not.
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    He's no way near the superstar he was in the nineties when he (and Sonic actually) was at his peak but people still have a lot of fondness and love for him so he's still a box office draw which is what Paramount are probably banking on. He did some legendary and hilarious films and some very amazing serious ones and thus has one of the best film histories of anyone that has ever existed in Hollywood - so even if he's had some recent failures I still think people are going to line-up to see this if they see his name on the cast.

    This may still be a critically slammed trainwreck but now it's probably going to be a super enjoyable glorious one.
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    Even if the movie ends up being terrible, Jim Carrey will be able to make it tolerable to watch. Totally seeing this film week 1.
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    Okay, I can't deny that this is starting to make me curious about this trainwreck.
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    IF Jim is actually 100% confirmed (and things don't change), this is great news. It will very possibly still suck, but damn. I'd watch it with Jim involved. Although, I haven't liked any of his films in some time.
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    At this point he's not going to damage his career any further by playing a cartoon villain in a bad kids movie.
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    Casting that conspiracy theory-peddling dunghole has ensured that I am not gonna watch that film. End of story for me.
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    Dear God he's the last person I'd thought of to play as Eggman. I'm still going to see this, regardless of how corny and stupid it sounds right now.
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    If it's on the level of his Count Olaf, it might actually be good.
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    Okay, disregard everything I said about this movie before. I'm IN.

    I mean, I'm still 100% expecting this movie to be a complete wreck, but it might be less of an Adam Sandler wreck, and more of a 'Popeye the Movie' wreck which is the kind of wreck I'm into!
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    There's nothing to say here. I can't be disappointed because I never expected this film to be very Sonic in the first place, it was only ever a pipe dream. I can just look at news like "loud funny actor is in movie that will be bad" and think "haha yeah". Wake me when new game or TV show info drops. I'm kinda surprised more people aren't in this take with me, I thought it was a given when it was announced. That new Mario movie is probably going to suck too.


    Here's my issue with this...

    There is no justifiable reason for this film to exist.

    I love Sonic cartoons, anime, ect. ect. Always have. SATAM/AOSTH (Not so much Underground, sorry), the OVA, Sonic X, and heck... even Sonic Boom all help shape my love of this franchise through childhood/adulthood and entertain me. Sonic as a TV franchise usually works on at least 'some' level for me.


    I just don't think Sonic has the mass media appeal to carry a film, period. Kids don't know/care about him much because he is never well marketed to them like he was 20 years ago, and adults may have fond memories of the genesis games, but they are a small fraction of the general audience. Sonic games, at best, sell about 5-6 million copies, not 30+ million like Mario/Pokemon. His inclusion in, say, Smash helps... and he WAS an iconic powerhouse in the 90s once comparable to Mickey, even, but that was 25 years ago. His relevance has long since slipped not only due to brand damage from the adult crowd's loss of respect for him, but much more importantly... through the fact that SEGA has NEVER successfully mass marketed Sonic after 1996 or so.

    Sonic commercials were everywhere in the 90s. Sonic product placement was everywhere. As a child, that screamed relevant to me and kept him on my radar as a character AND as a game franchise. One only needs to dive back in time to see how the Sonic Empire was dominating between 91 and the end of 94 in terms of both games AND tie ins. Those days are long gone.

    Yes, he "appeals to children", but he has long since lost popularity with kids, which is the problem. Expecting him to carry a multi-million dollar international box office success is 'incredibly' naive no matter how good the film itself may or may not be.

    Sonic works best as a cartoon character in a silly series, or somewhat action oriented series. Sonic Boom/X are about the two different takes of the character you can do on screen (anime-ish action hero, or witty saturday morning comedy). Anything else is unlikely to be appealing.

    I'm not trying to crash on people's parade by saying Sonic is 'unpopular' or can't be successful... with the right series of titles and MARKETING, he can. But SEGA hasn't gotten that part right in over 20 years.

    I just think they're asking to lose money, and that is sad.
  13. Flashback to 2007, I would've said the same thing about Alvin and the Chipmunks. I would've said the same thing about The Smurfs. But those two properties had live action/CGI movies made around that time that did gangbusters and rejuvenated both franchises. Alvin is doing better today than the entirety of the 90's/early-2000's. This movie could be the shot in the arm that the Sonic franchise needs. Of course, this being Sony, it can go either way. Expect to see a lot of shoe-horned product placement for Sony consumer electronics and Coca-Cola products.
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    How will this affect games / development? The 90s stigmata is working against them.
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    I imagine that's why they're making this movie, to try to give Sonic mass media appeal again. Also, Sony's no longer involved with the movie and I'm not sure if they were so involved that they'd do stuff like that to begin with. Original Film was always producing the movie, and Paramount is distributing it now.

    Unless they're making a tie-in game, probably not at all.
  16. No Sony?! I'm no longer concerned with the potential quality of this movie, its already better than the worst case scenario.
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    I don't think this movie is going to have that much of an effect on Sonic's reputation. It could have, sure, but I don't think many people went out of the Mario movie going, "wow that movie sucked, I hate all Mario games now." At the very least I expect it to be a trashy fun ride if it's bad.

    But hey, if it does somehow turn out to be good, it will be a pleasant surprise.
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    I expect this movie will not be what diehard fans would prefer, but as far as the wider public I think it will be a success, and I think it will succeed in increasing Sonic's popularity among children.

    As far as Jim Carey goes, he could be an amazing Robotnik. I always liked to think of Robotnik as a bit flamboyant, so Carey will succeed at that. Watch some clips of him as The Grinch, that's seems to translate pretty well into Robotnik. My only fear is that I will “see” Jim Carey when I look at him. No offence to Jim Carey, but I just want to see Robotnik, and not the actor under the makeup, if that makes sense.

    All in all, I'm excited for Carey to play Robotnik...
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    Didn't we just see Sega try to give Sonic "mass media appeal" to the current market barely four years ago?

    It was a little something called Sonic Boom and it had all the hallmarks of a typical multi-media franchise launch. A TV show, videogames, a comic book series, toys, clothing, branded food, the works. And it also had the usual tricks of the trade concerning a franchise rebranding as well. New artstyle/designs, new settings, new continuity, new characters, and new gameplay (concerning the games), among other things.

    And look where it is now. No third season (with key members of the production crew having jumped ship last year), no games, no comic, and not one peep of the brand at the Vegas Licensing Expo (critical venue for merchandising purposes). It's done and dusted.

    If a spinoff series that was specifically designed to appeal to "non-fans" of the main series didn't go anywhere, what makes anyone think a movie adaptation that --from the looks of things-- plans to do the exact same thing will suddenly take? Just because they decided to pour more money into it?

    That's because many people didn't go see the Mario movie at all. The film was a big box office Bob-omb.

    It's also hard to use the Mario film to write off the Mario games when the latter rarely, if ever, stooped to that abysmal level of quality. Regarding mainline titles, the movie was released after Mario World and Super Mario Kart, and preceded Yoshi's Island and Mario 64; all four of which are literal masterpieces of the entire medium.

    The so-called diehard fans that won't be happy with this movie will actually be (by and large) the only market who will go out to see it; just as they are the only market nowadays buying the games.
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    I'm not saying that this will get Sonic mass media appeal, just that it's seemingly an attempt at gaining it. I'm not saying that Sega is making good decisions here. :v: