Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

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    I don't only expect it to bomb but, this time, also kinda want it to.

    They could probably be making a series of animated 2D films in the style of Mania Adventures with that budget.
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    It's not that I want the movie to suck, it's just that Sega can hardly even make the games without significant flaws or mediocrity, so to expect anything better out of an uncharted territory is foolish. As well, Sega has a habit of mucking up outsourced projects and forcing deadlines rather than focusing on quality. So you put all that in the bag with a cgi-hybrid movie, a style of movie which is notoriously bad and panders to the lowest common denominator, and it's almost impossible to imagine this not being a dumpster fire.

    Like, you know how it's extra upsetting when you expect to be let down, or for something bad to happen, and then it does happen just like you feared it would? Well, we have all been conditioned for a couple decades to expect it.

    For me, it's particularly upsetting because Sonic is such a rich character, with amazing style and possibilities in a surreal world. And we've all seen how amazing a great CGI Sonic cut-scene can be (think Unleashed intro), so why the hell would Sega decide on a CGI hybrid, taking place in the real world?? It's as though they've fucked it up from the very start. Even god damn Peanuts got a legit full CGI movie oozing with style, and we don't? Or what about The Incredibles? Why do they get colourful inspiring CGI worlds, and we get wretched Smurf The Hedgehog Goes SanFran Wild. It's just what you'd expect at the end of the day.

    And btw, I still say Justin Timberlake would be an awesome voice for Sonic, why they chose Ross Mathews is anyone's guess, not exactly a household name...
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    Not even worth pirating anymore.
  5. Oh man, I haven't even looked into this - a live action Sonic movie made by the director of such classics as 'Gopher Broke'? hahahahaha this is going to be so shit!! hahaha

    Not even going to fucking bother following this one
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    So, some interesting new news came out recently about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie and since nobody has posted anything about it yet I figured I would share it. The president and CEO of Paramount Pictures was convinced to go ahead with the Sonic the Hedgehog movie after seeing a short three minute test scene which depicted Sonic as a juvenile delinquent.

    “He's a juvenile delinquent on the adventures in a pretty straight rural environment with a local policeman. It was just instantly engaging and it was good enough where you could see where it's going.”

    “What we're trying to do with Sonic is make a movie about a small-town police officer and Sonic at a time when they are both desperately in need of a friend, and we hope that this theme of friendship is what gives the film its heart and makes it prosper.”

    Also, according to Van Robichaux, a scene of Dr. Eggman owning a coffee machine labeled as "Mean Bean Machine" was cut before filming commenced.


    Fast & Furious’ Producer, Paramount CEO Explains Why They Greenlit ‘Sonic the Hedgehog'

    Sonic Is Characterized as a Juvenile Delinquent

    Production Information
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    Do you think anyone at Sega is aware of the fact that this sounds like a really bad idea but things are too far along to stop, or does somehow all of these things actually sound appealing to decision-makers in the company? It feels genuinely impossible to tell.
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    I can foresee a campaign to #boycottEpIX and go see Sonic instead as an ironic two fingered salute to Disney. Just buy a ticket to the Sonic movie, tear it up, don't watch it, its purely to just fuck with box office rankings.

    This is the only good thing that I've heard come out from this, and they cut it?
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    You're been really hopeful if you think that the Sonic movie can make it all the way to December 19/20 with all the competition it has in November.

    Plus, Disney is basically competing with itself at this point. I'm sure the money from Avengers/Dumbo/Captain Marvel/Frozen 2/Toy Story 4/Aladdin/Lion King and Jungle Cruise is going to keep them pretty happy.

    And even though more SW movies are coming I doubt people are going to pass on the "last" Episode of the saga.
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    A buddy cop movie with Sonic in it.

    Wtf is this movie.
  11. I missed out on my sister's birthday this past month because I had to work, so I promised that we'd go see it, even if it sucks.

    I might be in for the "worst brother in the year" award. lol
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    I think the upsetting thing is that it seems like the film companies don't really care most of the time to research the video games they make movies of, or if they do, it turns into something that is completely not in the spirit of the series. Sometimes the concepts are "easier" to grasp like Resident Evil or Tomb Raider or something (I know those movies aren't great but the point is that those genres of game happen all the time in movie form), but this really seems like the Super Mario Bros movie all over again. With all the information we're getting, it feels like it's just gonna be Sonic X but with only Sonic, Eggman and an adult Chris who's a police officer. All they had to do was like 15 minutes of research on the wiki, maybe ask some of the creators what they think of Sonic, and be done with it. Even if it were live action, like a re-imagining of Sonic Adventure or something, that would have been way better than what it seems like we're getting.
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    If they say the town's name is Twin Peaks, it would "explain" a lot of things and amke me interested at the same time. :v:
    Definitely standard "CGI furry plus stupid human buddy" movie. It could have some kind of redemption if at least is enjoyable enough for people not caring of where did this came from. Like, you know, better than any previous film of this kind or at least as good as the Looney Tunes ones like Space Jam.
  14. Here's my thoughts: Alvin and the Chipmunks was a HUGE commercial success for Fox. The Smurfs made a TON of kids happy and printed untold amounts of money for Sony. It doesn't matter if this movie pleases long time fans or not, if this movie is a hit with kids and their families then it'll be a net win for the overall sonic franchise.

    Of course, there's always the possibility that this movie's success could dictate the future of the Sonic franchise, but unlike Alvin or The Smurfs, Sega knows there's a sizable chunk of the fanbase made up of adults. If the movie drastically changes the trajectory of the franchise, chances are it'll only negatively effect the "modern" games and Sega will continue making classic-style games, as seems to be their plan considering Mania Adventures and Mania Plus.
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    What makes you assume Sega won't write off the adult fanbase for coming games, as you suspect they did for the movie? Likewise, how does this predicate an emphasis on Classic Sonic moving forward? The movie's version of Sonic will almost certainly resemble his modern incarnation, no?

    Assuming Sega knows anything is a recipe for disappointment…

    I reach an alternative conclusion. Sega focuses on children for this movie, and if it succeeds they are emboldened and continue on the child focused Modern Sonic/ modern-gameplay style they have blindly followed for the past 20 years.

    Frankly, if Sega writes off the adult fanbase for the movie, we should hope it flops, and they continue being open to developing the classic side of things. I see this movie as a last ditch attempt to reinvigorate the dying modern Sonic brand.
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    Sonic's for kids dude
    You aren't the target audience not should you be, and if it flops they're not gonna scrap the parts of the franchise you don't like.
  17. Sonic, first and foremost, is meant for children and families. The adult fanbase exists, but doesn't need to be catered to, especially since the majority of sales come from children. Iizuka's been pretty clear in interviews regarding Sonic Mania that there is a future for catering to the adult fans while simultaneous catering to their main demographic. Compare that to his statements in interviews during the Generations period when he repeatedly said that was the end of the franchise as we knew it and there'd be a reboot in Sonic's future (aka Boom).

    If this movie fails, it'll be a failure for the Sonic franchise as a whole. If it succeeds and makes Sonic popular again among kids, then kids will buy more Sonic crap, Sega will have more money, and they will be more inclined (or rather, in a better position) to continue projects like Sonic Mania. According to VGChartz, Sonic Forces sold 1.22 million copies across PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Sonic Mania, according to Sega, broke a million sales worldwide. If Sega's looking at these two games sales wise, and if these numbers are accurate, there's a pretty clear indication that both modern and classic sides of the franchise are profitable.

    There's nothing there to indicate Sega won't continue with a "classic" sub-series aimed at adult fans, so long as they have the money to continue. Especially with the marketing campaign they're throwing behind Mania Plus, an animated mini-series to promote what's essentially a $5 DLC pack? That's unheard of for a one-off project they never expect to revisit. We're at a point in the Sonic franchise where one release's success doesn't have to interfere with another's other than to uplift it.
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    Not that modern Sonic games aren't profitable, I'm sure that they are (heck look at how much people want Sonic Adventure 3), but if you want to prove so with sales numbers you should use sources that aren't VGChartz. They're notorious for presenting speculative sales numbers as if they're actual sales numbers, and so are incredibly inaccurate.

    Also: it's hard if not impossible for us to find out whether classic or modern Sonic is currently more profitable anyway because we don't have the data that lets us know that.
  19. My point was that both games sold well enough to send a message to Sega that both sides of the franchise are worth exploring, and that should the movie be a success it'll be good for the franchise in general. Rooting for it to fail is counter productive if we wanna see Sonic succeed in the 2020s.
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    I see zero obligation to support Sonic products that turn out to be mediocre-to-awful, regardless who they cater to. Boom: Shattered Crystal and Rise of Lyric could had been Genesis-inspired games, Dreamcast-era games, or a continuation of the Modern/Boost games; and I'd still say critics and consumers alike made the definitive call to ensure those two games became the worst-selling and worst-reviewed games in the history of the IP.

    If Sonic can't (consistently) put out quality material to stay successful into the next decade, then that's the malpractice of Sega/Sonic Team; not the reviewers, general audiences, or the fans. The market isn't entitled to support Sonic games/Sonic products, supposedly for the sole sake of them being Sonic.

    And speaking of demographics, let's stop arguing steaks are for carnivores while we're at it.