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Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

Discussion in 'General Sonic Discussion' started by Dark Sonic, Dec 7, 2013.

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    Me. As a fan of the video games, just thinking about these movies put me in a bad mood. The amount of incompetence, stupidity and disrespect of the original material is frankly staggering.
    I could talk about these piles of shit for hours, but I'm afraid I'll get a bit off-topic...

    Anyway, the Sonic movie. I don't have a lot of hope for it, but I'm not writing it off as bad right off the bat. I won't be surprised if it is, but if it's actually good, it'll be a nice surprise.
  2. Amnimator


    Hey guys, I have a question. Is it CGI in the sense that the characters are real people and the environments are entirely CGI? If so my interest would boost 1000x. I can imagine it now, rugged man running a loop in Seaside Hill. It would be the peak of the uncanny valley in the greatest way possible.

    As for the discussion that's being had, it's certainly possible to do a good video game movie, granted those in charge care about the IP. It's just that half the time they border on the shovel ware of the movie industry, done to make a quick buck and nothing more. It's not like there's anything inherently wrong with the form, but like DarkSonic said, good luck having it done well in Hollywood.
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    On the bright side, if this movie is bad it makes the Sonic OVA look even more amazing. :v:

    (actually, can we just scrap this movie and remaster the OVA instead please SEGA?)
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    I would love a remastered Sonic OVA, done with the current voice cast but thats a pipe dream only fans can ever do.
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    New interview with Sega. They had this to say on the film:

    Full interview here.
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    So like Captain N or Archie's Sonic Live! comic. Hoo boy. :v:
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    Insert slew of "Treating the brand correctly hasn't stopped you in the past" jokes here. :v:

    I dunno, I can't really form a solid opinion on this movie until we actually see something from it.
  8. Shaddy the guy

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    I mean there's only so much you can judge when most of the info is just staff that may or may not be good, and the fact that it happens to exist.

    I'm totally pessimistic, but I'm not going to refuse to be impressed if they actually put on a decent showing. I just have no real reason to expect anything of the sort.
  9. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood

    Basically this. I know that SEGA don't treat the franchise as anything other than a cash-cow, and certainly don't show it much respect. And if they honestly think that they do, then they're more arrogant than I ever thought. SEGA do not treat this franchise well, Hollywood does not treat video games well... I don't know why I shouldn't be pessimistic.
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    I'm both eager and scared to see the first trailer. Eager because I want to rip it to shreds and laugh, scared because I don't know if I really want to do that to my beloved fandom :v:
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    Sonic the hedgehog films have been good so far. I liked the OVA, Sonic X wasn't bad and Boom is funny as hell. A live action movie may not be what I was looking for but if they manage to make something special I'd be very happy. Do we know who's in charge of its 'score'?
  12. Sir_mihael


    True, we've not had an abysmally bad screen adaptation of Sonic just yet (although Sonic Underground can be here or there depending on who you ask), but I'd say the main cause for worry here is unlike those other examples, this movie will be the first time Sonic's going head to head with other CGI/Animated movies on the big screen. This can definitely lead to a lot less creative measures being taken in favour of playing it safe and making a bland product with stock Dreamworks-esque jokes and stories.

    I mean, if the Sonic Boom crew had anything to do with the writing, I'd be pretty happy and relieved to know Sonic was in the hands of people who were at least semi respectful of the source material, but right now I'm picturing a bunch of out-of-touch Pontac and Graff types writing a new Emoji Movie with Sonic avatars, with only some quiet murmurings of a far away Sonic Team intern making sure that the final cut references at least a Chaos Emerald or two.
    Really hope I'm proven wrong on that one.
  13. Twimfy


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    Let's face it, the main characters will be forced to take back seat to the Chao or Whisps who'll have an underdog parallel storyline of their own along side the heros. There'll be a smug one, a nerdy one, a brave one and a funny one that seems like it's brain damaged.

    They'll make Chao/Whips soft toys, keychains, cinema tie-ins and then BOOM a Chao/Whisp spin off movie, then another and another.

    Before you know it your mum will be sharing Chao/Whisps memes on Facebook.
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    You jest, but I bet in that timeline we finally get the mobile chao raising game I've been waiting over a decade for.
  15. Boxer Hockey

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    Look, if the movie is the only way to get Sega to start capitalizing on Chao again, I welcome our new Minionized Chao overlords
  16. Beltway


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    Nah. The fanbase is splintered, but I'm pretty sure most Sonic fans would agree that Underground is so bad it's good at best, irredeemable trash at worst. It's in the same camp of having a small group of diehard defenders in the same way Sonic 2006 and Rise of Lyric do.

    I'd also say Sonic X was pretty damn awful myself, though that might be a series that actually has a sizable group of defenders behind it. Maybe, I'm not too sure on that one.
  17. 360


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    My thoughts are basically that this is probably going to be an absolute trainwreck - but if they stick to Sonic Adventure 1 which would be perfect for this it could actually kind of maybe be good?

    Shame that leak came from a probably bullshit source because re-telling Sonic Adventure 1 could generate a really good film. Perhaps there's (hopefully) an element of truth to the rumour.
  18. Shaddy the guy

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    I feel like SA1 is better sequel material. All the characters in the game story are treated like we already know them, but this movie is more than likely functioning as an introduction to the series. Something of a frankenstein of Sonic 2, 3 and CD's plots would be better, to get all of the still-relevant characters in there, then an SA1 adaptation. Then we won't have Knuckles' whole introduction and the entire history of his people in one movie, for example.
  19. Sir_mihael


    Underground's fans seem to be split between People who remember the Theme Song and nothing else, and People who may have unfortunately watched an episode or two. I gotta admit, my love of Underground is more ironic than I'd like to admit. There's also the people who grabbed hold of anything that slightly resembled SatAM post SatAM, so Underground probably scratched a part of an itch in that regard.

    Sonic X's love and hate seems to vary depending on whether people watched the original Japan Sonic X, or just the 4Kids dub. From my experience, people who were exposed to the 4Kids version first seem to swear off the show, but people who watched the original version Subbed come away enjoying it.

    I'm ready to embrace this golden age of SEGA branded Minions. :v:
  20. The movie plot rumor wasn't overly similar to SA1, it should be remembered. A lot of people are going on as if it would just be SA1 adapted for the big screen but there are a number of significant differences: The emphasis on Chaos, #1, is much less in the script than it was in SA1. We don't get much of his development or backstory. In fact, we only see him as his monster (assuming perfect) form at the very end. #2 The world in which Sonic and friends travel through is also clearly different than the Adventure world. It is much more of a hybrid with classic zones and elements. If anything I'd argue it has just as much influence from Sonic 1&2 as it does SA1.

    To me, that's actually not a bad plan for a series mini reboot if the movie manages to be decent. I could easily get behind something like that as a way to focus the continuity and harmonize the fanbase. Not everyone will be pleased but you never go after everyone at once anyway, as a general rule of marketing. Something like this done right would capture the interest of the majority of Sonic fans and allow room for newer fans to come aboard. All hypothetical of course and perhaps I'm giving too much credit to SEGA's braintrust....but I feel like I'm not because they're a huge corporation that should automatically be paying full attention to these sort of details.