Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

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  2. RDNexus


    As I kinda expected... In action, Baby Sonic didn't seem as nightmarish as that one image made it seem.
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    Interesting. I wonder how the original story went with Longclaw on Earth. I’m also curious about the music that plays at the end.
  4. Wildcat


    The first design stuff was blown way out of proportion imo. The redesign is clearly better but the first one was still cool to me.

    The first trailer just painted him in a bad light. Posters and concepts were better.
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    I disagree. The old design really wasn't Sonic. The posters may have looked a little better, but the trailer showed what it was actually going to end up looking like in the movie. Perhaps the backlash was out of proportion, I'll agree with that, but at the same time it was also needed in order for them to reconsider the design.
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    So was the owl supposed to have a bigger role originally?
  7. Maybe the face wasn't so bad (the teeth were terrible though), but the body, with those ridiculous human proportions, was an absolute deal breaker for me. There's no way that would've worked out.
  8. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    Here's what looks to be all the deleted scenes. The beginning was different and fleshes out Sonic and Longclaw's relationship more, there was more Crazy Carl, and Tom and Sonic have some extra dialogue after Sonic meets Ozzy.
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  10. RDNexus


    Well... These scenes kinda answer my question "why hadn't Sonic contacted humans before the story's present time?".
    But, Longclaw's fate in the final version being left open could give way to some interesting things in a potential sequel.

    It also shows that they used only a few portions of the scene with the old man.
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    Well this seemingly opens up a whole new can of worms. Wasn't this stage of the film's production the point where the "Lizardmen" were the antagonists from Sonic's world rather than the echidna tribe?
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  12. Sonic Warrior TJ

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    That was my thought upon seeing the echidnas as well. Maybe this was their first draft of the scene after replacing the lizards?
  13. Wildcat


    Chainspike and Tokumaru,

    The Uh Meow scene is what got most of the focus. I agree those were really bad shots. I have a feeling if that part was not shown the redesign would not have happened. There still would have been criticism but not enough to change him imo.

    I quite liked this look which is what they seemed to be going for but the trailer did a poor job representing him. That’s why the posters looked better and that prop they made is similar (actually this pic is in the background). Also that side-by-side cutout with the puppet looked good.

    The more human-ish body does not bother me because it reminds of some of the comic character models. To me this was a good mix if they stuck to this direction. I’m probably a minority on this which is fine but I like it.

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    honestly I hate the face. the body is otherwise fine in that image (if not really Sonic), but I hate the face.

    Re: deleted scenes, I really really hope Longclaw comes back in a sequel. you could even make the central inner conflict about it actually (old family vs new family).
  15. Wafer


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    I disagree strongly with, really, any defense of the original model.

    When taken in isolation, any particular facet of it could, hypothetically, work in some complete other model. But no single facet of the design works well with any other single facet, and the model as a whole suffers for it. That's the reason I'm convinced that it was designed by committee. It just looks like parts made in isolation and then stitched together at the end.

    You could freeze frame it, play it forwards, play it backwards, upside down, make it floss, insert it into Adventure, whatever. It will never be anything other than an almost catastrophic error to me.
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    Speed Me Up is such a great credits song. It's Sonic-ish while keeping what makes each of the featured artists appealing on their own in the song.

    I think Crush 40 would be proud.
  17. Gestalt


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    Unpopular opinion incoming. Firstly, the final design isn’t exactly a visual feast either. His gloves are too big, his spikes too prominent in relation to his fur, his torso a weird mix between cartoonishness and anatomical correctness, his socks don’t match his shoes. Secondly, if there’s a sequel, I really hope they keep improving the model. And when I say improving, I don’t mean just “Errr… ok, gloves back on, less creepy teeth, gotcha.” ^^ I’m no expert, but we can’t let them get away with that a second time.
  18. Dek Rollins

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    I really don't like Speed Me Up. It doesn't feel like Sonic at all to me. The animated sequence that accompanies it is rather ugly as well.

    Can you elaborate on these complaints? What does "his spikes too prominent in relation to his fur" even mean? How do his socks not match his shoes? And it was stated that his gloves changed size depending on the perspective of a given shot.

    They didn't get away with anything the first time. They completely changed the way he looked so he actually looks like Sonic. Not sure what you think they're getting away with here. I don't care for blue arms, but what we got is perfectly acceptable.
  19. Gestalt


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    Spikes: I just don’t like them. I’m too used to his modern design where they’re actually part of the head. Here they’re sticking out and it looks uncanny to me.
    Shoes: I’m sweating just looking at this: Fur + thick socks + sneakers
    Gloves: Ok, maybe not the gloves, but something looks out of proportion, I dunno.
  20. Boxer Hockey

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    Yes, that's what this was. I've seen people saying things like these were the "original designs" for the echidnas. It's just pre-vis stuff y'all. You have to revisit visual development if you change everything.
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