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    Am I the only one who never imagined a Sonic movie as a kid? I mean I was aware of the shitty Mario movie, but the thought of a Sonic movie just never occurred to me.
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    Because he was just a small cameo in the film and it wasn't certain that there'd be a sequel to begin with, it made sense to use his regular, non-household name VA from the games and Boom. When the inevitable sequel rolls sound, I think it's quite likely that Colleen Villard will be replaced by a celebrity who's more marketable. And that's a shame, cause she's great at what she does and is perfect for Tails.
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    If the musical part was serious then I might hate it.
    Then you'll all be glad to know that in mine Tails only dies in the "Bad Future," and Sonic and Amy travel through time. Bitter-sweet endings also irk me where they don't belong (in a Sonic movie, IMO), though they can work very well.

    Also, all three of my movies use the actual Sonic theme song (from 1 and 2) as the main theme and character theme, rather than the overused Green Hill motif. Hypothetically Nakamura himself would do the score, rather than licencing.
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    That reminds me of something I’ve always thought to ask - why do SEGA re-use the Green Hill Zone motif but not the main theme from the first two? Is it a copyright issue or is it just that they don’t consider the title theme his actual main theme because he’s had so many since?
  5. Literally that first thing. Masato Nakamura makes a small fortune every time Sega uses the original Sonic 1 and 2 theme for anything due to royalties, so they try to use it as sparingly as possible. Frankly, it'd be more iconic than anything else the music production team for the movie came up with, especially if they could do a rendition of "Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog" from Nakamura's Sonic the Hedgehog 1&2 album, but it's basically just a rights/royalty issue.

    On that note, I just bought the physical soundtrack. Some part of me should feel ashamed.
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    Wouldn't royalties for the title theme be the same as Green Hill though? To my knowledge, Nakamura owns the rights to the entire soundtrack for both games, so Sega or Paramount has to pay the same royalties regardless of which track they're borrowing, right?
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    I think it's brand recognition for a wider audience, honestly. Most random people who've played Sonic 1, or even Generations, would've spent more time in Green Hill than they would've spent on the title screen. Green Hill's music is simply more iconic on the basis that people are likely to have heard it more often and for longer than the main theme.
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    I'm pretty late to the party, but I just saw the movie today. I liked it! It wasn't perfect, but it was very fun and I actually wouldn't mind seeing a sequel that explores this take on the character more.

    Some non-spoiler thoughts:
    • The acting was alright. Ben Schwartz makes a great Sonic and Jim Carrey was also a great Eggman/Robotnik. I actually kinda wish we had more of Robotnik in this.
    • Speaking of Robotnik, I couldn't help but chuckle at how they said his name completely unironically. I was fully expecting them to go the route of having his name be "Kintobor" like in that one origin story, but I'm glad they didn't because... well, he's already insane, so there's no real reason to invert his name.
    • Not a damper on the movie itself, but the trailers really did give away WAY too much about the movie.
    • The "characters not from Earth go to Earth" trope has been done to death in movies, and I went in expecting that to lower my enjoyment. However, they handled it in a pretty interesting way that sets up some lore for this universe which I'm cool with.
    • I know it's been said a lot in this topic but I really gotta thank Tyson and all the animators who redid Sonic's design! If they had kept the old one, there's no way I, or anyone really, could have taken this movie seriously.
    • I liked the backstory Sonic was given, although I wish it had been explored a bit more. (see spoilers)
    • While I like the movie as-is, I don't know if I would have liked it if it had come out 20-25 years ago, mainly because it wasn't based off the SatAM series and Archie comics and that's the version of Sonic I was really into as a kid. I know that sounds silly but that's the conclusion I've drawn after thinking on it some. Then again, if this had come out in the 90's we probably would've gotten a completely different movie and maybe those characters would have been in this, but we'll never know. I've pretty much made peace with the fact that we will likely never see a SatAM movie since Sega is pretty intent on ignoring that incarnation. The little kid in me is a little sad about that, but I'm over it.
    • The various easter eggs in the movie were neat, and the animated credits thing was also awesome.
    • I do think the movie could have been better if it were fully animated, but for what we got, it's alright.
    • If a sequel does happen, please please PLEASE do not make it where the main human couple have a kid and that kid becomes a main plot point of the movie. Just... fucking don't.
    • Actually if a sequel happens they should keep it off-Earth as much as possible. Have the Tom character go to Mobius/Planet Freedom/whatever the fuck they're gonna call it and have most of the movie take place there. We really need some world-building here.
    • Some jokes were a bit cringey, but expected.
    • The climax was a bit eh, but it works.

    • I lost my shit when they showed the crazy old dude's drawing of Sonic and it was literally the "Sanic" artwork. That was fucking hilarious!
    • Like I said above, I wish we could have seen more of Sonic's backstory and the world he came from. Like, the movie just suddenly throws at you "hey this owl lady took care of Sonic as a kid", and Sonic narrates over a lot of the intro, which I don't think was really needed. Had they expanded on this part and told us, even if it was just hints, as to why the echidnas were hunting Sonic, and ditched the narration, I think it could have been stronger.
    • Speaking of the echidnas, it was cool to see them. I could see them being brought back in future movie(s) and giving Knuckles motivation to go after Sonic.
    • Not sure how I feel about most of the movie essentially being a flashback. I would have opened the movie with Sonic's backstory, assuming it was expanded on like I outlined above.
    • No Jaleel White cameo... blasphemy!
    • Agent Stone = Snively? Nah...
    • The idea of Sonic getting some kind of power that's tied to his emotions is pretty interesting. It kinda reminds me of that Sonic X episode where he took on some kind of dark persona after seeing Chris get severely hurt.
    • When Carrey was talking at the very end of the movie, he actually started to sound like Mike Pollock's Eggman for a bit.
    • I unfortunately had Tails' appearance at the end spoiled for me thanks to Youtube search results. I was looking up videos about Chao, scrolled down, and boom, there it was. I decided to pretend as hard as I could that it was fake, which paid off, because I got legit excited to see him at the end. I really hope the sequel(s) follow up on that and do some world building for this incarnation of the character.

    So glad this movie turned out to not be a total dumpster fire and actually gives people something to look forward to! Assuming they don't fuck it up, of course. :V
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    He has worlds on the map crossed off, implying that he basically was discovered at those worlds and had to flee them before he ever reached Earth.
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    What i find more curious is that in UK , Team Sonic Racing is at number 7 in charts this week, some says its because of some deals but i think the movie really helped it reach that place, good to see the movie helps the games sells more and hope that continues in the future - if the future games have quality to them of course-
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    At my screening (UK) there was an ad for TSR before the movie. I've also noticed Sonic Racing (the mobile game) got another marketing push just around the time the movie came out.. Seems Sega's taking this opportunity to push the games more.
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    There was a clip on YouTube some time back and I haven't been able to locate it. Super early 2019 maybe? Late '18? Not sure. Jim Carrey was telling some reporter that he was in the Sonic movie and the reporter sort of scoffed/rolled eyes/generally brushed off the thought and it was pretty funny. I could be misremembering but that was how I remember it. Can anyone find that clip? I've looked for a few hours. In light of the film's success, I thought it would be amusing to re-watch.

    [EDIT: it very likely was posted in this thread but after scrolling through pages for a long time, I'm burnt out on looking. Hoping someone can remember it a bit better to make locating it simpler.]
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    here you go

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    Okay, so I know this movie is the type that completely falls apart when you start to overthink certain plot details, but something's been bugging me.
    It's mid-late afternoon in both San Francisco and Green Hills at the start of the chase with Robotnik. You're seeing them race and go through ring portals in real time - it's not a montage and only takes a few minutes. It appears to be the same time of day in SF, Green Hills, Paris, China, and Egypt, and then it's suddenly night when Sonic crashes back into Green Hills. Not like sunset or dusk, dark-ass night. I know it doesn't matter, and the final battle just looks cooler at night with all the colorful effects, but it stuck out after a few viewings. Even if the sun set in Montana super fast, it would have been dark out in Paris and Egypt. Ugh, why am I overthinking this?
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    That's something I try to pay attention to when working on my novel, the time differences between places around the globe.
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    They were hoping you wouldn’t notice :V
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    Who knows, Sonic and Robotnik could have been at it for a while.

    Maybe Tom passed the time by helping Bessie give birth after all.
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    What I wanna know is, where did Pretzel Lady's niece get Sonic's shoes? Did she take them from her mysteriously-absent father's closet? Did she run out and buy them? Does her mother design shoes for Puma? Was she hoping to fit into size 12 by age 12, have her dreams crushed, then decides to just give them to the freak on her kitchen counter? The pressing questions I think about on a Wednesday afternoon.
  20. So I saw the Sonic movie. It's... about what I was expecting. Not outright terrible, but nothing particularly amazing, imo. I liked the very beginning, the battle between Sonic and Eggman, and the post-credits scene. That was about it, tbh. It was pretty much just your typical Hollywood Kids' movie overall. Some jokes I got a few cheap laughs out of, but some of them were REALLY cringe-inducing (the Sanic meme cameo, Sonic flossing, and Sonic farting). Not a big fan of Sonic's personality throughout the movie either (pretty much every conflict in the movie is Sonic's fault because he's a dumb kid). I'd give it a 6/10 overall.

    Also, really Hollywood? Did you really have to show Sonic's feet?