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    ;) ;)
  2. Saw it for the second time today with my kid, he absolutely loved it. I didn't notice anything I missed the first time but I did take in Sonic's character more. Tyson, how much influence did you have on the animation? A lot of Sonic's poses and facial expressions felt like they came straight from you.
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    I think the way it might go is
    Tails is from one of the worlds Sonic previously visited and fled from before he hit Earth, and either came across him without Sonic knowing or heard about something he supposedly did, with inflated hero worship, and has been trying to find ways to find him, possibly to save his world or whtever. He certainly seems younger than Sonic in his mid-credits scene so I'm not sure if they're the same age.
  4. Man, I'm almost expecting to see even Sonic Adventure references in the next sequence (yes, if we're getting a one).
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    Just to re-emphasize that mine was better than yours.
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    Just came back from watching it, and I did enjoy it. It wasn't perfect, but it was still a pretty good movie. Good thing people online said to stick around for a bit longer after the end to see a post credits scene, because wow...I want a sequel.

    I might talk more about it later, but there is one thing that's really bugging me and I want someone to help me out. I don't think this needs to be hidden since it's not much of a spoiler, but maybe an Easter Egg? Plus this scene is in a few of the trailers. At the bar, something caught my attention in the background. On the wall in some scenes, I could've sworn one of the signs(?) resembled a giant Sega Genesis cartridge or something like that? The sign had a bit of blue, yellow, red, and black, I think? But at the bottom center, it looked like it could've been the "Genesis" logo. I'm not sure. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
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    Not unless yours was a 2D animated trilogy with an epic final installment in which Tails dies and Amy shoots Eggman with a crossbow.
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    Not too much influence. Jeff is already an experienced animator so he had a good handle on it. My time with the animators was spent working together to adapt Sonic's attitude into this much cuter face, and walking them through making him move through action scenes properly so we did a lot of looking at old things like the SCD intro. I did do expression paintovers for like 2 straight months though, and I did storyboard and concept a few scenes like the backstory and turtle run though, and I think my influence is strongest in those.
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    Not likely the case. While I've yet to see the full movie, I've been checking snippets of it through YouTube.
    It seems after Longclaw tossed Baby Sonic into the ring, he stayed on Earth until the movie's present time.
    He may have a map, but I'm not sure if he has tried to explore the worlds marked on it.
    Of course, I may be missing some plot element that gives some credence to your theory.
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    Mine was 2D animated, but it was a single movie in which Sonic fucking died at the end while he saved everyone from Eggman. Also it was a musical with Sonic singing "Endless Possibilities" as he ran from the Knothole camp while he and Tails set out on their journey to stop Eggman.
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    Why do some people like movies where the hero dies? It's all your fault if
    Iron man died
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    Yeah, it also irks me people wanting tragic victories just because "Oh, epic!" or something.
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    I really hope you get to go into more detail about your work on a Blu-Ray commentary track or something. What was done after you were brought on will be very interesting to hear in detail.
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    I know, right? Why aren't movie characters allowed to retire in peace?
    And thank you for reminding me, you dick. :(
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    Wow, I'm old.

    Sonic vs Metal Sonic, but it was set in the SatAM continuity because I was convinced that the red eyes at the end were Metal's and I still can't be convinced otherwise.
  16. It's OK if Sonic dies.

    He has spare lives. :V
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    That also happened in Avengers: Endgame with Captain America 'retiring' - and got old.
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    Even Naka-san's excited!

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    I saw the film a couple of hours ago. It surpassed my expectations completely and I really want a sequel! I’m so happy that they did a Sonic film justice and I loved the branding at the beginning which really makes SEGA feel like a premium brand.

    I feel like the film is definitely making Sonic more noteworthy in the modern era by reinventing the history of the series whilst at the same time not really going too far out there for it to not fit in with the games at a bit of a stretch. It’s great advertising for Sonic and SEGA and I hope it pushes more people to become fans and in fact, I’m sure it will.

    I don’t think it’s a perfect film - the acting is pretty average and they don’t try and really go for your emotions though it is a family film so I expected that (so it doesn’t count). With that said, Sonic is lovable and the other characters were decent enough to bond with them somewhat and want to see more of them. Jim Carey was amazing as always and his take on Robotnik makes him both terrifying and funny - it’s mesmerising.

    I’ve gotta say that the CGI was really good and Sonic’s character mode was on point. I would go so far as to say I love it and prefer it to his look since Sonic Adventure.

    All in all a decent film, 7/10 at least.

    Now, on to a few thoughts:

    Was Tails voiced by the current game VA? I’m certain he was!

    I also think that when Sonic goes back to his time the Echidna tribe will have made themselves extinct through war, leaving only Knuckles. Robotnik will want the power of the Emeralds which he deems a greater power than Sonic’s own as a way of one-upping him.

    I saw Sonic’s emotional bursts along with the resulting power a precursor to a future Super Sonic - surely that’s gotta happen!?
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    Yes. Tails is voiced by Colleen Villiard in the film, who's been his voice since 2014.
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