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    Oh yeah, I can totally get behind this. They should have tried having a game to coincide with its release if they could ensure it’d be a GOOD game, though it’s probably for the best Sega didn’t bother.

    Reminds me of how the Sonic OVA saw its Western release on the same day as Sonic Adventure, to the point that some magazines were claiming the OVA was an adaptation of Adventure. You know, totally not a three-year old “movie” they just shoved out for the sake of convenience.
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    If they had, if would've been rushed to coincide with the original release date, and probably wouldn't have time to replace the model.

    Poor choice of words, but Hollywood always seems to learn the wrong lesson from everything. What I meant more was that they would likely say "So we spent all that money to redesign Sonic for the 'fans', and they still didn't go see it? Last time we listen to those assholes..."
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    Oh ok now I see what you mean. Ya ok I can see that
  4. I'm in the camp that thinks this movie will just be mediocre. Nothing TERRIBLE, but nothing amazing, either. Just, "Eh, it was okay. Could've been worse, I guess.". It might do well enough to get a sequel, and then die off after that, kinda like what happened with those Ninja Turtles movies.

    I don't mean to be a downer, but I just don't see Sonic in general ever getting 'revived', and it's doomed to only be remembered as that series that brought us Sonic 06, the 'GOTTA GO FAST' memes, and has a weird fanbase that draws tons of weird R34 "art". I'm honestly convinced that the Sonic franchise is just cursed.
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    Can I ask, why?
    Sonic Mania is a hit. A big hit. The movie is a potential hit, barring numbers. But, it is a Jim Carrey movie. That is just a tiny bit special and cool. And, it's Sonic. I know you are cynical and all, but think of it this way: I was 10 when Sonic 1 came out. I turned 11 and got it for my birthday. I'm old. Ish. When the two cartoons came out in the '90s, I hated them. It was like a lame American Saturday morning cartoon take on the character. I now realise those shows had fans and entertained plenty of kids younger than me. Some of the gags were good, too.

    Now, we have a movie and Tyson Hesse worked on the redesign. It looks to be a fun movie and I've seen some good reviews. What more could a fanbase ask for? Classic Sonic came back a coupla years ago. A video game movie is being released that doesn't suck! The mobile ports of 1 and 2 still need to come to Steam, but that's about it. As far as weird fan art is concerned, there's Eggette! Eggette is actually cool. Some of my art friends who aren't even into Sonic know about and like Eggette. They love to draw her. A lot ofothe old bullshit has fallen away. You make it sound like there is a stigma attached.
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    Those franchises were not exactly super active before and after their movies so i am not sure it is an appropriate comparison, we don't have recent successful videogames movies to draw comparison from outside detective pikatchu, but pokemon is already super successful anyway, worth noting that the latest pokemon game had the best launch, so maybe it had an effect after all....

    The series just need to be consistent in quality for a long time really, and then it will be "revived" ,Dragon ball brought the terrible GT series, and the terrible hollywood movie, but then had couple of return-to-form movies, Dragon Ball Super which improved as it goes and ended strongly and revived the franchise big time, and the latest Broly movie, nowadays you don't really see people bringing the live action movie anymore or GT, and if they do it doesn't have the same effect anymore as "the latest products"

    From videogames you can see an example in Devil May Cry, DMC2 was so terrible and awful, that the director went out of his way to make DMC3 as good as it is so people "don't remember him as the DMC2 guy"
    Now DMC is a big and respected series and people don't really care about 2 anymore unless they bring it in a jokey way, and the reboot too after DMC5 is out

    Also r34 art applies to a lot of fandoms, i would say pokemon is particularly notorious in that aspect with a TON of fan arts the moment a new pokemon/character is announced, and yet Pokemon is still a respected and successful series
  7. A good 3D game for starters. Most people I've seen outside of the Sonic community/Twitter barely acknowledge that Mania exists, and still bring up Sonic 06 to this day. Unless the series can build up some consistent good quality, we're going to be stuck at the standard of "Well, at least it's not Sonic 06". You may feel that the franchise is in good standing right now, and maybe it is to some extent, but I still feel this series has a loooooong way to go to fully regain trust and respect from the gaming community. For nearly 20 years we've been getting games that are considered bad, or mediocre at best, and even some of the games that were once considered 'good' are getting hit with 'these games aged poorly' and 'Sonic was never good'. A single game, a single movie or design, or artist or some meme-powered PR doesn't magically fix these problems over night.

    I agree, but you see, the problem with that is:
    For every Colors, there's a Sonic 4.
    For every Generations, there's a Lost World.
    For every Mania, there's a Forces.
    For every Advance or Rush handheld game, there were the 'Dark Age' games on home consoles.
    And this is something that has spanned over the past, for roughly 20 years now.

    Sega has poor management, and with it, comes poor quality control. Whenever we get a good game, it's followed up by a game that... isn't so great.

    And yes, I'm aware that there's R34 for many other series, but Sonic's fanbase has gained a reputation that made them quite... infamous online, even compared to other fandoms. There were other things too, but I'd rather not go into it.

    That said, there is good in the fanbase, I know that. Lots of talented people that contribute so many great things to the community, but it just makes me a bit frustrated that they get ignored in favor of the not-so-nice parts of the fandom.
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    I must know a different group of people than you.
  9. Yeah. Everyone's different, and has different experiences, I suppose.
  10. The only thing that will undo the damage Sonic 2006 did to the brand is another 3D title with the same level of quality as the classic games.
    And probably a few in a row.

    Mania did well but people already knew the 90s sonic style of gameplay was great and popular. But those aren't AAA titles anymore, they're not going to carry the franchise. Sonic's biggest problem in the 21st century has been his 3D games. Almost everyone knows hes struggled there, 06 was just the final nail in the coffin.

    I do think the movie can only help Sonic at this point. Expectations are low, there's not a lot of energy around the brand. A decent movie puts sonic back in the consciousness of more casual fans, in a positive sense.

    (Forces really fked it up for Mania, didnt it?)
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    As much as I want this movie to be good and help rejuvenate the brand a little, or for a good 3D Sonic game to help rejuvenate the brand a little, nothing will totally cancel out the professional shitposting the Sonic series has endured for literally decades now. For every game that's generally agreed upon as good by at least some chunk of the fandom (the Genesis games, Mania, the Adventure series, the Advance or Rush series, Colors and Generations), there have been plenty of people climbing onto their Internet soapbox to decree that those games are also terrible, the whole franchise is terrible and Sega should take it out back and kill it.

    The dunkey video on game critics had an introductory portion that was extremely on point with how Sonic gets treated in the gaming media, which is to say even when certain games are praised (Sonic 4, Colors, Generations are his examples here) it doesn't take long before everything spins back around to a "durrhurr sonic sux" circlejerk.
  12. I think fans in this fandom are just too goddamn sensitive about their favorite games.

    The harsh reality is that the mainstream has not really cared about Sonic since the 90s. Sonic popularity peaked back then and ever since, his quality has been all over the place. Some good games, some terrible. But the franchise has suffered more from the impact of the terrible ones because they were really, reeeeeally terrible. And even the good ones werent really ground breaking or considered near the top of their genre, certainly not comparable in magnitude to how incredibly shitty Sonic has been on multiple occasions. Sonic has legit put out some of the worst 3D platformers of the 21st century and in general had mediocre quality on average. And a meme/shitpost culture naturally spawned from that. This is very easy to understand, it's never confused me ever in my 2 decades + time of being a diehard fan why things are the way they are. People didnt do this when Sonic put out 3-4 excellent quality games in a row from 1991-1994, Sonic was loved by the vast majority, not just diehards, and his presence almost everywhere in pop culture and got many accolades. Almost nobody just hates sonic for no reason, it's a pretty cool franchise when it cares to be one. If Sonic wants to not be a part of shitpost meme culture, the franchise needs to put out high quality games on a regular basis and stop trotting out Mr. Webber to save face. Simple as that.
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    Eh, I'm conscious of the lows of the Sonic series (I massively checked out around the time Heroes launched), and I realize this is like the absolute height of first-world privilege, but it does suck seeing my favorite series constantly being clowned on. To the point where I'm seeing people online who are disappointed that social media reactions to the movie have been positive because they were hoping for another huge disaster they could point and laugh at. Who knows, maybe the reviews will be terrible and the haters will have something new to chew on.
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    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack

    "I wrote & recorded a song for the Sonic movie that didn’t end up getting used. I had fun working on it tho, so thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy"

    Also, here is a still from a new TV spot that showcases the creatures trying to steal Sonic's power:

    Kinda looks like an echidna
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    I like it, I like it.
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    I'm still annoyed that Sega didn't wholeheartedly 100% throw themselves into Mania and its aesthetic. It really, really should've been the game that made them do a 180 on all current plans and just go straight for making everything like it. Instead it was almost like they were surprised by its success, or too oblivious or stubborn or inflexible to change their current roadmap.
  17. What makes this situation worse, is that instead of addressing the issues people have with 3D Sonic games, Sega has basically cashed-in on the Sonic hate train on social media instead, and what started off as some light-hearted fun quickly started bleeding over into the merchandise and even the writing of the games themselves; and now the series has become a self-deprecating parody of itself. It's downright depressing, to be honest.

    Oh, I agree with you. Honestly, if they're going to push Classic Sonic so hard for merchandising and fan service, they might as well have gone all in with it, but NOPE. We're still doing the same song and dance as before. I bet the only "lessons" Sonic Team allegedly "learned" from Mania is: "Classic Sonic, 2D gameplay, and Green Hill make easy money. Just throw in the Drop Dash for good measure.", and proceed to ignore everything else that people liked about the game.
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    Have any of you seen the attacks on the Sonic move by people or bots trying to defend Bird of Pray? (renamed to Harley Quin)

    Somehow I think the Sonic movie is going to do just fine.

    I found out about the attack on the sonic movie from this video:
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    I wouldn't say they were surprised by its quality and success, on the contrary, from the very first trailer they presented it proudly, they literally wrote "SEGA proudly presents" in the trailer, it had great marketing with great trailers, they went out of their way to make that beautiful animated "release date" trailer, and also for the game opening , the game had its reviews ahead of release cause they were confident in its quality.

    compared to the almost non-existent marketing for Forces, almost as if they were ashamed of it,no great effort in trailers, no opening movie -like last couple of 3d sonic games tbh- no review copies, they knew what they had in hand.

    and they DID cash on the success of Mania, it's aesthetic is prominent in their social media to this day , they made Sonic Mania Adventure animated shorts, plus a Christmas special , they made Sonic Mania Plus, dlc and expansion after a whole YEAR of the release of the original game, no other sonic game ever had this treatment.

    And there is also the fact that we don't know actually what they are making nowadays, Mania and forces were their last main games, and is not like they can make games in couple of months, maybe they did take lessons from Mania after all, or at least they claim so, we only have to wait and find out

    But even if they didn't, at the very least they had a lot of Mania content and presence in the last couple of years
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    I've seen those, but they all feel very fake. The usual small group has a problem or wants drama, says something that's shocking in some way, and gets the people who don't fact check to share everywhere.

    I hope it does well, it'll be interesting to see what happens if it does. Only a few more days now!