Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) movie

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    Or it'll be yet another piece of ammo for the "Sonic is fucking dead" camp.
  2. I honestly forgot that the Sonic movie's dropping next month.
    Sonic is a zombie franchise at this point, so they're not entirely wrong.
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    Doesn't mean it's fun to listen to. It's to the point where I don't even speak the name Sonic in public.
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    It was pretty insufferable in the lead-up to Mania. Anyone who was paying attention knew Taxman was legit and the game would be great, but forum discussion still got shit up regularly with stuff like "LOL you're excited for a SONIC GAME, you fucking IDIOT SONIC CYCLE *insert like ten images of gross fanart*"
  5. Sure, but I've grown to the point where I don't feel like the series is worth defending anymore. Sega themselves seem to have embraced the hate and turned it into a way to make money off of it (hurr durr GOTTA GO FAST memes), and practically market the series as 'ironically bad'. So I've just kinda grown apathetic to it all.
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    Guys, cut them some slack. The shorts, remixes, Mega Drive Mini, the OK KO! crossover, if you’re not solely focusing on the last couple of games you can tell that SEGA has at least endeavored to meet the wishes of the fans. The movie, however, is a whole other beast because everyone, including SEGA themselves and Iizuka-san, was equally looking forward to it just to see it fall flat on its face.
  7. I'll cut them some slack when they make a good 3D game. It's been nearly 20 years, and I'm still waiting.
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    Mania was good for me personally, but then it seemed like they were kneecapping it behind the scenes (Stealth's outburst on Steam about being forced by Sega to delay the PC version for Denuvo, not capitalizing on Mania's success by pushing the remakes the team had done, not doing a Mania 2), showing that they have learned absolutely nothing, so I'm back to not caring. :specialed:
  9. I think people need to calm down about the effect the movie will have on the franchise - it'll likely have few, if any, long-term impacts. Sonic has survived far worse, especially considering that the failures Sonic has faced would have been fatal to another franchise. If Sonic '06 happened to, say, Halo, I doubt Halo would really be remembered as the great franchise it is. Mario survived the Mario movie, Dragon Ball survived Evolution, so on and so forth.

    If the movie does fail, it'll likely have a greater impact on Paramount than it does on Sega. Sega hardly has anything to do with this movie besides owning the Sonic IP. I mean, if the Lego Movie failed hard, would that mean that people would stop playing with Legos? Of course not. If this series has survived Shadow, '06, Sonic Boom, and everything else, it'll survive this.
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  10. It is a possibility that they might include some elements from the movie in future games, kind of like how Shadow had his limiters from X in 06, but I don't think they'd do something drastic. Then again, this is Sega, they could very well do something out of the left field that would leave fans very confused, like the whole Sonic Boom fiasco when it was first announced. We'll just have to wait and see what happens, I guess.
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    You know what, I’ve changed my mind. I didn’t want this film to outright bomb, just not be able to do well enough to warrant sequels, but (with all due respect) that attitude up there made me fully cross the line. This film needs to fail.

    This whole concept of pointing out a franchise being able to survive one or more colossal mistakes in the past is something that been attached to Sonic a lot as of late and I don’t think it should (continue to) be entertained. It invites a forgiving tone that allows for more missteps to be made when there literally is no reason for those missteps to exist, and it’s also handwaving of any damage of any that doesn’t outright kill a series as ultimately irrelevant.

    There’s a reason after the 1993 Mario movie, there weren’t any Hollywood adaptations of Nintendo games for decades. Or why Disney wasn’t invited by Nintendo to make not only movies, but theme parks attractions as well. Sakaguchi doesn’t work at Square(-Einx) or Final Fantasy (the series he created, and directed/produced games for) anymore thanks to his nine-digit figure losing attempt to produce films in The Spirits Within. Dragonball was bad enough to actually serve as course correction since it got the series creator involved in the series again after he stepped away (as well as damage control when he ended up making his own Dragonball movie as a response).

    I’m sick of this franchise getting products that are “not the worst thing in the world” (even when in some cases, they’re pretty close) and the only thing I might be more sick of is the apologist attitude that those projects invite to the atmosphere. It’s the whole notion of giving games like Forces a pass because it’s not broken like Sonic 2006/Rise of Lyric—except now even if it was, it’s alright because it’s just another badly executed project to add to the pile. (To say nothing of those who will inevitably say the movie’s actually great just because it’s a movie featuring their favorite franchise and everyone who thinks it’s bad are biased idiots. Putting this out there because we all know there will be those true blue fans who will crawl out the woodwork when the movie comes out to assert just that.)

    To hell with that noise. And while I absolutely respect all of the work Heese and company put into the redesign (and to a lesser extent, Carrey’s performance), the rest of the movie too can go to hell too on that same coin.

    Edit: People say they wish the media would stop calling to attention the bad elements in the franchise and fear this movie will start up the “Sonic was never good” bandwagon again. I’m sorry but if this series is going to continue to churn out prolific failures, there isn’t any reason for them to stop doing so. We all saw how people outside the fanbase expressed excitement for Mania when it was announced, and saw those numbers continued to grow when the game was previewed more and when it was finally released. We could have more responses like that for Sonic if this series wasn’t so incompetently managed.
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  12. I want the film to do as well as the second-to-last Smurfs film, where they decided it was not longer worth making expensive CGI/live action hybrids and just made an entirely CGI movie based on the original content.
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    Yeah, I mean it's EASY to just constantly knock out AAA++++++ quality creative works. The solution is SO OBVIOUS, why doesn't Sega just NOT MAKE the bad things?

    In fact, why doesn't EVERYBODY just stop making bad things? No more bad films or games ever, and it's all thanks to those GENIUSES at Sonic Retro!

    Good work peeps, we finally fixed the entertainment industry. Get a good night's rest, tomorrow we take on world hunger.
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    I think you misunderstand the negativity surrounding this movie. It's not that SEGA and Paramount are striving to do something great with Sonic and simply aren't meeting our expectations, it's that they are making a movie that includes almost nothing of interest to long time Sonic fans.

    With this movie:
    • It doesn't take place in any genesis-era setting, Adventure-era setting, or even a boost-era setting. Instead of getting Angel Island or Station Square, we're getting a random mid-western American town cheekily named "Green Hills," with a brief and frustrating glimpse of actual Green Hill, which will not be the primary setting.
    • Sonic won't be with any characters from the game series aside from Robotnik. If Tails or Knuckles were in the movie to any substantial degree, they would have shown it off by now. Instead, we get a human buddy with no connection to the Sonic universe.
    • The movie looks and feels like an amalgamation of every "cute character in real life" movie that has come out in the past 20 years. Alvin and the Chipmunks, The Smurfs, Garfield the Movie, Woody the Woodpecker, Monster Trucks, Peter Rabbit, etc. It's not even the first time James Marsden has been in a "cute character in real life" movie! Here's Sonic's cop buddy doing essentially the same bit in the movie Hop from 2011 - - it's been done to death.
    • With the existence of the Sonic Mania Shorts, we have a glimpse of an alternate reality where SEGA could have decided to invest in what is clearly a more vibrant, fun, and in-universe cinematic creation. Instead of a fully animated movie featuring the style of these shorts, we're getting almost the exact opposite of that.
    To me, these are clear issues, and it's asking very little of SEGA and Paramount to make a Sonic movie that features actual Sonic content. God forbid those at Sonic Retro criticize a Sonic movie that takes almost no inspiration from the Sonic universe.
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    Couldn't have put it better myself.
  16. Truth be told, that’s part of the reason I’m not concerned about the movie’s impact on the franchise because it’s pretty much Sonic in name only. No one really has high expectations for it. Sonic ‘06 was embarrassing because people had impossibly high expectations for it and we had no idea that Sega was completely screwing Sonic Team over. Sonic Boom was embarrassing because it was developed by established Naughty Dog alumni and was a terrible introduction to the Sonic Boom franchise. The Sonic movie? I highly doubt any competent person expects anything. It’s a run of the mill kids flick with a character who somewhat resembles Sonic. It will be forgotten by next year. I guarantee it.
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    No, I don't. I think you misunderstand that I'm criticizing the notion that things can be so easily sorted into "good" and "bad" piles, and the notion that creators can know how a product will be perceived before it's unveiled. That's subjectivity, folks.

    Ultimately, this is a vehicle to sell movie tickets. Paramount doesn't care whether it will please Sonic fans, and Sega only cares slightly more (they handed over creative control, after all). The existence of the movie doesn't preclude the existence of Mania Adventures, and no movie studio would ever sign off on a feature length, big screen animated adventure for Sonic.
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    Has anyone mentioned that the soundtrack for the movie is coming out at Midnight? The soundtrack looks like it's going to be full of garbage IMO.
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    Pretty sure Wiz is a Sonic fan, so he probably jumped at this.
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    Ugh, this scares me.